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Anyone who has read my NFL recaps knows that I have a special affinity for the word “douche”.  I dubbed my bad player of the week award the Sage Rosenfels Memorial Douchetard Of The Week Award for this very reason.  I think it’s a fabulous word and I use it often in my daily vocabulary.  Lately, though, I’ve been struck by the use of the word on some of my favorite TV shows.  Now, Supernatural has used it at least for the past year or so and I love that Dean’s favorite word often appears to be “douche” as well.  Yet more evidence that we should be married.  But SPN alone is not the only show that I’ve heard use my word lately.

How I Met Your Mother whipped it out a week or two ago.  LOST used it when Hurley was talking to Miles about his father.  Hilariously, I was IMing with Tripp, as we do through every Lost and Heroes episode, and I wrote, “Dude, your dad is a dick” but I wanted to write “douche”.  A second later, Hurley said, “Dude, your dad is a douche.”  I nearly died.  It was a triumphant moment for me and I should have stuck with my gut and said douche like I planned.  Still, awesome.

Reaper also used it a couple weeks ago.  All these shows that I watch and love are using my word and I’m partially thrilled but also a little bothered.  Is it too much of a good thing?  Will “douche” get overused and then not be special to me anymore?  I can’t decide.

It cracks me up just how far TV has changed since the days of George Carlin’s 7 words you can’t say on TV speech.  How many of those words are still on the list?  Fuck for sure, but what else?   I have heard piss said plenty, so that’s mainstream.  Shit you can say now.  The other 4 words are cocksucker, motherfucker, cunt and tits.  Can you not say tits?  I could swear I’ve heard that one.  So let’s assume that we’re down to 4 or 5 from that original list.  I think those will stay as unusable, but who knows?

This is kind of a silly little blog but I wanted to celebrate the arrival of douche to mainstream TV.  Long may it live and prosper!  Yep, I saw Star Trek this weekend, so this works doubly for me.  No douche in there though, at least not that I heard!

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