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Tensions are starting to run high in the small town of Dillon, TX and in my living room.  Another stellar episode of FNL but I was so angry by the end that it’s good for the people of Dillon are just fictional.  How dare they boo my Matt?  We’ll get to that toward the end, of course, but I was livid.  I thought I was a fanatic football fan, but jeez, those people take the cake!

My viewing was interrupted by about 7 power surges that kept knocking my cable out of whack, so I missed some stuff but I watched that online so I’m pretty much up to par I think.   Smash was getting mentally prepared for his tryout but he got distracted by a phone call for his mother about a job.  He tries to say they are making a mistake, his mom has a job, but she takes the phone and makes arrangements to do this other job.  He asks her about it and she says she has to make more to send him to college.  Smash isn’t having that, he doesn’t want his mom working 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet.  He’s then offered a promotion at the Alamo Freeze place he works, $10K more a year and a company car and whatnot (say what???)  Smash plans on taking it but Momma Williams (who remains the most awesome parent) won’t have that at all.  She wants her son in college and she wants to see him play football again.  He’s upset, he wanted to take care of her, but she points out that she’s the parent and this is her job.  Onward to the tryouts!  I know Smash will leave the show when he does get into college, but I sincerely hope Momma Williams gets to make the occasional appearance.  I truly love that woman.

Riggins….sweet, stupid Riggins.  Getting sucked into his brother’s crap yet again.  You’d think he’d learn, but no.  His brother had some kind of meeting with a seedy individual, who then showed up at his engagement party type thing.  Tim tried to talk Billy into not being an idiot, but instead Billy talked him into being an idiot with him.  He helped him steal what appeared to be copper wiring of some sort?  I have no clue.  It’s only a matter of time before Tim’s in trouble again.  He also managed to piss off Lyla by leaving her alone with Tyra and her mother and sister, who she managed to offend. hehe  Of course, how was she to know that Missy’s wedding vows, which were ripped from FINDING NEMO, were not supposed to be a joke?  Who knew Finding Nemo was such a bastion of romance?  Tim also was busy doing his thieving during the football party and Lyla was left alone again.  He showed up to apologize and promised not to make a fool out of her.  That’s gonna end well!

Speaking of the football party, Coach and Tammy Taylor are supposed to throw it and she’s all sorts of upset about it.  Too many people in their house, too much work for her, he’s not doing anything, etc.  She goes to the store to pick up their 20 racks of ribs and the butcher tells her they only have 2.  Of course JD McCoy’s mother is on hand and strikes up a conversation with Tammy. Tammy complains about the party and Mrs. McCoy offers to take it over for her.  Tammy’s all too happy to hand that off to her; but Coach Taylor is none too pleased.  He doesn’t want to feel indebted to the McCoy’s in any way and he’s already got enough pressure on him because of not playing their kid.  Tammy tells him she couldn’t handle all of it herself and she likes Mrs. McCoy.  THAT will also end well no doubt.  The party is held at this gigantic mansion that is probably 5 times the size of the Taylor house.  Coach spends all of his time trying to avoid Buddy and the boosters pushing him to play JD.  His offensive coordinator coach is also laying on the pressure, so things are going to come to a head very quickly.

Poor Matt.  He’s being regaled with JD’s awesomesness all week heading into the game against the team they never beat.  He has a terrible practice, pressing throws and overthrowing wide open receivers.  Buddy and JD’s dad are right there staring at him and coach, waiting for the inevitable benching.  On the positive side, Julie is spending a lot of time with him and trying to make things better.  I can’t wait til they’re officially back together; loved Matt and Julie til she turned into a bitch.  I’m ready to embrace them again though.  So, the game happens and Matt’s playing well, answering their TDs with TDs of his own despite being hit hard the whole night, often late without a flag.  They’re down by 4 with one last play and nobody’s open, so Matt breaks off a long run and approaches the goal line.  He broke several tackles on the way in and really gave his all.  He was hit as he crossed to the goal line and lost control of the ball (I think he broke the plane and it was a TD, but admit they didn’t give me a lot of video to make that call).  It was ruled a fumble in the end zone and the game was over.  Matt sat there with his head in his hands while BOOS RAINED DOWN FROM THE SIDELINES.  How in the hell do you boo a kid who played all out like that?  Who took hit after hit and kept getting up and fighting back?  Who nearly single-handedly won the game?  Man I was pissed.  I still am 2 days later.

After the game, Matt hid out in the locker room hoping that nobody would be around when he left.  Fortunately somebody was and it was Julie.  She told him they didn’t have to talk about the game, they could just hang out and that worked for Matt.  Coach and Tammy came home to find for sale signs in their front yard.  Isn’t that nice?  Lose one game and the town wants you to move out.  At least that helped them bond a little bit more, put their fight aside and unite once again.

So that was the episode.  It was great as usual but I really want to smack the hell out of everybody who booed Matt after that game.  Learn some sportsmanship fictional people of Dillon!  Next week, more angst for Matt as his mother comes to town to help him out.  Also Tyra meets some rodeo dude and Landry is none too pleased.  I guess the best buds can angst together!

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