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C’mon Baby, Light Her On Fire

Nothing says love like burning your lady.

Nothing says love like burning your lady.

So it is indeed official.  Sylar did kill Elle, then he poured lighter fluid all over and her and used her own power to light it.  How loving!  Luckily, that was the worst of the show, and it was at the beginning.

I was all prepared to hate Sylar but then he was awesome for the rest of the show.  PAtrelli called him and he let him know he was going off to collect some more powers and that he knew he was a liar.  He took Elle’s phone I guess and is using it to go after other powers.   He went after some chick named Sue who could tell if people were lying.  Sliced her open on her birthday and then when her coworkers came in, he was covered in her blood and he asked for cake.  Loved it.  He also scared the crap out of some guy in the elevator.  Also awesome.  So I’m considering forgiving him for killing Elle.  I’m still not happy, but at least he was still fun to watch.



The most awesome?  When Peter actually fired the gun at PAtrelli and Sylar came in and stopped the bullet.  Then he tells Peter he’s not a killer but Sylar is and lets the bullet go into his brain.  I am officially back in love with Sylar.  How fickle am I?  hehe  The bad news is that he used the new power to determine that he is not PAtrelli’s kid at the very least.  So I still have to root for MAtrelli to have whored around and produced him anyway.  Sigh.  I want him to be Peter and Nathan’s bro.  I’m glad Sylar is back, even if he had to kill his girlfriend.

Not fun to watch?  Hiro.  As usual.  I’m glad he got his memory back and is not 10, though there’s not much difference between 10 year old Hiro and 30 year old Hiro anyway.  It was nice he got to see his mom again, but was anybody surprised that he only had the catalyst for about 2 minutes before PAtrelli showed up and zapped it out of him?  Of course not.

Nathan continues to be dumb as all hell, although he was very pretty to look at.  Why does he think this is a good idea, to give soldiers powers?  I love that Peter is on the opposite side again so we can have some more brotherly angst, but still, it’s ridiculous.  Now we have powerless Peter and powerless Hiro, who in the future are the two most awesome to watch.  I want the badasses back, pronto.  All I have is Sylar and that’s not enough.  I wonder if Peter can get his powers back now that Daddy is dead.  I will miss PAtrelli, he was awesome.

I enjoyed Claire meeting her mom and dad in the past and convincing Noah not to turn her into the catalyst.  Of course she would have been a better choice than Hiro, but it was cool that he listened to her.

Sylar says farewell to Elle.

Sylar says farewell to Elle.

Sylar made the show tonight for sure.  We might be on the right path back to awesome.  He killed Elle (bad), Sue (awesome) and PAtrelli (awesome and bad).  He refrained from hurting Peter though, so that was cool.  Maybe they will bond yet.  I’m on the path to forgiveness to the writers after an episode like this.  Sylar is still the best thing this show has going.  I used this blog to work through my Sylar issues, so I realize I bounced around quite a bit, but I think I’ve come to a good place with him again.  I will still regret that he doesn’t have Elle as a sidekick, going around and raising hell together, but I’m glad we have a psycho, fun character back again.  I leave you with my favorite Sylarisms of the night:

“Don’t know, don’t care” when asked what had happened to Claire.  I often feel just the same way about the cheerleader.

“Shh, it’s not going to hurt a bit.  Got me, that’s a lie” to Sue Landers when he prepared to slice her head open.

“Cake!” to Sue’s co-workers who walked in to find him arm deep in her bloody brain.

“Something wrong? ” Elevator guy says no, despite the bloody arms.  “It does kind of tingle” as the power kicks in and he knows the guy is lying.

“You’re not a killer, Peter, I am” as he lets the bullet enter PAtrelli’s head.  Despite my liking of PAtrelli, this was still quite awesome.

“I’m not going to kill you, Peter, you don’t have anything I need anymore.”  That’s just awesome, he left Pete standing and waltzed off with Elle’s phone to find who knows what next.  MAtrelli better be warned!

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Week 14 NFL Notes

Tony Romo loses a game but wins an award!  From ESPN.com & The AP

Tony Romo loses a game but wins an award! From ESPN.com & The AP

That’s right, it’s back!  Or I’m back!  Whatever way you want to look at it.  I had to do an NFL blog because the joy I feel over the Douchetard of the Week might be unparalleled this time out!  Really I can’t wait to spring it on you.  So I’ll do that ASAP.

  • Congrats to Tennessee, Arizona and the Giants for clinching their divisions.  It was kind of a surprise to learn that none of them had already done it, but there you go.  Feels like they’ve had control of their divisions since week 1 after all.  The Giants had a pretty ugly loss to Philly, but they still feel like the best team we have going this year.  Not that that necessarily says a lot, this is a weird year after all.
  • The Redskins can officially sit their asses down, that team isn’t making the playoffs and they don’t remotely deserve to.  Watching that offense is like watching paint dry to me.  I don’t get it…they have players but they don’t seem to do anything with them.  Or they don’t do it right.  I don’t know.  Strange team.
  • Does anybody out there know how to figure out Denver?  I was quite sure for 3 quarters or so that they were going to lose to KC again.  I get that they’re a division rival, but there’s really no excuse.  A win’s a win and their division sucks, so they’ll probably waltz into the playoffs, but they’re probably one and done when they do get there.
  • Hey, who had money on Miami winning the AFC East?  Anyone, anyone?  Bueller, Bueller?  Is Bill Parcells such a god that teams automatically get to the playoffs when he steps foot at their facility?  Will the Lions pay him $20 million a year to see if this is true?
  • Speaking of my precious Lions, way to go boys!  You had me very scared but in the end you did right by me and managed to lose to Minny.  I would prefer if you would put forth a little less effort in your final 3 games, though, it doesn’t do to upset me so.  Thankfully your schedule is pretty frightening for the final few weeks, although GB is crapping the bed all over the place so maybe you stand a chance.  Don’t let me down!
  • Really Green Bay?  Over 400 yards to Matt Schaub?  Losing to Houston at home when you were still alive in the division?  Bravo!!!  I realize Houston is playing better now that Sage has taken his rightful place on the bench, engraving the Douchetard Award for me, but they are still Houston.  You don’t lose to Houston if you want to make the playoffs.
  • Since we chatted about GB, why don’t we tackle their former QB?  Favre only passed for 137 yards and 1 INT yesterday, not exactly giving his beloved media an attempt to slurp his jock this week.  I can’t figure this team out either, one week they’re killing Tennessee and the next they’re getting blown out by Denver and stomped on by SF.  Miami benefits, of course.  Weird ass year.
  • New England managed to squeak out a win yesterday at Seattle but took more defensive injuries on the way to doing it.  I think this team plays with a lot of heart but they’re too nicked up to make it to the playoffs in the end.
  • The Bears have somehow managed to work their way into the playoff discussion, I guess because they play in the rather mediocre NFC North.  They dominated the Jags, who continue to have a lost season, bet they’re thrilled they gave Gerrard such a huge contract in the off season.  I know their O-line is decimated but they shouldn’t be this bad.
  • The best game of the day might have been Atlanta at NO.  NO edged ATL but Atlanta continues to impress me.  Ryan makes mistakes but he doesn’t let them get to him.  This one turned out the way I hoped it would, helps keep a little heat of Tampa and Carolina at the top of the division.
  • Finally, we’re ready to discuss the Cowboys/Steelers game.  I had it on and was very bored in the first half, when it just seemed like each team turned the ball over about 25 times a piece.  Things got a little more interesting in the 2nd half, when Dallas pulled ahead 13-3 and looked like they’d win it.  But they let Pitt score a FG and a TD rather quickly, then Tony Romo got the ball with a couple minutes left in a tie game.  His first pass sailed over Jason Witten’s head and into the arms of DeShea Townsend for a pick 6.  Game over.  Hilarious.  Needless to say, in case you didn’t guess it from the get go, Tony Romo is this week’s Sage Rosenfels Memorial Douchetard of the Week award winner.  At least we get to keep the award in the great state of Texas, right?  I was overcome with joy at getting to give this award to Tony…it feels like he’s been deserving of one for a long time and finally I can make it right.  Still, no TO tantrum…I’m a little sad about that.

Well that sums up the NFL weekend, such as it was.  I’m 12-3 so far this week, so I’m happy with the way things are going.  Go Bucs!

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