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Football Frenzy

I know, I’ve been slacking on the sports part of this blog again.  I admit it freely.  To be fair, I tried to post my football picks last week and wordpress was fail, as was FF.net, and the compu-world was out to get me.  This week I’m not doing picks because half the teams will be resting players.

So, instead, I will write a little on Bowl Day as I watch my Noles hang with WV.  Early on it looked to be a rout but the defense came back and remembered how to play.  That, or, as I suspect and was calling for, Bobby took all the NFL vets on the sidelines for his last game and made the crappy players give them their uniforms.  What?  It would be awesome.  And better.

I have lots to discuss but first let’s comment on the end of the Outback Bowl which will no doubt be discussed ad nauseum on all the post game shows.  I think that call by Pat Fitzgerald was awesome as hell.  Epic.  Yeah, it didn’t work but clearly he had no faith in the kicker that had never been in a game so why not go for the fake and the win.  Should have run to the left though. Awesome play and a hell of a game.  Sorry I missed much of it but I hung in for OT.

I think any blogger, football announcer, football watcher or person in general is required to discuss Urban Meyer, so here is my take.  What a bunch of shit.  He has to leave for “health reasons” but then a day later it’s a “leave of absence”.  I wonder why?  Could it be because recruits were about to drop like flies?  So instead we’ll make some assurances and promises to the players until they’re committed in Feb and then Urban can “retire” again.  I’m sorry but one spirited practice does not fix a faulty heart.  What a boob.  So much for faith and family over football.  Lying ass.  I’ll be shocked if he comes back to coach.

Let’s talk NFL now.  The Colts…that was some fucked up shit wasn’t it?  You know damn well that Manning did not want to come out of the game and that he wanted to go back in when Painter came in and sucked ass.  Look, I get it, you play to win the Super Bowl.  But this is history we’re talking about.  This is destroying the fucking 72 Dolphins who you may remember I hate with the fire of 1000 suns.  Do it for me, bastards, if you won’t do it for yourselves.  Ridiculous.

Okay, I must go back to the Noles for a second.  Hell of a catch by Jarmon Fortson, going air and bringing it down with one hand.  This after a drop on an easy ass pass in the 2nd quarter.  I tweeted at the time that he always makes the hard catches and fails on the easy ones.  I am so right.  As usual. hehe Awesome play though, look it up if you missed it.  Noles up by 9, hoping they can hold and win one for Bobby.

Since I detoured to talk about one of my teams, let’s talk about the Bucs epic fail at failure.  WTF?  I mean, seriously, there we were, staring at the #1 pick in the draft, bringing a boy named Suh to Tampa which would have given me delightful writing opportunities, and what do we do?  We win 2 in a damn row.  2!  Including vs. the Saints.  I don’t even know what to do with that information.  First they betray me by firing our coach and hiring a completely unqualified replacement, then they get rid of my favorite players in the world, then they draft a QB in the first round that I did not want, then they suck epically for weeks on end and I resign myself to the first pick in the draft.  Then I see Suh in action and get excited about said prospect.  Then, of course, the Bucs decide to win.  They friggin hate me.  There’s no other explanation for their constant betrayal all year long.  Much hate to my team.

Did we see vintage Patriots last weekend vs. Jax?  Or was it just a mirage?  I don’t know but it was nice to see Brady and Moss on the same page again.  I hope it can continue into the playoffs because I’d like the Pats to make some noise.  The Colts are no longer allowed to win after their asshattery.

As to the Saints?  Their luck just ran out.  Sure they won 13 straight but they could have lost several of them along the way.  It happens.  I don’t know if there’s anything truly wrong with them or not; I never thought they were as good as they were touted to be anyway.  We’ll see what happens in the playoffs.

Now Minnesota, on the other hand…we’re seeing another Favrian collapse it seems to me.  End of the year he starts pressing and making dumb decisions.  AP hasn’t helped with several fumbles either.  The shine may be off that particular rose, if you get what I’m saying.  Again, we’ll see.

I don’t feel too great about any of the playoff teams if I’m being honest, except maybe San Diego.  They’ve been hot for ages now.  But they’ve done that before and crapped out in the post season so who knows?

Okay, my game is down to a 2 point lead so I will go watch and post this now and be back for more after.  See ya later!

I have returned.  I have to say that I had tears in my eyes and a smile on my face watching Bobby get his last win.  The fact that over 300 former players showed up to see him off says a lot about the man.  Seeing him hugging Warrick Dunn and Derrick Brooks just thrilled me.  I know what an effect he had on them and I loved the closeness.  I don’t think college football will ever see another coach like Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno, lifers, again.  He will truly be missed.

OSU is killing Oregon in the early going of the Rose Bowl.  I mean moving through that defense like they’re not on the field.  Nice to see them show up and play well in a BCS game for the first time in a long time.

I don’t know what to say about the LSU/PSU game.  I know that LSU dicked up on the clock, YET AGAIN.  How damn hard is it?  How many games have they lost recently by doing stupid shit in the last minute?  Paxton needs to come weigh in on that if she’s still coherent after the latest screw up.

That’s really all I wanted to say for now.  I could write a lot more about Bobby and I’m a bit irritated that CBS didn’t run a retrospective with quotes from former players for Bobby, I would have liked to see that.  Not to mention them having a working microphone for his final on-field interview.  Idiots.  At least the announcers avoided Tebow slobbering, I was sure they’d throw his name around because they’re contractually obligated to kiss up to him at all times.  Shocking.

Suffice it say that I hated the way that Coach Bowden had to go out but I do feel he forced the school’s hand.  It didn’t end the way it should for any of the sides.  But I’m glad he could leave with a win like that and it was nice to see signs of life in the defense for the first time all year.  EJ Manuel impressed the hell out of me and Fortson made a truly great catch that I can’t wait to see over and over again.  The team wanted to send Bobby out with a win and they did.  For that I am grateful and I will always and forever love Bobby Bowden and the program he created at FSU.  He made me a football fan.  He is an even better man than a coach and he was a pretty damn great coach so that says a lot.  Thanks for the memories, Bobby, you will never be forgotten.

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