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Obligatory Days Post

I know, I’ve been lax in my Days blogging after promising not to be.  But what has there been to say really?  Is there anything going on onscreen worth talking about?  Baby switches that everyone saw coming a mile away?  Danloe sexing up the screen?  Psychic visions?  A whole bunch of crap in my view point.  But of course, the behind the scenes stuff seems to be far more engaging, doesn’t it?

Hot off the heels of John & Marlena’s poignant exit (you know, about as a poignant as a kick in the teeth) came the news that Steve & Kayla are out the door as well.  That’s 2 of the 3 super couples on the show gone.  I realize that the super couple label doesn’t really apply anymore, because they’re barely on the screen, but a lot of us were hanging on for those brief moments of happy couples with chemistry since the majority of the younger pairings are about as hot as an iceberg.

You know, it wouldn’t even take a good writer to come up with a story for Steve & Kayla.  They were separated for 15 years or so, have some blast from the past come along and complicate matters.  I know they tried with Ava, but remember I mentioned that it wouldn’t take a good writer, not an atrocious one like we’re stuck with.  Say a guy Kayla went to med school with turns up.  There was no romance there, but he always liked her and Steve is jealous.  Presto, you have a story.  Not even a front burner one.  Or, using what we have on screen, mine the Johnson/Kiriakis story as their kids attempt to navigate through the beginning of a relationship.  I’d kill to see snarky Victor and snarkier Steve share some scenes.  It’s really not that difficult.

Not only are Steve & Kayla getting the boot; they’re not even getting an exit.  They are still going to be in Salem and referred to now and then.  In other words, they’re becoming the new babysitters.  Where’s Johnny?  He’s over at Steve & Kayla’s?  Where’s Ciara?  Kayla took her and Joe to the park.  How nice.  They’re the new Alice.  You reduced one of the most popular couples ever to the role of nanny.  I guess I should be happy that they didn’t decide to have Kayla die of her gunshot wound and have Steve commit suicide as the utter sign of his devotion.  You know they’d think that was the epitome of romance.  Sad.

Also on the exit front, Tony’s leaving us in March.  He gets to die to leave, apparently, and kick off some kind of murder mystery.  Oh yay.  Those have worked out so well in the past haven’t they?  Wonder what random person they’ll pin it on.  Probably the hot barista, Evan.  Can’t have any hotties wandering around the town.

Actually, it occurs to me that the murderer could be Chelsea.  Today news broke that Rachel Melvin has given the show notice that she won’t be returning after her contract ends in the spring.  So, she could kill Tony and get sent to jail and reunite with Nick!  It’ll be like Chick never ended.  Romance!!!  Go Corday and Whitesell and Higley!  You’re redefining the genre as I type.  Sigh.  I don’t know why I’m still watching.

Hilariously, in the article about the firings and people leaving the show, Corday mentions that there will be no more firings (HA) and he says he gave inspirational T-shirts to the remaining cast.  What the hell is inspirational about what is happening at the show right now?  What do the shirts say?  At least I’m not paralyzed!  Brainwashed by the DiMera’s and loving it so I don’t have to remember that I’m on this show!  Dr. Feelgood was here (arrow pointing at the boobs).

But the show will soldier on til it’s inevitable cancellation, which seems more and more certain as the days go by.  Of course, somehow the ratings have gotten better and held steady so maybe we’ll be treated to years more of the fantastic writing team!  Can you feel the excitement?  I promise that I will remain on the sinking ship with the rest of you, snarking til the very bitter end, no matter when it comes.  I’ll watch every breast grope, every psychic vision and every Melanie screech with you.  It’s the least I can do.  We’ll suffer together.  I won’t let Corday and Higley defeat me.

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