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Who’s Your Hero Now?

Sylar can mess with my mind anytime!

Sylar can mess with my mind anytime!

This weeks episode of Heroes was more of a roller coaster than I’m used to on this show.  There was tons of great stuff, there was tons of not so great stuff and there was plenty of confusion.  I think I’ll treat this episode the way I have some of my more recent Supernatural blogs and tell you what I hated, what I loved and what I think about where we’re headed from here.

Farewell freaky Puppet Master...why didn't Sylar get your power?

Farewell freaky Puppet Master...why didn't Sylar get your power?

Things I hated:

  • The over excessive carnage.  Look, I’m all for them trimming the cast but did they have to get rid of so many secondary characters in one episode?  I’m most unhappy about the Puppet Master, who was excellent in a creepy way but Knox, Meredith, soldier dude, most likely not Sylar but they did leave us hanging there…I guess Flint probably lived.  I don’t know, it felt too reactionary to me, like they said, let’s get rid of everyone we added before and get back to the main cast plus Daphne.
  • Mohinder being cured.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Mohinder, but if he’s healthy now I have to live in fear that he’ll contact Maya and we’ll be tortured with her presence yet again.
  • That rather lame space/time continuum explanation for Ando being able to supercharge Daphne and take her back in time to retrieve Hiro.  I’m no physicist but that seemed a bit out there.  I can suspend my disbelief but I found that one irritating.
  • Nathan back to being a dumbass.  Is there a rule that a Petrelli but always be gullible and embrace the wrong thing wholeheartedly?  Do Peter and Nathan just switch off every few episodes?  I guess this proves that they are really brothers at least.
  • Claire again being portrayed to be some kind of badass and getting the drop on Sylar.  I’m sorry but I will never buy her as a company agent sort and I will never ever accept her besting Sylar in any way.
  • I touched on the Puppet Master before but I was very disappointed in his death…how the hell did Sylar kill him?  It was like something happened inside of him and we didn’t see anything and he just dropped, right?  I thought we’d have some excellent standoff and it was over way too fast.  I am also irritated that Sylar didn’t open his brain and take that power, imagining Sylar bending people to his will is really really hot.
  • HRG not killing Meredith himself.  How epic would that have been for Claire to have to watch adopted daddy off her birth mother and attempt to understand and live with that down the road?  And don’t tell me HRG wouldn’t have done it…he might hesitate because Claire was watching but he’s all about the self preservation so I don’t doubt he’d do it in the end.  Sigh.
  • Tracy getting to live.  I hate her and find her useless.  Now that she’s with Mohinder she can only get more useless.
  • Being left hanging on the Sylar issue…look, I know he’s not dead and you know he’s not dead, but would it have killed them to show him slowly walking out of the fire or something?
No longer mother and son but still lots of fun!

No longer mother and son but still lots of fun!

Things I loved:

  • Sylar! Sylar, Sylar, always Sylar!  His mindfuckery with Claire, HRG and Angela was truly a beautiful thing to witness.  Telling Claire to kill Angela to save her father, having HRG have to face killing Meredith with Claire watching, creating chaos and killing a buttload of villains we never saw.  Loved it all.  His confrontation with Angela at the end when she admitted that she just wanted him as a weapon against Arthur was a thing of beauty.  I’m glad Angela got to live of course but I could have dealt with that scene going longer and Claire not being involved in any way.
  • Peter getting his powers back.  Thank god.  I don’t even care that the reasoning was pretty lame.  He injected himself with the formula in order to get his powers back and fly Nathan to safety.  Couldn’t Nathan fly Nathan to safety?  I know there was a fire but Peter flew through it so I imagine Nathan could as well.
  • Petrelli brother angst…Peter punching Nathan and knocking him out.  Nathan hitting Peter with a pipe…that’s a lot of pretty beating on each other right there.  I guess I’m going to get my brother vs. brother showdown after all but it won’t be Sylar involved.  Yeah, I’m still mad about that.
  • Ando getting a power, and an interesting one at that.  So Ando is now some kind of supercharger who can cause anybody with powers to be more powerful.  Can you imagine what happens if Sylar gets a hold of him?  Or if he unites with Peter down the line?  I can and it’s a thing of beauty in my head…hopefully it’ll play out that way, but I know better than to ask for it.  See Selle sex leading to Elle death to let you know just how my wants work out!
  • The destruction of Primatech and Pinehurst.  Hey it’s fun to watch buildings burn and Primatech was pretty much played out at this point anyway, so I’m kinda glad to see them go.
  • Hiro being powerless…I’m really okay with this because maybe it will force him to become an actual man for awhile.  Can he get his powers back?  The formula is seemingly destroyed and the catalyst appeared to go poof…I imagine it’ll turn up somehow someway though.
  • Hiro punching out Tracy.  Best thing he’s done in ages!
  • Nathan going to the president, President Worf to those who know the actor!, and giving him a list of all the people with powers and setting us up for them to hunt down our heroes and villains in the next installment.  Look, I know it’s been done before by X-men but it’s still awesome.  My dreams of Peter/Sylar teaming up could come to pass!  Angela vs. Nathan.  Peter vs. Nathan.  Claire vs. Nathan?  It’s all very interesting.  What side will HRG come down on?  And I didn’t see everyone in the files either…I have to re watch but I didn’t see the Petrelli’s in there at all.  Not that I don’t think they’ll be heavily involved, it’s just interesting that he may not have turned on his family.
Pretty Peter has his powers back, I'm a happy girl!

Pretty Peter has his powers back, I'm a happy girl!

Well I think that hits the finer points of the episode.  Overall I really liked it and I’m probably going to be very anxious for February to hurry up and get here so I can watch the Fugitive Chapter play out.  I’m really very excited about what could be ahead for this show.  Let’s hope the writing lives up to the concept!

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