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Two of Days lone bright sports; from NBC.com

Two of Days lone bright spots; from NBC.com

It’s that time of year, when all the best of and worst of lists make their appearances and we look back upon the highlights and lowlights of the season.  It’s going to be difficult to come up with best of’s when we discuss Days, but I’ll give it my best shot.  Feel free to weigh in with your own choices or even more categories if I miss anything.  When it comes to Days, my brain kind of goes into lock down, so I’m sure I’ll miss a bunch.

Best Actor: James Scott (EJ DiMera)  Although EJ has been wishy washy much of the year, JS continues to make him watchable, no matter what tragic crap they have him doing.

Worst Actor: Darin Brooks (Max Brady)  There are worse actors on the show, but not in a leading category.  Max is one of the more pointless characters yet he’s been given tons to do and fails at it every time.  RageMax was a joke, Max in love is boring, emoMax just makes me want to cut a bitch…DB does nothing to make the character likable or viable in any way.

Best Actress: Ari Zuker (Nicole Walker)  If you had told me a year ago that I would want AZ front and center on the show I would have laughed my ass off.  I loathed Nicole the first time around, but this time AZ has made her to be the most interesting character we have on the show these days.  Whether she’s scheming or crying she is always watchable.  I can say that about very few characters on the show these days.

Worst Actress: Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady)  Nothing could pain me more than to give this award to AS…I loved her as Sami for years but the past couple of years have diminished her character to the point of no almost no return.  She’s either screaming or crying, her wants make no sense, she acts like a 5 year old…she’s just painful.

Best Supporting Actor: Blake Berris (Nick Fallon)  Also the winner of Most Overlooked Actor.  When given the screen time, BB shone like almost no other.  He always made Nick interesting and likable, even when he was acting psychotic and gaslighting a girl into thinking that she killed her father.  It figures that Days would let one of its best and brightest go.

Worst Supporting Actor: Josh Taylor (Roman Brady)  I seriously cannot stand watching this guy on my screen anymore.  He’s TERRIBLE.  Wooden and pointless!  I’m sad every time I think about the awesome that Roman Brady once was with the nothing that he is today.  The show should do us all a favor and kill him off.

Best Supporting Actress: Rachel Melvin (Chelsea Brady)  Now, I’ve had major issues with the character of Chelsea this year, but RM continues to take whatever they crap they give her and work it as well as possible.  I didn’t appreciate the actresses blatant attempts to push the Chan pairing in the media, but she doesn’t disappoint when she’s on air.

Worst Supporting Actress: Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe Lane)  There are times when she’s somewhat tolerable, but NB is clearly the worst actress on canvas right now.  She’s far too monotone and the only time she really shines is when she’s being bitchy.  Make her that way full time and she won’t stay on this list.

Best New Character: Trent Robbins, played by Roscoe Born.  Though he was given little to do, RB had a great freaky vibe whenever he was threatening Max or fighting with Melanie or interacting with Nicole and Nick.  Another talent that Days foolishly let go too soon.

Worst New Character: Dr. Daniel Jonas, played by Shawn Christian.  Let’s take a quick look at the year of Dr. Dan, shall we?  Came between the best young couple on the show, hooked up with a girl that was young enough to be his daughter, slept with said girl’s grandmother, got in a relationship with her, currently skeeving all over another woman while his current girlfriend is undergoing cancer treatment.  Isn’t he a prince?  Throw in the fact that he falls for every single female patient in his path, his surftalk and his overly tanned body and messed up hair and he’s a hell of a mess.

Most Underused Character: tie between Steve & Kayla Johnson.  You would think that having an 80’s supercouple back on the show would be fodder for tons of storylines, but instead S&K are reduced to propping their daughter and pushing a doll around in a stroller.  Pathetic use of two stellar actors.

Most Overused Character: tie between Sami Brady & Melanie Layton.  Even AS’ real life pregnancy hasn’t diminished Sami’s airtime, instead we get Sami’s adventures in witness protection.  One of the most boring stories we’ve had all year.  Kudos.  Melanie actually impressed me when she came on but 4 straight months of her screeching and using people have made the character a lot more intolerable.

Best Exits: Won’t officially happen til 2009, but Drake Hogestyn and Dierdre Hall get this one.  The lack of a well written storyline for the two of them makes them easy to part with, on top of getting rid of two of the biggest overactors ever to grace the screen.  I liked nuJohn for awhile this year but he quickly became too one note and played out, Marlena was never worth my time or interest.

Worst Exits: Paul Hollingsworth & Nick Fallon:  Already addressed Nick, but Paul also was a ridiculous end.  He went to jail for Philip and John and that’s the end of that.  Linden Ashby was a great actor and ultra hot and I’m quite irritated that he appeared at all.

Best Stunt Casting: The Vitali’s, Ava & her father, Tamara Braun and Joe Penney.  JP was only around for a couple of weeks but he was very intimidating when he was on.  I’d rather have kept him than a lot of the characters we remain stuck with.  TB was good as Ava, she had a lot of shit to work with but she held her own against MBE and SN and made John watchable.

Worst Stunt Casting: Shirley Jones as Colleen Brady.  It’s not that she did a bad job, it’s just that the storyline was so stupid and the main actors that should have been involved, James Scott and Alison Sweeney, weren’t.  Plus she only had about 5 episodes and then she died.  She named Marlena the pillar of strength, something which I will never forgive.

Best Use of a Passions Actor: Eric Martsoff as Brady Black.  He’s very vanilla but still somehow likable.

Worst Use of a Passions Actor: After a promising start, Galen Gehring as Rafe has devolved into a one-note world of suck, possibly because he’s stuck with Sami 99% of the time.  I won’t judge too harshly yet but he’s not impressing me right now.

Best Moment: Headslam!  John bashed Marlena into the door and knocked her out when he was going to kill Colleen.

Worst Moment: Lord, there are tons probably but for me, it was Marlena’s portrait going up in place of Stefano’s.  That felt like blasphemy of the highest order.  Honorable mention goes to every Chan makeout scene, Philip’s sex fantasy of Melanie and all of Sami’s ugly cries.

Best storyline: And here we have a problem.  I’ll go with the plane crash on the island, it involved a lot of characters and gave us some angst.  The problem was that it was super rushed, over in about 2 days time.  I would have milked that awhile had I been writing, but of course, I am not.  I’m just here to bitch.

Worst storyline: All the rest? haha  The dueling pregnancies are right up there at the top, along with John becoming a DiMera and the resultant Dock Wars, Steve’s past with Ava, Max the secret genius and Chan.

Best Dropped Storyline: Chan, derailed before it could ever get really fully started.

Worst Dropped Storyline: DiWar…John and Stefano going head to head for the DiMera fortune, combined with Tony and EJ playing both sides should have been an epic showcase of some of the best talent this show has to offer but instead it fizzled with John giving up control without a shot fired.  Terrible disappointment.

Best Couple: Bo & Hope  They had early in the year to shine, during Bo’s pancreas story, even though that was more about the worst couple than the best couple.   S&K qualify but they’ve not been around.

Worst Couple: Chelsea & Daniel.  Nothing says loving like making out with a guy that looks like your dad.  This was the most ill-advised pairing this show has ever done (though they’re sure to try to top themselves in 2009).  Honorable mention to Max and Stephanie, kissing cousins, or, uh, kissing uncle and niece, though not by blood!

Best New Couple soon to be ruined: EJ/Nicole.  Like EJ/Sami were supposed to be, EJ/Nicole should be ruling Salem.  Kicking ass and taking no prisoners.  They have the chemistry to last but the writing is going to doom them like they do all the others.

Worst New Couple: Chloe/Lucas  They’re anti-chemistry and boring.  They’re the Stax of the older group.  They’re rushed and pointless.

Worst Writer:  Dena Higley….I know she’s pretty much the only writer this year but it had to be said anyway.

Worst Producer:  Ken Corday. His tinkering with the show and the writing and the cast has left us with an unholy mess.

Well that’s a lot of best and worsts for now, if I think of anymore, I’ll be sure to add them.  If you think of any, be sure to let me know and I’ll address anything I missed.  I can’t wait to hear what you all think!

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Week 15 NFL Picks

We’re heading into the home stretch and it’s time for the potential contenders to man up and win.  Will anybody step forward?  We’re about to find out.  I’m coming off a 12-4 week last week, so we’re riding high and eying the playoffs.  Let’s see who will step up.

Chicago over NO: Yikes, a tough game right out of the gate.  I’m extremely torn on this pick, but NO has been a different team away from the Dome and I imagine Soldier Field won’t be friendly for them.  So, I ride with Orton and the Bears…never thought I’d say that one but they’re in contention, so they get the pick.

Atlanta over Tampa Bay: The Bucs are coming off a demoralizing defense effort against Carolina on Monday night.  Now they probably will be without Garcia due a calf injury.  I’m taking Atlanta at home because of that.

Washington over Cincy: Washington is still statistically possible for the playoffs, but I think they’re offense is pretty crappy so I don’t bet on that one happening.  Still, they’re playing Cincy.  There’s really nothing to say about Cincy, so of course I go with the Skins for the win.  Wonder if Portis will whine this week? Silly question!

Seattle over St. Louis: The Seahawks are showing signs of life with their QB and a few WRs back.  The Rams are studying next years draft eligible underclassmen and looking for a new owner.  Makes this a rather easy pick, no?

San Fran over Miami: Yep, I’m going with a surprise here.  Miami inexplicably continues to win every week, but San Fran has been coming on strong and playing with new life in recent weeks.  Can they be a team to overcome the west to east travel woes we’ve seen this season?  I’m saying yes, it’s time for Miami to blow a game they should win.

NY Jets over Buffalo: The Jets are coming off their loss to San Fran and Buffalo continues to look worse every week.  It doesn’t sound like a very fun game to watch, but I imagine the Jets will right the ship.  The AFC East is still up for the taking.  What happened to Edwards?  I don’t get it.

Indy over Detroit: I think I can breathe a sigh of relief on the 0-16 watch this week.  I don’t see Indy losing this game unless Peyton Manning takes the day off to film some commercials and he takes the O-line and WRs with him.  Even then, the defense has been playing well and would probably win anyway.  I love you Detroit!  Keep the dream alive!

San Diego over Kansas City: Who knows really?  The AFC West is one of those divisions where anything can happen in any given week.  San Diego should win, so they probably won’t.  I hate this entire division, none of them can make up their minds on who they really are.

Green Bay over Jacksonville: Green Bay has been up and down all season, but Jax has been down all season, so this makes this game an easy pick.  What happened to the Pack?  They looked a sure thing for their division but now they’re likely out of it.  And Favre chortles with glee….

Tennessee over Houston: Now I have to be scared of this game, because all of a sudden Houston remembered how to play football.  Or, well, more likely it’s because Sage is not behind center anymore, but still.  They’re playing well and knocking off teams that they shouldn’t, so I imagine this will be a tight game.  I’ll go with Tenn but I don’t feel great about it.

Arizona over Minnesota: The Cardinals continue to confound me and they’re playing a decent team, so they might lose as they seem to do when they’re playing someone decent.  I’m going with them for the win at home, I know Gus got hurt last week and that has to factor in.  I think their D can keep Peterson from hurting them and they’ll walk away with the win.

Carolina over Denver: Who knows?  Which Denver team is going to show up?  This could be a really good game or it could be a blowout.  I need Denver to take it but I have no faith that they will.  Their defense is pretty porous and everybody saw what the Panther running tandem can do on Monday night.

Pittsburgh over Baltimore: Ahh a real tough game this week.  Hard hitting, hating each other action.  I love it!  Pitt is coming off their improbable win over Dallas (Hey Romo!!!) and Baltimore is coming off an asskicking over the Skins.  I like Big Ben better than Flacco, due to experience only.  Hines Ward will be hunted but I think he’ll score the game winner.

New England over Oakland: NE struggled against San Fran but pulled out a win, 2 games in a row on the west coast?  Nice schedule makers!  NE needs this one to remain in contention, I think they’ll pull out another gritty win.

NY Giants over Dallas: The Giants beat down Dallas earlier in the year.  This game will probably be much closer but I like the Giants D to get after Romo and create some more turnovers.  The Plaxico distraction is another week old, hopefully Hixon can play a better game this week and the Giants can smack the Cowboys right out of the playoff hunt.

Philly over Cleveland: Somebody woke up the Eagles last week, who knew?  They were impressive against the Giants.  They won’t have to try as hard to defeat Cleveland, obviously, but they’re making things a little more interesting.  I don’t see them making the postseason but it is a possibility.  We’ll see!

That’s my view of how week 15 will go down, we’ll see how it goes.  Enjoy the games!

Last Week:  12-4

Season Record:  133.5-73.5

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