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Keeping it all in the family.

Keeping it all in the family.

So, Supernatural is back and I couldn’t be happier.  Well, I could be, had this episode kicked more ass than it did, but still, Dean & Sam back on my screen is always a good thing.   I had some big issues with a couple of things in this episode, which I will outline for you list style.  This time around I’ll start with things I liked because I think the things I didn’t like, for the first time, outweighed that which I did.

Dean looks for some new ass to kick.

Dean looks for some new ass to kick.

Things I Liked:

  • Dean’s determination to find a new job and the revelation that he’s barely sleeping at all; he’s so focused on finding the next job and saving more people.  This is very Dean-like behavior, trying to make up for his time torturing souls in hell.
  • Sam’s attempts to reach out to Dean, telling him that he was running from what he told him about his time in hell.  I love the way the brother’s understand each other and will call each other out but not press on the issues either.
  • The “super disturbing” doll head in the middle of the floor and the boys reaction to it.  Doll heads are always scary, make no mistake about that.
  • The casting of the father and the daughter and even Uncle Ted.  Loved the sarcastic nature of the teenage girl (but she looked too much like Ruby for my taste, I really thought it was her for a minute or so).
  • The return of Supergirl!  Helen Slater in the house!  I didn’t know it was her until I rewatched and saw her name in the credits.  I actually wasn’t overly impressed with her or Danny, acting-wise, but it’s fun to see Billie Jean back on my screen.  We will be invincible!!!
  • The fact that our intrepid heroes weren’t actually hunting a ghost or demon for once, although they didn’t know that for quite a while.  They were fighting honest to goodness humans, albeit inbred scary ones who like to eat animals and kill people.  Fun!
  • Dean’s dark determination to bring Danny back to his family, it was a need to make up for his time in hell and that really came across even before his conversation with Sam at the end of the episode.  His internal anger is coming through in everything he does at this point and it’s interesting to watch.
  • Dean’s actual willingness to tell the family who they were and what they did.  Sam was being sarcastic but you could see that Dean was actually fine with revealing their true purposes.  Maybe he’s getting tired of the game?
  • You hunt ghosts?  Dean: That’s right!  Like Scooby Doo?  Dean: Better.  True and hee!
  • The revelation that the girl was not a ghost, when she stepped over the salt circle.  That was a pretty fun way to go about it I thought, rather than them reading the diary first.  Plus Dean called her “Psycho Nell”.  Awesome.
  • Dog, it’s what’s for dinner.  I may not appreciate the killing of the dog (AT ALL) but that line did make me laugh.  Sarcasm always pleases me, as you may have figured out.
  • Dean’s revelation that Ted was dead.  I both liked and hated this…he was so emotionless about it.  He said he was sorry but it didn’t feel like he was and it didn’t feel like Dean.  The guilt was there, you could hear it, but there wasn’t any gentleness that I would have expected.  As I said, I don’t know if I liked this or not but I at least found it interesting.
  • Dean’s talk with the father about Andy the dead son and his promise to bring Danny back if it was the last godforsakened thing he did.  The dad started to question him and it would have been great to hear Dean’s answer to that question, it felt like he might have let it all loose in that moment.  Sam interrupted but it was a very intriguing moment.
  • The revelation when Dean rescued Danny that there was a second kid floating around, a brother or a twin.  I liked that this was kept quiet for the whole episode, good twist.
  • The fact that the dad killed the girl, it was nice to see (or more accurately hear) one of the recuees become a rescuer and take matters into their own hands.  I really was quite fond of the father in this episode.
Dean & Sam explain things to Brian.

Dean & Sam explain things to Brian.

Things I hated:

  • Dead dogs.  I can handle people getting hacked up all day and night but when you murder the animals, I get mad.
  • The damn dark.  Look, I get that by it’s very nature Supernatural is a dark show but this episode?  It felt like I couldn’t see half of it.  I watched twice and still could barely make out the living quarters of the kids.  I imagine they spend quite a bit of money setting these scenes up and it would be nice to actually take in some of the effects instead of just black the whole time.
  • Danny’s interaction with the “girl in the walls”.  He was just rather calm and boring about the whole thing, even when telling his parents what was happening.  Really it was just a set up to reveal the dead kid in their past.
  • Hand licking.  So the girl things the dog is slobbering all over hand but really it’s one of the wall twins.  Um, ick.  Clearly they weren’t out to kill the kids but to lick them?  Gross.
  • Defacing of the Metallicar.  Just because it should never be done!
  • The inbred aspect.  That’s always gross.  I remember, and I was not a big X-Files watcher, but they did an inbred episode with that dude that played Malachi from Children Of The Corn (is their a scarier looking guy than him? I think not!) and it just grosses me out.  As I said above, I can handle murder and mayhem all day but that’s just an ick factor that I’m really not wanting to watch.
  • Dean getting to have Uncle Ted get hacked up on his watch.  We really ramped up the angst for old Dean this episode and it was a bit much.  This was only the start of crap Dean had to endure today.  Are they trying to drive him insane?  Is that our story for the last half of the season?  I can do without it, really.
  • Dean having to kill the boy down in the basement.  I know he had to do it, it was him or the inbred boy, but you can’t tell me that having to kill a living, breathing person is not gonna mess with his head even further.
  • Rat killing.  Also not a fan.  I don’t love rats like I do dogs but I could have dealt without seeing the girl snap the rats neck and begin eating it.  By this point we already knew they were barely human, it seemed, HAHA, overkill to show that.
  • And finally, the big one.  Dean’s revelation to Sam that he LIKED torturing people down in hell.  This flies in the face of everything we know about Dean and it really changes the way I see this season coming up.  I mean, is Sam going to go dark side or is Dean?  Apparently all the pain he felt went away when he was torturing people.  I do like the aspect that he can’t save enough people to make up for that, but I’d rather he felt that way because he hated what he did in hell rather than liked it.  I dunno, maybe people will see that one differently than I did but I was really bugged by it, and frankly that’s what made me dislike the episode.
Where exactly is this season heading?

Where exactly is this season heading?

So, there you have my reaction.  I’m glad it’s back and I was actually glad to not have a big mytharc episode as well.  Straight up scary stuff instead of heavy exposition, although we got that at the end anyway.  So what did ya’ll think about this revelation of Dean’s?  I don’t think it’ll totally change my view of him but I really don’t care for them going in this direction either.  I guess we’ll see how it all plays out down the road to have to accurately judge that one.  Next week, Barry Bostwick as a freaky magician!

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