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One Woman’s View On Tiger

I haven’t said word one about Tiger Woods since Thanksgiving and the whole late night accident, women coming out of the woodwork scenario.  Yeah, I’ve talked to my mother about it a little bit I haven’t written about it for one reason: it’s not any of my business what Tiger Woods does in his personal life.  I really don’t care if he bangs a new woman nightly.  I think it’s sad for his family and I feel for his wife but it doesn’t have anything to do with me.  He doesn’t owe ME an apology.

The press is frothing at the mouth over his “press conference” and how they are entitled to answers.  Entitled?  Why?  Does Tiger Woods’ sex life have anything to do with them?  Did it effect his performance on the golf course?  If it did, I’d say it probably effected it for the better so what the hell are they complaining about?

Tiger used the word “entitled” in his speech as well.  And I guess maybe the fact that I have always viewed “entitled” rich people in a negative light might be why I wasn’t remotely surprised when the women started running to the press screaming of their loving affairs with Tiger.  It’s probably a sad commentary on society, or maybe on me, that I fully expect rich, powerful people to be unfaithful to their families.  I’m not surprised when it’s the President, a famous actor or a famous athlete.  The simple fact is, these men and women have access to just about anybody and anything they want.  Do I justify them taking it, especially when they have a family waiting for them at home?  Hell no, but I get it.  We’re all tempted by something.

I remember how utterly shocked my mother was when the Tiger news started leaking, because she thought he was better than that, he was a good person.  She felt like the person she knew wasn’t real anymore.  But none of us know Tiger.  He’s a private person (or was) and all we got to see was a carefully maintained image.  Had we looked, though, I don’t think we would really have been remotely shocked when allegations came out.

Look at who Tiger’s best friends are:  Michael Jordan (who had extramarital affairs and even a grown son out of wedlock), Charles Barkley (uh hello, drunk driving to get a blow job ring a bell), Warren Sapp (also rumored cheater and recently arrested on domestic violence charges)…um, generally you are who you hang out with.  Is it any surprise that Tiger wasn’t the perfect family guy that we all decided he was?

I laughed when I heard that Golf Digest was boycotting Tiger’s speech today because they weren’t going to get to ask him any questions.  What does Golf Digest need to know other than when he’ll return?  Do they want photos of Woods’ getting it on with the women?  Do they expect him to give a timeline of when he started cheating?  What does it have to do with them?  What does it have to do with any of us?

Does Tiger owe the children who looked up to him an apology? Maybe…but that conversation is more important for a parent to have with a child than for a child to listen to on a television.  And frankly I wouldn’t want my kid thinking or hearing about such things but to each their own.

Does he owe an apology to the people who work for him?  Only for the distractions it has provided, the questions they’ve had to answer and/or avoid.  The same goes for his fellow golfers; he can apologize to them for them having to answer questions about him but many of them owe their publicity to him in the first place.  Sorry, but it’s true.  Tiger is the PGA to much of the world.  And I wouldn’t be so quick to cast stones in his direction if I were a fellow golfer, because I bet cash money that Tiger is not alone in the whole cheating business.

Does he owe you and me an apology?  No.  He owes us nothing.  If he owes us anything, it’s working hard to get back on the course where he belongs.  Golf is not the same without him and I know I don’t pay any attention when Tiger’s not playing.  I’d love to see him back on Augusta in contention but it’ll happen when it happens.

Tiger owes his wife and his wife’s family and his children and mother an apology.  He owes them answers and explanations.  He owes them heartfelt words.  Not us.  I’ve heard criticism already that Tiger was robotic…what’s new with that?  He pretty much always has been and he’s up there in front of the world exposing his sins…should he have cried?  Would you want to cry on the world stage?  I sure as hell wouldn’t.  Of course he read his speech word for word, the dumbest thing possible would be to get up there without everything written down.  And he didn’t even have to do that, no matter what the media would have us believe.

I’m not going to speak on what Tiger’s wife should do, if she should forgive him or not.  That’s up to her.  I doubt I could in her situation but I don’t have two little kids to think about either.  This situation is going to haunt Tiger for the rest of his life, no matter if he actually stood up and gave us a breakdown of every single act he committed.  That and his home strife is punishment enough for me.

Maybe I’m betraying my gender by not being more worked up about it but really it doesn’t matter to me.  These women knew he was married going into it and they were idiots if they thought they meant anymore than sexual gratification to him.  Should that offend me?  They knew what they were doing.  Elin is the only wronged party in that whole mess as far as I’m concerned.

I wish Elin and Tiger the best as they struggle to deal with the scrutiny that she in particular does not deserve.  I’m not going to look and/or listen to any more of it.  I’m not addressing it again.  One and done.  I’m just going to wait patiently to see that red Nike shirt again on Sundays.  That’s the only thing I need from Tiger Woods.

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