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Vampire Dean is hotness.

So in the first 15 minutes of last night’s Supernatural I figured my blog (if I got to it, yes I am fail) would center on the Twilight thing but thankfully along came Sam to make me not care that much about the cheesiness of the Twi shots.  Sorry, SPN, I expect better than Robert and Kristen and sparkles and straight up dialog rips from you and you didn’t make me laugh but once or twice during the shots at Twi.  It’s all been done a billion times before and I thought you’d bring something fresh to it but you didn’t.  I guess some were amused, judging by Twitter, but I truly was let down.

Didn’t matter, though, because like most “funny” SPN episodes, you went beyond that and showed something important.  Now, everybody knew something was off with Sam but I don’t think anybody expected him to just stand by and actually fucking smile while his brother was being attacked by and then fed vamp blood.  Sam could have stopped it but he chose to sit back and let it happen, ostensibly to let Dean infiltrate the vamp nest and lead them to the alpha vamp.  I’ve pretty much disliked Sam since he called Dean weak about 450 times in season 4 but as of that moment he was officially dead to me.  I don’t care if he’s Satan in disguise, I hate that character and I wanted Dean to shoot him in the face last night after he asked if he had his back and Sam lied right to his face.

What I thought was interesting was that Samuel for once came off as possibly not being on the same page as Sam.  He called him out on the possibility of him letting Dean get vamped so that he could find out more information and Sam denied it but we all knew it was true.  He also denied knowing about the all too convenient never before heard of “cure” that Samuel claims he told him about.  If Samuel was on the same mission that Sam was, I think he would have been all for the vamp Dean plan.  But he seemed to actually maybe care about his grandson unlike his dick of a brother.  So, I’m interested to see where this divergence is and what is behind it.

I’m unsure about the “trip” that Dean went on in the vamp nest and I haven’t rewatched the episode where we last saw Raphael but it occurred to me that maybe he is behind all the “weird” monsters and the sudden “alpha” vamps and dijins and whatnot.  What if Raph is trying to keep the hunters busy while he wages war in heaven, so that Dean (let’s face it, he’s likely the one, again) can’t help Cas take him down?  There was a man in Dean’s trip and I couldn’t tell if it was Raph or not but that would be interesting.

And what if Sam is on said Team Raphael?  Say Satan’s still kicking in there or some other evil being…maybe he’s hopping on board to be the next leader of hell and really just wanted Dean to vamp out so he could find out what was up?  May be a stretch, may not.  I’m not sure.  We know Sam’s not Sam but we don’t know the whys or hows at this point.  I’m hoping next week gives a few answers.  Love that Dean goes to Bobby and Cas about Sam.  Cannot wait.

Also good, in my book, was the possible farewell to Lisa.  I’m not getting my hopes up for good but Dean scared her and she’s not taking his calls and stupid Ben got pushed (too bad it probably didn’t give him any personality back) so maybe she’ll do the right and normal thing and say goodbye.  We’ll see.  I’m hoping she’s gone for awhile.  Dean needs to concentrate on whatever is going on with Sam.

And just let me take a moment to celebrate how fucking hot Dean was as a vampire.  When he shoved Lisa against the wall and nearly kissed her….yum.  When he was in that nest killing vamps right and left….double yum.  When he was sitting there with his foot on the head of ugly vamp that changed…good God.  The only thing that sucked was the ugly teeth but thankfully we only saw those once or so. hehe I prefer no fangs or just the two pretty ones like the True Blood vamps rock.  Thank you.


Jensen took me from those sexy highs to just utter heartbreak at the look on his face when he realized that Sam could have saved him and elected not to.  And then when Sam was a LYING LIAR THAT LIES right to his face.  Gah.  I look forward to punches being thrown next week.  I wish Dean could kill him but that would probably damage him too much.    Bobby should.  Thank you.

So, overall, good episode.  Twi stuff was too cheesy but the rest more than made up for it.  And there are two T’s in Pattinson, Sam.  I’ll take one of him and one of your brother and you can go rot in hell where you belong.  As my title says, Die Sammy, Die.

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