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What’s that you say?  A blog?  By Nole?  Surely you jest!  Yeah, I know.  I finally got off my ass (or more accurately, sat on my ass) and am posting a mega-SPN blog.  I’ve missed blogging about 4 or 5 shows at this point and I’m not going to go back through and watch because most of them are not worth a second viewing.  Sad but true.  When do I ever say that about this show?  I don’t know if the finale or Jensen’s marriage left me more disappointed.  Let’s call it a tie, shall we?

I’ll start with the good.  The Real Dean returned.  I truly did love that episode, where Dean was going to give up and Cas called him out.  Those two were like lovers battling back and forth and ultimately having Cas beat the shit out of Dean.  Best pairing, ever.  I’m no slash fan but Dean and Cas have chem.  I cannot deny this.

I adored when Dean told Sam that he didn’t believe in him either.  It was the first time in a long time that I gasped out loud and felt like I took a punch in the gut at Sam’s expression.  Nothing could have wounded and cut him more.  And in the past, Sam would have screamed at Dean and run off.  This time?  Sam stood by Dean and told him he had faith in him and that’s what gave Dean the strength to dick over Zachariah and kill him (that rocked).

The boys visit to heaven was also fairly decent.  Loved seeing Ashe again and was sad that he didn’t know about Ellen and Jo.  Hopefully they found one another.  I found it interesting that Mary was there but John was not.  Sam’s heaven, though, was so sad, well for Dean anyway.  I think it was seeing that that helped strengthen his disbelief in his brother.

What else?  It was good to see Gabriel AKA the Trickster again and I loved him delivering his message via porno.  Really, the guy was awesome and I think they should find a way to bring him back.

Now, the finale…what the fuck do I say about it?  It was a hot mess from the get go.  It was clear the rings wouldn’t work when they did it in the first 10 minutes of the show.  So there was no suspense there when Devil Sammy told Dean it didn’t work.  Nor was there any surprise when Dean showed up at the cemetery, followed by Cas and Bobby.  I was happy for the Def Leppard soundtrack, because they were my fave band growing up.  Dean and I were made for one another….oops, sidetracked.

I did have a genuine OH NO moment when Cas exploded at the devil’s hand and then Bobby’s neck was broken.  I had always expected one of them to go but not both.  Of course, they didn’t really give us time to mourn them before they were back.

Was I happy that Sam got some redemption and was able to take down the devil?  Yes, for a moment or two.  I didn’t like that it was seeing the little army man that did it, really.  I wished Dean had been enough to get through to him although all his memories were of him and Dean…so I guess that’s okay.  It just…felt flat.  Sam hops in the hole with Michael/Adam and Cas is back and Dean is healed and Bobby’s alive.  What did we learn there?  What resounded?  Sam’s death?  Uh, no, the final scene fucked that up as well.

AND let me take a minute to talk about Chuck.  I was thrilled he was back, you may have figured out that I’m quite fond of the boy but WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK?  Chuck is GOD?  Really?  Has he always been God or did God just pop in after Sam and Dean and Cas took off?  Because if he was God the whole time, why didn’t the shark’s tooth necklace alert them?  Why didn’t Cas know?  And why did the archangel come to protect the prophet?  Does he do that for God too?  It sure as hell felt like they stuck that in without thinking about it and it pissed me right the hell off if I”m being honest.  Do I like the idea that God was really there the whole time, not only watching over them but writing out their story?  Sure, but it was sloppy fucking storytelling and I expect a lot more than that with this show.

And then, of course, we cut to Dean settling into family life with Lisa and her kid, which felt like a complete slap in the face.  That woman is NOT important to us, SPN.  She just isn’t.  If you want me to believe Dean is carrying a torch for an ex, bring back the girl from the stupid truck episode, who we know he not only dated for awhile but actually told his secrets to.  Lisa was a weekend fuck!  I’m sorry, but I don’t buy it, at all.  Is it wrong that I’m hoping demon/devil Sammy kills her promptly to start season 6?  Because I am.

And yes, there we have the big ending…Sam’s back.  Or demon version is.  Or he’s still the devil.  He’s evil, because the light went out in his presence and he’s watching his brother stare into his beer while Lisa putters around like the good little woman she is.  WTF?  Can the dev just waltz back out of hell that easily?  No seals required?  Where’s Michael then?   Is Cas going to come back to help Dean?  Will Dean ultimately have to kill Sam then?  I can deal with that, but this…I don’t know.  I didn’t like any of it.

Dean’s back to being defeated and going through the motions, Cas if off angeling and Bobby’s fighting the fight I assume.  Dean’s playing house with the wrong person and Sam’s hopefully going to rectify that (seriously, I will love him if he guts Lisa in the season premiere, all past transgressions forgiven).   There were some very good episodes in the 5th season but it was a huge letdown ultimately.  I wanted a 6th season, before, to get more Dean.  Now I want it to wipe out the shit that they spewed in the finale, not that I have faith on them improving anything anymore.  I hope they prove me wrong.  Bitterly disappointed.

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Dean wasn't embracing the 3rd brother thing anymore than we were.

Dean wasn't embracing the 3rd brother thing anymore than we were.

Well, well, wasn’t that interesting???  I just finished watching Supernatural’s Jump The Shark episode and I’m glad to say that my faith in Kripke remains strong.  This episode wasn’t about a third brother, this was all about John Winchester and his two sons, the two sons who are on their way to a collision.  And it was an interesting character steady on both Sam & Dean.

Adam, the Winchester brother who got a normal life, til killed by a ghoul.

Adam, the Winchester brother who got a normal life, til killed by a ghoul.

Perhaps I’m more sensitive to this for having recently devoured season 1, but this episode could have been in that season.  Adam was of course a representation of original recipe Sammy, the kid who was in college and had a life and was doing normal things.  Sam was a conglomerate of his current self and old Dean, embracing the hunting and trying to get Adam to come into the hunting lifestyle while being consumed by revenge.  Dean was still Dean, as I said before I think he’s changed the least but grown the most.  Which might sound weird, but I mean to say that he’s still all about his family but he now really sees that family for what they are.  He doesn’t hero worship John anymore and while still protective of Sam, he sees that darkness in his brother and knows deep down that it’s a problem he’s going to have to deal with.

Sam & Dean had different reactions to little bro, except both were jealous in their own ways.

Sam & Dean had different reactions to little bro, except both were jealous in their own ways.

I spent the first half of the episode wishing John Winchester would burn in hell (again, some more!) for putting that hurt look in Dean’s eyes.  Yep, my protective instinct when it comes to Dean was activated immediately upon Dean hearing that kid claim to be John’s son.  I absolutely loved that Dean’s reaction was to be prepared to kill whatever monster was lying about his father.  The holy water in the glass, the silver, the gun under the table and the glare on my boys darling face were all just vintage Dean Winchester.  And he was angry and he had every right to be, but as I said, the hurt was still there in the eyes, in the disbelief in his tone as Adam talked about going to ball games with Dad and seeing him every birthday.  It made me angry to imagine Dean’s birthday going unnoticed all those years, I bet John rarely thought of it if he was even with him.  No, I don’t include Sam here because I know Dean gave him birthdays, that’s just what Dean would do.  Dean had nobody taking care of him while both Adam and Sam did.  Not perfect by any means but at least they had someone.

Sam is becoming more and more Johnlike.

Sam is becoming more and more Johnlike.

What I really found fascinating was the fact that Sam was jealous as well.  He seemed like he was bonding with the kid while Dean didn’t want anything to do with him.  I didn’t catch the jealousy until Dean confronted him about wanting to teach Adam how to be a hunter.  Sam just threw Adam’s life out the door and Dean wasn’t having him do that.  Sam’s come a long way from that law student who just wanted a normal life, he pretty much sneered at the idea of that for Adam.  So that begs the question, what exactly is Sam’s purpose here beyond vengeance?  Because it seems to me that he teamed up with Ruby and has gone darker and darker because he wanted to be out of this life someday and someday soon.  He said that in one episode a month or so back.  But if he thinks that normal life is out of reach for someone like Adam, what does he think awaits him?  I am very curious to know just what he’s looking for here, once Lillith is vanquished.

One cannot overlook the symbolism of Sam being tied down and having the ghoul Adam and his sister lapping up his blood.   Did Sam stop to think that he did the same thing to Ruby?  I didn’t see any realization there, of course he was worried about dying at the time but it’d be nice to have a scene addressing that sometime soon.  I did enjoy them noticing something different in his blood but I would like to see a little more awareness there.  Maybe Dean will point it out to him whenever he finds out about Sammy’s secret pasttime.

For all the hurt and jealousy that Dean had over Adam, he still wanted to protect him from the life that he and Sam had.  That’s just one of the things that makes Dean so special, isn’t it?  He can look beyond the jealousy and desire for revenge and see the bigger picture.  I really loved that in the end when they were burning Adam’s body, Sam suggested that Dean give Castiel a call to bring their brother back and Dean didn’t even consider it.  He doesn’t want to bring him back to a life dealing with the world their father brought them and he is in a better place.

Of course that last scene also brought on the comment of the night, maybe the comment of the year.  “You know, I finally get why you and Dad butted heads so much.  You two are practically the same person.  I mean I worshiped the guy, you know?  I dressed like him, I acted like him, I listened to the same music.  But you were more like him than I will ever be.  I see that now.”  And Sam says, “I’ll take that as a compliment,” to which Dean responds, “You can take it anyway you want.”   That, right there, is the sign of Dean’s growth and Sam’s descent.  Dean doesn’t mean that as a compliment anymore.  He sees his father for the flawed being that he was and realizes his brother is the same way.  The thirst for vengeance drove John Winchester and it now drives Sam, to the point that they were willing to sacrifice the happiness of their own family.  Sam didn’t give a damn if Adam had a life, he was going to teach him to be a hunter.  Just like John did to his other two sons.

It really staggered me to hear Dean say those words to his brother and to have Sam decide that was a compliment.  Sam didn’t care to be compared to Daddy when we first met him but now it’s all good.   And Dean wasn’t blind to his father but he accepted and admired him.  He doesn’t accept and admire Sam right now though, does he?

Like everyone else, I was wary of the whole third brother thing but since it was really about the two brothers it worked just fine for me.  I am not sorry that the real Adam was dead and they never met him; he’s a complication we didn’t need going forward; but using him to demonstrated just how the lives of the Winchesters have changed worked.  It was a way of showing their relationship devolve without them arguing or confronting one another.  Not subtle but not over the top.

Next week, Castiel is back and apparently we get to meet the man our angel’s been inhabiting.  It should be fun!

I’ll add better pictures when SupernaturalSeries.com gets them up, the CW’s selection was pathetic!

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