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Week 14 NFL Picks

I apologize for not doing an NFL Notes this week, my laptop cord did not arrive until Tuesday and by then my mind was occupied with other things.  The old attention span is not what she used to be!  Anyway, I think last week’s Sage Rosenfels Memorial Douchetard Award goes to Drew Brees, for throwing 2 picks in the final 2 minutes of the game instead of leading his team to victory.  I am grateful, of course, cause it benefitted my team, but he still wins!

San Diego over Oakland: Hey, a team that SD can beat.  Maybe.  Errr…well yeah, they should anyway.  How sad have the Chargers become?  LT is having a season long sulk (he’s very emo, that one) and I don’t even hear Phillip River’s name mentioned as a good QB anymore.  I’m not sorry to miss this game.

Chicago over Jacksonville: Here we have another team that is beyond terrible, completely doing the opposite of what everyone thought they would do.  I know that the Jags O-line was decimated but what happened to their defense?  Chicago still has a chance in their division, tho I like Minny and GB more, so I expect them to step it up here.

Minnesota over Detroit: We’re in the home stretch, only 1/4 of the season left to go Detroit.  Don’t let me down!  Minny losing the Williams brothers (not brothers but I like to call them that) could be a big issue but I’m holding to my 0-16 dream.

GB over Houston: Houston has come alive in recent weeks and GB lost a heartbreaker to Carolina, but I don’t expect that trend to continue here.  GB is just the better team, they’re in the playoff hunt, so they’re getting the nod.  Sage, don’t let me down!

Tennessee over Cleveland: I believe I read somewhere that Ken Dorsey was going to be the Browns QB.  Color me stunned that he was still even in the league.  I assumed he went nowhere after SF.  Oh well.  I’m sure he’ll have a lot of fun getting smacked around by Tennessee.  Poor Romeo Crennel, trying to save his job with his 3rd string QB?  Update that resume!

Indy over Cincy: I don’t know what the hell was going on with Indy last week, that scintillating 10-6 game against the Browns, 7 of which came from the defense.  Perhaps Peyton was thinking of his next commercial shoot?  I don’t know.  I imagine he could beat Cincy even if he was filming his commercial during defensive possessions, so this isn’t a hard one.

New Orleans over Atlanta: This one is a tossup.  I figure coming off the loss at Tampa and playing at home, that NO will put together a better game.  Atlanta keeps on winning though, so I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if they take it.  I’m really going with what’s best for the Bucs…Atl needs to be knocked back a game, so that’s my pick.

NY Giants over Philly: McNabb and co came alive last week but is it too little, too late?  The Giants roll on despite players shooting themselves and disposing of guns and media circuses…so I’m going to continue to roll with the champs.  They’ve been nothing but impressive this year, no matter what has happened they’ve continued to smack teams in the mouth.  I really like them.

Denver over KC: I thought I had Denver figured out but then they kicked the crap out of the Jets last week.  Then I realized that I don’t have a damn clue what Denver will do.  They’re so up and down I feel like I’m on a roller coaster.  But they’re playing KC this week, so they should win.  Which, by my math, means they will lose.  Sigh.  I hate Denver for messing with me.

Miami over Buffalo: I don’t know what in the hell has happened to the Bills after their 5-1 start, but they have become a lost team.  Maybe Edwards is still concussed but playing anyway?  I don’t know.  Miami continues to win…they’re not pretty but they’re doing it, so I go with them again here.

NY Jets over SF: Some of the Jet love has died down a bit thanks to the aforementioned Denver loss, and I can’t say I am sorry about that.  When will I be free of the Farve lovefest?  Never…I know.  Leon Washington (SEMINOLE!!!) is a real prize this year and they’re wisely using him all over the place.  Keep that up and they can make some noise, but no, they are not the 2nd best team in the league as some would have you believe.

New England over Seattle: I knew better than to pick the Pats against the Steelers last week.  I don’t know why I did it.  I guess I used heart over head that time.  Instead of talking about this game, I’m going to rant here about the NFL sending the Pats/Bucs games to London next year.  Obviously the league hates me.  This is the ONE GAME that I wanted to go to next year.  Here, in Tampa, I could see BOTH of my teams, I could stalk Tom Brady, I could be overcome with football joy all in the same day!  So what do they do?  Move that game to LONDON.  I am not going to LONDON to see both of my teams play.  This enrages me.  I demand that the NFL ship me over there to see the game I’ve been looking forward to since I first heard about it on the schedule.  Hate.

Arizona over St. Louis: Kind of a no brainer, since the Rams are the most terrible team this side of Detroit.  When will Zona get it together and start knocking off some real teams though?  They seem to beat the teams you expect them to, but no surprises.  I don’t consider Dallas a surprise because they are not as elite as they would like us to believe.

Pittsburgh over Dallas: Yeah this is the kind of game I can see Dallas get smacked around a bit.  That defense is going to go after those WR’s and Romo…should be fun.  Could go either way but I like Pitt’s toughness.

Baltimore over Washington: I’m done with the Skins.  They haven’t been impressive in weeks, even when they win.  Baltimore continues to surprise me, rookie QB or no, they’re playing pretty well.  Not an elite team but definitely an improving one.

Tampa Bay over Carolina: This game could easily go the other way but I like the tenacity the Bucs are playing with.  Doesn’t matter how far behind or how far head they are, they keep on fighting.  It’s impressive to watch.  They’re not exciting but they’re winning.  Carolina, meanwhile, is giving up a lot of points and very inconsistent week to week, so I’m going with the Bucs.

That about does it, I’ll have my regular NFL Notes back this week and we’ll discuss all the big happenings the NFL brings our way.

Last Week:  9-7

Season Record:  121.5-69.5

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