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Any episodes with shirtless Sawyer are awesome!

Any episodes with shirtless Sawyer are awesome!

It’s baaaaaaack!  That’s right, friends, Lost has returned to our screens to both delight and confuse us all.  Or maybe that’s just me, I’m not sure.  Anybody get the feeling this season is gonna mess with the mind more than any other season thus far?  Time travel’s gonna be a bitch to deal with but it’s also gonna be a lot of fun I think.  As we saw last night, the most random of people can show up when we least expect it!  I’m going to write this after only one viewing; I thought about attempting a re watch but I woke up with the beginning of a headache and I feel a re watch would push me right over the edge into full blown pain.  So, let’s discuss before I give myself one anyway.

Let’s talk about the time travel element because some interesting things were revealed last night.  It seems that now that Ben moved the island, the Losties are traveling in time within the island at random intervals.  The island itself is presumably not moving, but the people on it are.  Not all the people, however, for it seems Richard and the Others are unaffected by this particular phenomenon.  Why is that?  No clue but it seems pretty clear since Richard informed Locke that the next time he saw him he wouldn’t know him.  If Richard was moving on the same plane, he would.

Our Losties are fortunate to have Daniel along for the ride because he gets the whole time/space continuum concept (which our beloved Sawyer is having quite the struggle with of course!) and he understands what is happening to them.  Interestingly, it was also revealed that Daniel himself is a time traveler, he showed up in the beginning of the show back in the 70’s when Dr. Marvin Candle was getting ready to film the Orchid Station video and when it was discovered that the station had some kind of tie to time travel.  We saw the return of the famous nose bleeds for one of the guys within the station and for Charlotte.  I’m quite concerned that this does not bode well for the British girl, but maybe Daniel will be able to save her.  Daniel was also able to mess with the time/space continuum in a way because he was able to get a message to Desmond to go see his mother at Oxford.  Des woke up in current time and told Penny he had a memory and he had to hightail it to Oxford.  I’m guessing Daniel’s mother is the white haired lady we saw Ben talking to at the end of the episode who also showed up in a Desmond time travel episode explaining to him why he shouldn’t propose to Penny at that time.  Maybe Daniel comes by his time traveling naturally?

Off island, we began our quest to reunite the Oceanic 6 and dead Locke (we’ll discuss him later).  Jack’s fallen in rather quickly with Ben, not a surprise since Jack wants to return to the island so badly.  My Ben is up to his usual mysterious ways and not telling us a lot, but he’s determined to get back to the island and he needs the 6 to do it quite clearly.  In other pairs news, Sayid broke Hurley out of the nut house and they went to Sayid’s place wherein Sayid had to awesomely kill a few guys.  Of course poor Hurley is accused of it but it ties in well later so no complaints here.  Loved when Sayid killed that guy via the knives in the dishwasher!

Kate, meanwhile, is on the run with Aaron after some lawyers showed up at her door demanding a blood test for her and Aaron.  Who’s behind this move?  It’s gotta be Ben or Widmore right?  I can see Ben doing it to drive her to come with him back to the island…he’s where my money lies for now.  She is gonna be the toughest sell of all of them.  She got a call from Sun just as she was thinking about calling Jack and those two met up.  Sun may have changed the most of everybody now.  She’s some emotionless hardass who wants nothing more than to kill Ben at this time, to the point that she’s willing to team up with Widmore to do it.  I actually got nervous when she reminded Kate how it was her who didn’t go and get Jin on the freighter, but she told her she understood that she’d done what she needed to do.  I don’t know if I believe that, it feels like Sun might hold on to that one for awhile.

Hurley just had me laughing this whole episode.  From his I love Shi Tsu tshirt (I’m sorry but a guy Hurley’s size cannot just find a shirt that fits him at the local gas station) to his throwing the hot pocket at Ben when he showed up in his kitchen, he just made me grin.  It was cool to see Ana Lucia show up as the cop that pulled him over (had me fooled til I could see it was a girl walking up the window) and to have her throw that “Libby says hi” line at him.  Poor Hurley.  He seems to think that the reason all this is happening is because they lied about the island.  I don’t think it’s anything as simplistic as that but I can understand a believer like Hurley buying into that theory.  I was glad to see both his parents actually help him (thought for sure Dad would dick him over again) and that his mom believed him even though she didn’t understand his story.  The thing that most interested me was that Ben was telling Hurley exactly what he wanted to hear, that lying is what was causing all the trouble and he wouldn’t have to lie any more and they could return to the island and all would be well again.  You could see in Hurley’s face that he wanted to believe him but he remembered Sayid’s warning not to trust Ben and instead ran out of the house to turn himself in for killing those 4 people, or 3 people, or however many they said he killed.  That was cute, he can’t remotely lie well can he?

Ben then informed white haired lady that there was an issue with getting Hurley and she told him they only have 70 hours to get together and get to the island.  Anybody else excited to see how Ben goes about getting Hurley out of prison?  I feel it will be a lot of fun!  He’s got dead Locke stashed in some meat locker cause they have to take him back to do, he of course being the integral part of this whole thing.  Richard told Locke he would have to die to save the island, which apparently has happened.  I figure the island will save him even though I’m quite content with dead Locke.  I did like Locke showing up to save Sawyer and Juliet from those British? guys that had grabbed them.  It’ll be interesting to see what goes on between then and Locke’s dying for the island.

Little things I enjoyed, the return of Ethan who shot Locke.  Richard’s commentary that what goes around comes around was hilarious.  Seeing Eko’s drug plane crash!  It brought me memories of my favorite tailie who I so miss, couldn’t they have given me a flashback?  The death of FROGURT!!! Seriously, who was that guy?  Neil?  I hate when they suddenly bring forth random survivors that none of us like, but this guy?  He would not have lived for over 100 days on the island with Sawyer, I’m sorry.  Sawyer would have killed him long before a flaming arrow did.  Still, it was great because I was begging for his death and then a flaming arrow shot out of the sky.  Thanks Others or Hostiles or whomever was behind that one.

Things I really enjoyed:  Shirtless Sawyer…more please.  Another reason to hate Frogurt was that he had the shirt that Sawyer put on.  Die Frogurt, Die!

So, I’m hoping with the whole time travel thing that we’ll see Rousseau again, she was killed before I was ready to be done with her.  Surely they can pop across her somewhere in the past right?

Well I think I hit all the highlights I wanted to discuss, I’m sure I forgot some stuff, it was a packed couple of hours.  And even though it was kinda weird, I sort of came out of it feeling like I understood what was happening.  That’s not my usual reaction to Lost and certainly not to time travel but I did feel like this show answered more questions than it brought forth.  Time will tell of course.  I already can’t wait to see what next week has in store.  I’ll be back with you then!

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