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First & Ten Teaser

By popular demand, here’s a teaser for tomorrow’s update:

“Bella, are you okay?” I asked, kissing the line of her jaw.

“Mmmm,” she responded and I laughed and nipped her chin.  “Edward?”


“I want to marry your fingers.  Or your tongue.  Both of them really.  Would that make me a bigamist?”  I couldn’t stop myself from laughing long and hard at that one.

“Well, they’re all yours, whether you make honest organs out of them or not.”  Digits?  Limbs?  Who cared, she could have them all.

She giggled and shook her head.  “I say the craziest shit to you and you never run away.  Why is that?”

I couldn’t really explain it if I tried.  “I love the things you say.”  I just plain love you, but I don’t think you’re ready to hear it and I know I’m not ready to say it yet.  That would wait.  She may not believe me if I said it now anyway.

Her hands began to move over my chest again and she stroked my abs again.  I had a feeling she rather liked them.  “You know, there’s a certain part of my body that’s a little offended that you don’t want to marry it as well.”  My cock was rock hard and wanted a little attention himself.

She smirked and slid her hands down to my jeans, flicking open the button and undoing the zipper.  “Hmmm, well, I need to check that part out before I decide if I want to make a life-long commitment.”  I realized vaguely that I should be scared as hell that we were joking about Bella marrying parts of my body but I wasn’t.  Of course, that could be because her hands had found and were beginning to stroke my cock.  I kicked off my shoes and lifted my hips so Bella could slide my jeans and boxers down.

Her eyes widened as my cock popped free and she let out some mixture of a gasp and a laugh that had me more than a little offended.  My dick wasn’t little so I had no idea what the hell she was laughing at.  “What’s so funny?  It’s not polite to laugh at a guy’s cock, you know?”  I tried to keep my voice light but I could hear the irritation in my tone and I could tell she did too because she patted my dick like it was some kind of dog she was soothing.

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