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Not So Lost Any More

The best Locke is NotLocke but I am still pretty partial to DeadLocke.

Well hello fellow Losties! I apologize for not posting last week but all you would have gotten was a giant WTF? about 283239 times over so I refrained.  I wanted to ponder what we saw and by the time I was done with that the next episode was on.  And I’m far happier for having watched it.

FINALLY!!!! we have the answer to the numbers.  And even though it spins out a whole new set of questions, since this has been plaguing us since season 1 I’m pretty darn happy that we got that much.  As we now know, the numbers correspond to Jacob’s list on the cave wall that NotLocke showed Sawyer.  Only 6 numbers remained, our fated 6 that we’ve been hearing from the beginning.  And those number corresponded with the names Shepherd, Locke, Forde, Jarrah, Reyes & Kwon. These are the possible candidates to be the new Jacob, protector of the island.

On the surface it would appear that that means Jack, Locke, Sawyer, Sayid, Hurley or Jin/Sun are eligible.  Not necessarily though.  Let’s not forget that Claire is Jack’s sister and disappeared and the Emperor Toga (whatever his name is) indicated that Smokey had her.  Just like he supposedly has Sayid.  What I actually think happened is that they murdered Claire and Sayid to try to make them a vessel of Jacob and for whatever reason it didn’t work.  That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re compromised by Smokey but Temple Freaks believe that.  We’ll see.

Anyway, since Claire is a Shepherd, so is baby Aaron.  And after we saw that random blond kid yelling at NotLocke about how he couldn’t kill Jacob, it seems a good possibility that young Aaron could be future island leader, at least in my mind.

I’m not sure how Locke is still on the list when he’s dead and his form is being used by Smokey, but whatever.  What’s interesting is who is not on the list that’s lived: Kate, Rose & Bernard.  Now we know Rose & Bernard are unimportant to the island, they’ve barely been on at all.  But Kate’s been all over the damn place and she was marked by Jacob as a kid so I’m surprised she’s not part of this.  Unless, of course, her part was to take care of Aaron; seeing as she’s helped with him in both our reality and the alt reality this seems to be highly probable.  If I were to dip into biblical terms, she’s kind of the Virgin Mary of the situation.  Hee, Kate a virgin, right!  But you get my point, I hope, that like Mary, she was given the responsibility of raising the chosen child.  Just a thought.

Tying Lost back to the bible is never going to be my forte, as my churchgoing is limited to once a year at Xmas, but I’ve read enough biblical comparisons that I feel pretty comfortable with the parallel.  Even if Jacob is not exactly God and Esau/NotLocke is not exactly the devil; Tripp pointed out to me that they are probably good/evil and they are both needed to balance the scales.  This was backed up quite prominently when there was actually a scale in the cave holding a white rock and a black rock and NotLocke threw the white rock into the water.

In other island news, Ilana whined about her dead compatriots and I didn’t care and rooted for Ben to kill her.  Alas, he did not but he gave the awesomest of burial speeches for DeadLocke and made me happy all the same.  “He was a good man, a true believer, blah blah and I’m very sorry I murdered him.”  HEE!  I loved how everybody was like WTF? and Frank was all hilarious with his commentary about the craziness.

Sawyer is hanging with NotLocke and he was given the option to become the keeper of the island or to get the hell off and not surprisingly Sawyer took the road that would get him home.  Once his friends start dying, though, methinks he’ll get the hell away from NotLocke.

Richard was also given the option of partying with the dark side but he chose the light.  I still don’t get him.  I guess if we’re paralleling again, he’s some sort of disciple?  A true follower that never waivers.  Hmm…so who’s our Judas?  Ben?  Do we not have one yet?

In other news, this was a Locke episode off the island which you knew I was not going to truly like.  I was smacked over the head with his wussiness time and again and did not enjoy it.  Though I did laugh when his lift didn’t work right and he fell on the lawn and got sprinkled. hehe I’m an evil bitch and would totally hang with NotLocke and Ben.  I admit this freely.

Anyhow, in alt reality Locke still has beloved Helen but he does not have his job, cause they were pissed that he lied about his trip to Australia.  He then runs into Hurley who offers him a job within his company and sends him to none other than Rose.  Locke gets pissy about what he can and can’t do and Rose smacks him down with her “I have terminal cancer, you’re just in a wheelchair, I win” and tries to help him find a job he’s qualified for.  How that turns out to be teaching in a high school is beyond me but that’s where he ends up.

Ladies & Gentlemen, you're European History teacher! Hee!

And who is there?  None other than one Mr. Benjamin Linus, that’s who!  I about fell over when I heard his voice in the teacher’s lounge, bitching about the person forgetting to change the coffee filter.  Then Locke announces that he wants tea (like what, Ben is going to serve him? Bitch please!) and Ben turns around, excited to have a man of taste on board.  He introduces himself as the European History teacher.  Hehe Can you imagine beady-eyed Ben as your teacher?  I’d be freaked the hell out, that’s for sure.  I love him so.

Also, while Locke was in the midst of his billionth whine about his life sucks, he told Helen that he was not going to meet with Jack for his free consult and together they ripped up the card.  Jackass.  I was hoping Jack might kill him on the operating table.  Oh well, I guess one DeadLocke is all I’m going to get for now.

So, what else?  I’m thrilled to see Ben being Benlike again, you can’t keep that crazy guy down for long.  I laughed when he lied and told Ilana that NotLocke had killed Jacob, that might come back to haunt them at some point.  She gathered up some of his ashes, which I found interesting.  Very Smokeylike, no?  Maybe they need those to make TrueJacob rise in whomever agrees to house him.  Right now my money is on Jack who is NewLocke, or over course Aaron.  We shall see.

Soooo that’s it for now, hopefully next week will have more awesomely stunning revelations and we can talk about em here!

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