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While being unable to sleep on a Sunday morning, my mind turned to my most recent obsessions (what else is there to do when you’re tossing and turning?) and I had an epiphany about myself.  When it comes to TV, movies and books, I’m a sucker for bad boys.  In my real life, I think I got over this phase after high school, but when it comes to fiction, badder is better.  So I thought I’d take a look at the characters I’ve grown to love and try to work through my issues here with you.  The first two characters on this list are not really bad boys by any means, but they have some bad boy traits that make them qualify.  Plus I just wanna talk about them and this is my blog, so there!

Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, from photobucket

Edward Cullen, from photobucket

Edward Cullen, vampire from the Twilight Series. Edward is most certainly not a bad boy, he’s actually very heroic but he is a vampire with obsessive qualities and the burning desire to kill the girl he loves.  This is not exactly the type of guy that I’d bring home to mom and dad if you know what I mean.  He fights the monster in his nature and of course is triumphant, but with his super strength and desire for blood, he’s a little on the scary side.  Not to mention the fact that he’s an obsessed stalker who sneaks into his future girlfriend’s bedroom to watch her sleep at night.  I love Edward and Bella’s story but even I know that it’s a sick twisted love.  I just happen to be  fan of that!  I’m not hot for Edward but I wouldn’t mind having a slightly older version of him for myself (yeah he’s over 100 in regular years, but physically he’s stuck at 17 and that’s just a bit much for me).

Dean Winchester


Dean Winchester, Supernatural. Dean is also far more of a hero than he is a bad boy, but he does have some of the qualities that make a girl wonder why she’d want to get involved.  Dean is a player, never risking his heart and extremely emotionally unavailable.  In a recent episode, Sam told Dean he was a dick, which got some Dean fangirls up in arms but I actually stopped to ponder that and realized that he was right.  Dean can be a dick, he’s extremely sarcastic and he’s prone to use intimidation to get what he wants.  Again, I have no problem with any of these things, I find them extremely hot.  But if a parent had the choice of Dean or Sam to pick for their daughter, my guess is they’d lean to Sammy, demon blood or not.  Sam has no commitment issues at any rate, it’s just that the girls he commits to always die. hehe  Still I’d take Dean any day!

Logan, my pyschotic jackass

Logan, my psychotic jackass and first tv boyfriend.

Logan Echolls, Veronica Mars. The first time you see Logan, it is with a Veronica voiceover saying that every school has their obligatory psychotic jackass and he was it.  Watching him, he just looks like your stereotypical rich boy asshole and in the first few episodes that’s exactly how he acts.  Over time you learn that he has been abused by his father all his life, which makes some of his jerkery understandable, but he goes beyond just being a dick.  He arranges bum fights, he buys Weevil’s grandmother’s house and threatens to evict her (to be fair, Weevil did burn down his house, retribution you know), he sleeps with his friend’s stepmother…there’s plenty more but that’ll suffice to start.  It doesn’t matter though, I fell for Logan just as hard as Veronica did, though of course she was unable to admit it to herself.  He may not have been a good guy but really all he wanted was someone to love.  He captured my heart somewhere around episode 12 or so and kept it despite being overly emo in season 3.  Hell, I named my pet after him, so that should tell you just how much I adored him.

sawyerSawyer, Lost. Ahhh now we’re entering more into the real bad boy arena.  Sawyer is a con man, an opportunist and a killer.  Being on the island has softened his edges some, but he’s still pretty much all about #1 (unless he’s helping Kate).  Season 1 Sawyer was hilarious to watch,  taking everything he could and holding on to it until he could barter for other things.  This past season saw Sawyer kill Locke’s father, the man who had caused the death of his mother and father.  This was understandable of course, but it’s not act a girl hopes to have her future lover pull either.

Dearly departed Eko


Mr. Eko, Lost. I know he’s been gone two seasons but he might have been my favorite Lost character this side of the next guy on this list.  Sawyer killed one guy while Eko killed tons of them as a drug lord in Africa.  He brought badass to a whole new level.  On the island he was silent and brooding but spiritual and interesting at the same time.  He could kick ass with no effort at all and I’m still not over his death.  The actor asked to be released from the show but I still hate that he’s gone.  Can you imagine the Losties fighting the Others with Eko on their side?  Maybe that’s why it’s okay he’s gone, cause I wouldn’t doubt the Losties would win if Eko was still there.

Ben, master manipulator

Ben, master manipulator

Benjamin Linus, Lost. While I’m not hot for Ben like I am for most of the characters on this list, I may find him the most fascinating of all.  He’s a master manipulator who manages to intimidate despite being smaller in stature than most of the male characters on the show.  He bends almost everyone to his will and always seems to be a step or ten ahead of everyone else.  The one rare time his plan went awry and his daughter Alex got killed right before his eyes, I got chills watching his face and waiting for the fallout.  I light up when Ben appears on the screen, I can’t help myself.  I’m just anxious to see what he’ll do next.  I’ll start Lost blogging when the show picks up and you’ll see just how much I adore this character.

EJ, once so bad, always so beautiful.

EJ, once so bad, always so beautiful.

EJ DiMera, Days of Our Lives. EJ is sadly the one character who has devolved from awesome into a shadow of himself, but I still am able to love him thanks to memories of the old EJ.  That and the hotness.  I’m easy that way.  The EJ I love was a manipulator, a killer, a blackmailer/rapist…good times.  Ok, he was once a little too dark even for me but he wore it well.  One of his hottest moments was when he took off his belt and whipped Patrick with it.  If you’d have told me that I would ever find something that hot I would have laughed at you, but there you go.  Current EJ is just a shell of a man but it’s memories of the real EJ that keep me hoping he’ll resurface and start ruling Salem once again.

The Basshole himself

The Basshole himself

Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl. Chuck is a character similar to Logan in that I pegged him for a gigantic jackass in the first episode but he won me over a few episodes in.  He starts the show wanting to devirginize a 15 year old Jenny Humphrey and coming off as a potential rapist.  In typical form, I got over it.  Chuck is a major player, I couldn’t tell you how many girls he’s slept with at this point and we’re only in season 2.  His main goal seems to be to prove to his father that he’s a real man and he can run the business but he constantly winds up disappointing him.  Now that Dad is dead, Chuck’s entering a self destructive spiral that could go anywhere.   Chuck’s in love with Blair and vice versa but neither of them are willing to admit it and he figures if they do and get together they’ll lose the appeal they have for one another, so why bother?  It’s another twisted relationship that I can’t get enough of.

Sylar, my most twisted

Sylar, my most twisted

Sylar, Heroes. Speaking of twisted, we come to probably the most twisted of them all.  I’ve always been a Peter Petrelli girl (particularly future darker Peter) but this season Sylar has overtaken him for my heart.  The first couple of seasons I didn’t really feel for Sylar, mainly because all we saw of him was just his desire to attain new powers and to kill.  That didn’t appeal to me, but this season we’ve seen the side of him that craves approval, that wants a family and that actually wanted to be better.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Sylar to be better, per se, not after the last episode made me love him, but I want him to be more complex than just some killer.  And that’s what he’s become.  His quest to find his family is going to be interesting to watch and probably make me like him all the more.

Well that’s my list of the fictional bad boys I’ve loved and will continue to do so long after their shows have disappeared.  What do you think?  Do you have the same bad boy jones that I do?  Who else would you add?  I’m sure I’m missing plenty but this was long enough without me reaching any further.  I’m dying to hear responses on this one, so let me know if you think I’m insane or if you’re just as nuts about some of these guys as I am.

Oversight addition: I forgot to include Dexter Morgan of Dexter. He’s a serial killer who kills bad guys and I really enjoy watching him struggle to maintain a normal fascade in everyday life.  He belonged here so I had to add him, my bad!

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