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Love Is In The Air

I’ve been racking my brain all week trying to think of something to say about Days.  I’m so beyond bored watching it that I really haven’t retained anything much to talk about at this point, but I have caught enough snippets to come up with a little something to discuss.  That being love, because right now, it doesn’t seem like there is any love on this show.  And you know, it’s a soap opera so there’s kinda supposed to be some love factored into things.  So, let’s talk about the couplings going on currently and the potential ones out there.

Let’s start with our happy couple, shall we?  Lucas and Chloe!  Are you overcome with joy at the thought of this pairing?  Are you swept away by the longing and romance on the screen?  Not so much?  Yeah, me either.  These two got engaged this week, or maybe it was last week, I really don’t remember.  Lucas just gave her keys to their future dream home, or his future dream home because I don’t think she was consulted on anything, and gave her a ring.  She said, “Sure, why not?” and they had some boring sex.

This “coupling” (and I use the word laughingly) came together sometime in June/July I believe, with their trapped in an elevator sex.  They have not really been developed from that point and as recently as a couple of months ago Chloe was still hot for Philip.  I can’t put my finger on Lucas, he’s not got any Sami angst right now, which is a good thing, and he claims to love Chloe in a way he’s never loved anybody before.  Ok…those are just words though, because we’re not getting it on screen.  I love Lucas away from Sami but Chloe isn’t bringing anything out in him.  And she keeps having these weird moments with a creepy Doctor Dan looking like he might start screwing her at any moment.  Keep in mind, this is the happiest couple we have going right now, when you throw out the vets of course.  So, they’re 5 months into a relationship, engaged and she’s probably going to cheat on the guy in a few weeks (not a fact, just some spec).  Oh, also she wasn’t thrilled about being a step-mom to Allie but somehow that’s been resolved and she really loves that little girl.  Okay…way to amp up the angst, Higley.  At least that could have been an actual issue for the couple, but she glossed that over just like she has their entire relationship.

Next we have Nicole/EJ, easily the pairing with the most potential and most interest for me personally.   They have the chemistry, they have some good story to mine, they could be the gray coupling that EJ/Sami would have been in the hands of someone who didn’t have the writing ability of a mentally challenged kindergartner and they’re both probably the best actors we’re getting to see on screen.  Great, make it happen!  But no, Higley decided to make Nicole pregnant and turn her into a weepy wimp and make EJ a doting daddy.  Then, that wasn’t enough so Nicole got to lose the baby.  Alright, this is actually a good thing, Nicole could go back to being the awesome character she was pre hormones, but no, she’s faking her pregnancy to hold on to EJ.  Yeah, that’s what I wanted to see.  The one chick who was consistently independent stooping to baby shopping.  Why oh why couldn’t they have had her lose the baby and let EJ be a part of it?  Let them suffer together and grow closer.  Let them bond but take their anger out on other people or something.  But no, Nicole is hiding it, EJ will be pissed when he finds out, she’ll probably fall for Brady since he’ll help her out and EJ will run back to the real bearer of his fruit, Sami.  This one hurts the most, because the potential for a great romance was there but I’m fairly confident it will be ruined.  We should also keep in mind that these two got together at the same time as Chloe/Lucas and still haven’t even been on a real date.  They tried a couple of times but always got thwarted.  Can nobody on this show have a normal romance?  Right, I’m a moron to even ask.

Now we have some potential pairings to discuss.  Philip/Stephanie for starters.  So far we’re alright here.  He’s hired her to work for him, but he hired Melanie too, which pisses Steph off.  Fine by me, it pisses all of us off.  Philip and Stephanie have had a couple of decent talks up to this point; she’s listened to him about his mom’s illness and he listened to her over her Max break up.  They’ll obviously be in each others orbit quite a bit and hopefully their relationship can progress without a ton of interference from Melanie.  There’s great family history to mine in this pairing, if Higley can remember that there was actually a Days prior to when she came in and wrecked the whole thing.  We’ll see.  I hope this one can go slowly and maybe actually feature some real dates; romantic dinners, walks through the park, etc.  Again, I forget which show I am watching.  They’ll either be married in 3 months or broken up and hating one another.

Chex time!!!  Rather inexplicably, Chelsea and Max seem to be the next couple on the way.  It’s like Higley looked at message boards and said, “Wow, people really hate Stax, maybe I’ll break them up” and people cheered.  Then she thought, “Max needs someone now….so does Chelsea, since I decided to make Nick a psycho killer, let’s put them together!”  The one decent writer on the staff (do we have one?) says to her, “Dena, Chex already hooked up awhile ago, and you know, they’re also uncle/niece just like Stax was.”  And Higley just said, “well I didn’t write them, therefore they didn’t really happen back then, and the uncle/niece thing wasn’t the reason nobody liked Stax.”  And the decent writer shook his/her head and walked off muttering.  Imagining things like this are the way I get through the writing on the show.

Chelsea/Max hooked up very, very briefly when they were both new on the show.  He was this hot race car driver (HAHAHA HOT) and she was this complete bitch (some things never change).  Abby wanted him but Chelsea went after him full barrel and he let her give him head and they made out on the beach.  Yippee.  Then they crashed and burned, I really don’t remember why.  They might have been one of the least memorable couples we’ve had in recent years actually, if you go to message boards and try to ask about their romance, the only thing people can remember is the scene with her going down on him, where it happened is even debatable (I still say the car).  Why Higley can’t wrap her mind around the fact that Max simply doesn’t work in relationships is beyond me.  He’s fine as a secondary comical character but he sucks as a romantic lead.  He’s boring!  Chelsea is a lot of things but boring wasn’t one of them.  Now I just tune their scenes out as well.  I mean, if we’re going to cast cut, why not cut these two who have nothing else to do but be together?

Sami/Rafe will be our last pairing.  I really haven’t a lot to say about them.  I see no chemistry.  I see Sami being a bitch and him being irritated by it, but not in a hot, we need to hook up kind of way.  More in a “why do you act like a 5 year old and how soon can I get the hell away from you?” way.  It doesn’t help that the actor playing Rafe isn’t very good.  I had high hopes for him in the beginning but he’s quickly become a monotonous, pointless character.  Maybe the real life pregnancy is limiting the possible passion between these two, but I don’t think that’s it.  I just have no interest in anything they do.

So that’s the state of romance on Days right now.  The real couples are barely on and these non-couples are taking up all the good story time.  I don’t foresee this getting any better, but I guess I’m in it for the long haul.  I need something to bitch to you guys about right?

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