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First & Ten Teaser

“It’s going to be great, Bella.  You’ll see.”  He gave me that killer smile and bent his head to kiss me.  I made some pathetic little moaning sound and wrapped my arms around Edward, needing to get lost in him for a few more seconds.  It had been a heck of a day and it wasn’t over yet.

“Should we say something?” I heard a male voice nearby whispering.

“Shhh!  They’re so cute together.”  Dear God.  I yanked my lips away from Edward’s and turned my head to the right, taking in the couple grinning at us from the doorway.  Great first impression, Bella.  Let them see you sucking their son’s face off in the driveway instead of saying hello and shaking hands like a normal person.

Edward, of course, just answered their grin with one of his own, sliding his arm around my waist and propelling me forward.  He probably knew I was contemplating throwing myself back in the car and attempting to figure out how to hotwire it to get the hell out of there.  It couldn’t be that hard right?  Red wire to black wire?  Red to green?  Or was it blue?  Damn it, I needed to watch more action movies.

Edward’s parents stepped forward together as a unit, and I noticed they were holding hands.  How cute was that?  They’d been married over 25 years; I think he said it was 27.  I’d seen them both in person before, of course, but they were still a stunning pair.  Edward had his father’s smile and strong jaw and his mother’s eyes and hair.  It was like he’d taken the best of both of them and made it even better.  I felt a little overwhelmed by all the beauty surrounding me at once.

“Bella!  It’s so good to finally meet you!”  Esme Cullen pulled me away from Edward, after shooting him a narrow look, and into a soft hug, the type that moms seem to be able to give that warm you all over.  I hugged her back, surprised but pleased that she seemed to be so happy to meet me despite the fact that I was practically mounting her son for the entire world to see.

“Thanks for having me, Mrs. Cullen.”

She laughed and shook her head as she released me.  “Please, call me Esme.”  She glanced at Edward and smirked.  “Or Mom.  That’s what Emmett calls me.”

Mom?  My heart started pounding but before I could say anything Dr. Cullen held his hand out to me.  I took it and couldn’t help but notice his son had inherited his fingers, which immediately made me think the kinds of thoughts I specifically did not want to be thinking when I was meeting Edward’s parents.  Still, Esme must be quite the happy woman having those at her disposal for nearly three decades.

“It’s nice to officially meet you, Dr. Cullen.  You have a lovely fingers.”  His blue eyes widened and so did his smile.  “Home ! I meant to say home!”  Damn me and my obsession with Edward’s hands.  Edward, who was currently snickering away next to me.  Jerk.  It just figured that I would have the same flub with the father as I had the son.

“I like them,” Esme said, sending all three of them into near hysterics.  Back to the car wires.  Maybe it’s black to red.  But where does the green come in?  Damn it, I think there’s a yellow one too.  Maybe I could call Rose.  Edward might be pissed if I ripped the wires out of his dashboard but surely he’d forgive me, eventually.

Well, screw it, I was stuck anyway.  I may as well join them, gracefully as opposed to gracelessly, which was my usual style.  “I have no doubt that you do.”  I took Edward’s hand in mine and brought it to my lips, giving it a quick kiss.  He stopped laughing and gaped at me while his parents continued to chortle away.

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