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So, I made a promise a week ago and I intend to keep it even though I don’t have a whole lot to say with the show being about as exciting as a trip to the dentist lately.  Actually, a trip to the dentist is more exciting because I hate the dentist and get nervous and my heart rate speeds up.  Days leaves me entirely cold right now, so it doesn’t even deserve the dentist comparison.

I guess we’ve had some storyline progression lately, albeit nothing good.  EJ & Nicole got engaged, which was actually rather cute and sweet for a brief moment in time.  Of course, it was delayed by Nicole gallivanting off to meet Dr. Puffy to threaten him into giving her a baby.  Somehow that managed to spoil the romance of the moment for me.  I’m not sure why that is?  Cause god knows that lying about still being pregnant and running around town frantically trying to find a baby are part of the foundation for a good relationship.  The kind that lasts til the end of time!

Did anybody NOT see it coming that preggers girl would demand that Nicole bring her fiancee forward?  And that Nicole would pressure Brady into pretending to be said fiancee?  Higley, your twists and turns are about as twisty and turny as a ruler.  GAH.

In other couples news, Lucas and Chloe are moving full speed ahead toward a Valentine’s day wedding.  What could possibly stop this meant to be couple from tying the knot and being together for all time?  Certainly not Chloe’s fantasies about Dr. Perv!  The galling thing is that I could actually root for Chloe/Dan if they hadn’t had the groping in the exam room.  I certainly don’t care about Chloe/Lucas in any way and Dan/Kate I just supported to get away from Chan, so I would have been fine if the couple hadn’t come about so skeevily.  But the breast grope coupled with the fact that she is engaged to his girlfriend’s (or ex-girlfriend now) son just sickens me.  And then showing the grope approximately 957 times didn’t help matters.  Now they’ve got the Chloe in a red babydoll teddy thing to flash back to daily instead, but they already killed any potential hotness for me.

Dr. Dan was able to interrupt his prurient fantasies to save Theo today at least.  Really, how did Salem even function before he was around?  The man has saved half the town at this point and he’s supposed to be some kind of specialist but instead he does it all.  Does Kayla spend her days filing her nails and reading?  Ooops, I forgot, Kayla doesn’t exist.  Anyway, Dan did some kind of brain surgery (of course) to relieve the pressure on Theo’s brain.  Meanwhile we got to witness more hysterics from Lexie.  Why was she yelling at her father anyway?  He didn’t do anything wrong, she was busy yelling at him when her son wandered off.  I’m sick of her acting like such a martyr.  Either get her DiMera on or get the hell out.

We nearly had a sex scene this week, that was not Chloe related (seriously, they all seem to be right now) but cooler heads prevailed.  Philip and Stephanie were all set to have a good time when Philip decided that they were rushing things.  Rushing?  They had their first kiss a week ago, isn’t it about time to go to bed?  Not that I would have minded if they had.  It was nice to see shirtless Philip again, I was afraid that Rafe dude had stipulations in his contract that he was the only one allowed to be shirtless.

Speaking of Rafe, he got some sort of infection because of his stab wound getting infected.  You know, that wound he got and instead of reporting he went back to the loft to let Sami sow him up.  Yes, this is the kind of intelligence and loyalty that I want any Fed protecting me to have.  Ugh.  Of course it was just another excuse for him to be shirtless and for Sami to get closer to him.  No, I still don’t see any chemistry, how am I supposed to when she’s like 8 months pregnant?

Besides, today I was knocked out by the anvil of EJ informing Lucas that he’d set Sami free, which what the hell, they weren’t even together anyway, but I think the writers forgot that.  And Lucas got all huffy and asked why he would care.  Cut to Chloe talking on her cell chatting with Nicole but probably fantasizing about the Magical Surfing Penis again.  Lucas also sarcastically threw out EJ being the love of Sami’s life, so I don’t know if I should fear a reemergence of the EJamicus triangle or if instead fear a Safecus triangle with a side of Ejoledy.  Or maybe they’ll all combine and we’ll get some male on male hook ups.  I’d honestly rather that than a return to any of the triangles mentioned above.  I hate triangles.

Are you aware that John/Marlena will be off this show in approximately 2 weeks?  You wouldn’t know it by the fact that they’ve all but disappeared from our screens again.  I mean, it’s pretty well known that they’re going to get married before they head off to the sunset, so shouldn’t they have a little bit of screen time to reestablish their relationship?  Or will they get married a la Tony & Anna, off screen, and then leave town?

The last thing I want to discuss is Chex…Chelsea and Max had a passionate (well it was supposed to be, stomach churning is more accurate in this viewer’s experience) kiss on New Year’s and it looks like they talk about it tomorrow.  Joy!  What made Higley think that going back to more uncle/niece action would be acceptable to the viewing public?  The reason people hated Stax was because of this, yet she’s revisiting it with a different niece?  Doesn’t change the equation, which MathMasterMax should be able to tell you.  But she didn’t consult the Maxematician, she’s just going to force another chemless pairing upon us, because who wants couples that are hot and make sense?  Not a Days viewer, that’s for sure!

I think that about covers the things on my mind.  I’m sure Terry will pop by to point out that I didn’t discuss his precious Melanie, but I figure since she’s busy appearing in every single storyline going about now, or will soon be doing so, I don’t need to give her any more attention than necessary.  Sorry Terry.  I’ll be back next week to discuss more of the same!

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