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Brothers bonding at the strip club?  Or not!

Brothers bonding at the strip club? Or not!

Well alright!  We’re finally getting down to it, aren’t we?  Our boys are starting to take their paths to opposite sides and both of them finally seem to know it, though they’re still trying to deny it’s happening.

The episode starts out innocently enough, as Supernatural episodes tend to, with a guy coming home to his wife who’s busy preparing dinner.  They exchange a few words and he seems to be getting more and more irritated with her rather innocuous conversation.  Then she lays on him the fact that they’re going to some guys 40th birthday party on him, and he decides it’s time to bash her head in with a meat mallet.  Reasonable right?

Dean awakes to Sam on the phone in the bathroom but he pretends to still be asleep when Sammy emerges.  Dean asks why he’s up and Sam doesn’t tell him about his call, so we all assume he’s chatting with Demon Ruby.  Dean’s not happy about the subterfuge but he doesn’t press the situation and our boys head off to find out why 3 seemingly happy married men have killed their wives in this small town.

Dean hotly contemplates the joys of a case involving strippers.

Dean hotly contemplates the joys of a case involving strippers.

It turns out that all 3 men were frequenting a strip club called The Honeypot at the time of their unlikely murdering sprees.  The boys visit the local doctor, a pretty lady who only has eyes for Sam, much to Dean’s chagrin.  I laughed when Dean accused Sam of c-blocking him.  Ahhh censors!  Turns out all the killers had some enzyme in their blood that usually only occurs during sex or childbirth.  Dean & Sam head off to the strip club, with our Dean wearing a satisfied smile.  Sam asks him about that and Dean just tells him, “Strippers!!”  After all this time, Dean finally has a case involving strippers.  He couldn’t be happier.

A young lad meets a stripper and brings her home where his mother is sleeping.  She seduces him and then suggests he bashes his mother’s brains in so they can be together forever.  He complies, of course, and she leaves.  The boys call Bobby who gives them the theory that they’re hunting a siren, who lures men to their deaths in ancient mythology but in this case she just gets them to kill for her.  So instead of 3 different murdering strippers, you have one morphing siren.  Fun!

Dean bonds with Nick, his perfect woman...er...brother figure.

Dean bonds with Nick, his perfect woman...er...brother figure.

They head back to the doc’s office to try to get a hold of the infected blood, as Bobby thinks they have to use a bronze knife covered with the blood when stabbing the demon.  While there they run into another FBI agent, Nick, who questions their being there.  Our lying boys don’t miss a beat and have him call their superior, Bobby, who lays into him for wasting his time.  As the camera cuts away, Bobby is hanging up a phone marked FBI next to 5 other phones marked according to whatever agency is needed.  Loved it!

Sam sends Dean off with Nick while he takes a little personal time with the pretty doctor.  They discover the blood is missing and decide to pass the time by drinking and having sex.  Why not?  Meanwhile Dean is bonding with Nick in the strip club, talking cars and music.  I was a little worried that they were implying that Dean’s perfect woman was a man, but it turned out okay in the end there.  Nick tells Dean about a magnolia flower found at the site of all the murders and Dean remembers that plant from the doctors office.  He calls Sam to tell him about it but Sam tells him it couldn’t be Kara.  Dean, clued in by the use of her name, asks him if he slept with her.  Sam tries to lie but Dean is pretty perceptive when it comes to sexual matters.  Sam wants him to come talk about it but Dean is convinced he’s infected and refuses.  Sam has a hissy fit and throws his phone, leaving us with the impression that maybe he is infected.

Dean calls Nick up and they stake out the strip club; Nick having seen the doctor go in there while he was waiting for Dean.  Why was she there anyway?  Dean offers him a pull on his flask and Nick takes it and passes it back.  They’re discussing how the stripper could have infected the guys and Dean takes his drink and Nick says perhaps it was passed in saliva.  That gives Dean pause and our siren lets him know that he’s infected now and that he doesn’t need to worry anymore.  They need to kill Sam and Nick will take his place as the brother that Dean deserves to have.

Will the siren convince Dean to kill Sam?

Will the siren convince Dean to kill Sam?

Sam happens upon Nick sitting on their hotel room bed and Dean gets him in a choke hold with a knife to his neck.   Nick convinces Dean to cut Sam’s neck a bit just to show his loyalty and Dean does so.  Then Nick spits venom into Sam’s mouth (not the boy on boy action that some SN fans are wanting) and tells the brothers to let loose on one another; tell each other what they’re really thinking and whoever is left standing gets to be with him forever.

Love thy brother?  Not so much!

Love thy brother? Not so much!

That’s all they need to start letting loose with the pent up emotions.  Dean tells Sam that he knows he’s lying to him about Ruby and the Sam that he knew is gone.  He wants to know what else he isn’t telling him.  Dean says they used to be in it together and have one another’s backs but now they don’t.  Sam tells him he didn’t tell him about going after Lillith because he’s weak now; Sam is a better hunter, stronger and smarter and he’s not busy crying over the souls he tortured in hell and feeling sorry for himself.  Damn.  It was harsh but it needed to be said.  I was kind of getting over angsty Dean a bit…okay, that’s a lie, I still loved him but I wanted fun Dean like I got last week now and then too!

That sets Dean off and they’re pounding on one another, which is always ultra hot to me.  Sam punches Dean through the air and Dean knocks the door down with Sam between it.  He then grabs and axe (for a moment I wondered if I had mixed up footage with Jensen’s horror flick) and prepares to kill Sam; asking him to tell him again how weak he is and how he holds him back.  Bobby comes running in and grabs the axe and stabs Dean, then throws the knife into Nick.  He dies and our boys are freed from the spell and looking at one another horrified.

Sam is horrified at what he and Dean said and nearly did to one another.

Sam is horrified at what he and Dean said and nearly did to one another.

Bobby gives the boys some soda, which Dean isn’t too enamored with; and tells them that they shouldn’t worry about what had transpired with the siren.   Of course Bobby is dead wrong but we’ll get to that.  Dean asks Sam if he’s going to say goodbye to Kara and Sam asks what the point would be.  Dean’s surprised by the love em or leave em attitude of Sammy’s, which is more his style.  Sam then tells Dean he didn’t mean what he said and Dean says of course, neither did he and they both say they’re good; then Dean walks around to get into the car.  No heartfelt brotherly bonding moment like we’ve been getting weekly at the Impala this time.

I believe this episode was a huge step toward the split we’ve been anticipating between the brothers all season long.  The fact that they had to be under a siren’s spell to tell one another what they were thinking about each other shows the large rift that exists between them and gets bigger with each secret kept and each emotion repressed.  I was thrilled to see Sam’s resentments bubble out and now both of them are going to have to deal with the fallout.  It won’t be together, not right now, but each of them will be thinking about what was said and drifting closer to that point of no return.  I can’t wait to see it happen.  I guess next week is a repeat as I saw no scenes, so no idea what is coming next but I’m damn well looking forward to it.  The time was right for this moving apart to start happening and I’m very ready to see where it all goes!

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