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Week 15 NFL Notes

A picture is worth a thousand words.  From the AP.

A picture is worth a thousand words. From the AP.

It was not a pretty week for your faithful forecaster my friends.  I think I’m something like 8-7 or thereabouts…I’m really too annoyed by the week that was to go back and take a look at this moment.  I’ll survey the damage later in the week when it’s time to make my picks.  I cannot do worse than I did this week though.  It was a real wild one to say the least, many games came down to the last minute and fortunes were made and lost with each second that ticked by.  Not that I bet on myself, I’m too smart for that!  Let’s look at the week that was, shall we?

  • The dream is still alive but it was very nerve wracking for me til midway through the fourth quarter.  I don’t know why Indy allowed Detroit to hang with them for so long but then Manning remembered that he was Manning and took control of the situation.  Maybe Dungy was feeling bad for Marinelli?  Not bad enough to throw the game though, never that!  Two more weeks to hope that our Ofer can be achieved!  I can feel it, can’t you?
  • I think I’ve finally got Denver figured out…in that they’re impossible to figure.  They seem to change weekly, don’t they?  They got shredded by Carolina yesterday to the point that my local coverage switched to Pitt/Balt.  I was thankful for this because watching Carolina just irritates me to no end.  They’re looking really good right about now and they’re giving off that vibe that the Giants were giving off at the end of last year.  I am leaning toward making them the NFC rep in the super bowl right now.  That running game is a force and they’re not letting Delhomme blow the game for him like he was early in the year.
  • Speaking of Pitt/Baltimore…how you feeling today Raven’s fans?  I’m actually not as up in arms about the call reversal as some people are, I thought it was a TD in the first place.  I agree that there really wasn’t enough visual evidence to overturn the call but the ball would have been at the inch line and I imagine Tomlin would have had Ben sneak that in for the final play to win the game anyway.  Plus I don’t like the Ravens.  Never liked them, never will, especially after they gave Miami their lone win last year.  They ruined my Ofer hope last year and I do not approve.  Also I wanted the Bucs to get Flacco.  It would have been nice to have him, wouldn’t it?
  • Tampa…I really don’t know what to say about my beloved team right about now.  They’re getting killed in the 4th quarter by the running game.  Now two of the D-lineman were out but jeez.   Of course I don’t lay the blame on this game on the D, this week the O gets that one.  They could do nothing as usual when they approached the red zone and were a missed FG away from winning anyway.  The playoffs are looking like a very distant possibility right now but I can’t even let that bother me…if they got in they’d do nothing anyway.
  • At least one east coast team can play well on the west coast.  NE pounded Oakland 49-26 and they were up 35-14 in the first half.  That was one game that was never in doubt.  Moss got to score two TD’s against his former team and Cassel was an efficient 18-30 for 218 yards and 4 td’s, with one pick.  Not bad.  It might be too little too late for them thanks to Miami and the Jets both getting wins, but they’re hanging in hoping for some help to get into the playoffs.
  • I am so glad that I picked Arizona to win at home yesterday.  I figured they’d put on a good show after having clinched their division and a playoff spot, but not so much.  They gave up well over 200 yards rushing and had a couple of turnovers and that was that.  I’m not looking for the Cards to do anything in the playoffs, they’ll probably be one and done.  Minny meanwhile is looking pretty good.  Jackson is coming into his own and Peterson is a beast, they could make things interesting in the NFC North and the playoff race.
  • We can officially add Washington to the list of playoff has-beens this year.  They can join Jacksonville and San Diego and Seattle in that ignominous category.  They managed to lose to Cincinnati on Sunday, pretty much ending their hopes of sneaking into the playoffs.  Mike Sellers lost a fumble while diving in for a tying score and Cincy recovered and took the game.  I wonder what Portis has to say about his 25 carries for 77 yards…seems like he was given the ball and didn’t do jack with it to me.  Perhaps he should let his play do the talking instead of his mouth from now on, no?
  • In the match of the day, the Seahawks managed to edge the Rams 23-20…yes I was being sarcastic there in case you missed it.  The Rams had a 17-7 lead but of course gave up 10 points in the final 3 minutes to lose the game.  I’m sure they can’t believe that the Lions won’t win a game or two to give them a shot at the first draft pick, but it is what it is.
  • I really thought that Miami was going to lose a game they should win this week and went so far as to pick against them but of course they made me pay for that. San Fran won the stats battle but Miami won the score battle, which is all that really matters.  That defense continues to impress and surprise and Bill Parcells continues to work whatever voodoo he does to each team he’s a part of.  I don’t get it, but it looks like we’re looking at a playoff team.
  • Oh Herm…I really don’t know what to say to you at this point.  How many times has KC managed to blow a game late in recent weeks?  SD managed to score two touchdowns within the span of 1:13 to win the game by one.  I’m not sure how that happens…I mean I get it, score, get an onside kick, score again, but how often does it really happen?  Especially in the NFL?  I guess I can compliment them that at least they’ve been competitive lately…kind of hollow as compliments go but it’s something, right?
  • What happened to Green Bay?  I mean seriously, early in the year they looked like they’d run away with the NFC North but they sure have fallen off the map in the second half haven’t they?  They lost to Jacksonville, who’s played terribly all year long.  This was yet another game that was lost, or won, in the last quarter, with the Jags coming back from a 13-7 deficit to win 20-16.  I really haven’t a clue what’s happening there but obviously GB isn’t playoff bound.
  • The Titans are suddenly looking a bit more mortal after losing to Houston yesterday.  Not that they couldn’t have won the game…Coach Fisher eschewed going for a 49 yard field goal that would have won it to throw long on 4th and 3, a very questionable play call.  I understand the wind was swirling, but why throw long on 4th down when you only need 3 yards?  Haynesworth was hurt right at the end of the game and if he’s lost for any time that could really hurt Tenn’s chances.  Suddenly the AFC looks a little more open than it did a couple weeks ago.
  • Finally we’ve arrived at the Sage Rosenfels Memorial Douchetard of the Week Award! I know you were anxiously awaiting it, but I bet you already knew who the winner was before you started reading, didn’t you?  It could really only be one person this week, even in a week with a lot of close games.  Yes, ladies and gentleman, the DT of the Week is none other than JP Losman!!!  I could also split this award with his coaches for calling a passing play when they should have been running out the clock, but still, he made the gaff so he gets the glory.  I’m sure you’ve all seen it, and I got to see it live as my Bucs were boring me, but if you didn’t Losman was sacked by Abram Elam with less than 2 minutes to go as he scrambled around looking for someone to throw to.  The ball flew toward Shaun Ellis and he smacked it and it bounced on the ground and back to him and he rumbled 11 yards for the TD to take the lead 31-27.  This was the most nonsensical play calling that I’ve seen in a long time.  The Jets of course were thrilled, they’re still sitting pretty for the playoffs even though they’ve played terribly for the past few weeks.  The Bills have been long dead and their wonderful start is nothing but a distant memory.  Old JP also managed to throw 3 picks in this game and only get 148 yards passing, so it’s not like he was having much of a day prior to his fumble.  Bills fans are no doubt thrilled to have him back behind center.  Congratulations, JP, on your Douchetard Award, it was clearly well earned!

Well that was the week that was in the NFL this week.  I hope you enjoyed it, at least things were interesting this week, right?  The next two weeks will settle everything and we’ll see who the real players are in the league.  Right now I like the Steelers, they’re not winning pretty but they are winning tough, and unfortunately Carolina.  Who knows what the next couple of weeks will hold though, I get the feeling we’re in for some surprises.  Back with picks on Wednesday!

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