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You all may be aware that I’m none too pleased with Days in recent times.  It took awhile for me to get to the point of nearly complete dissatisfaction, but now it’s here and I find it hard to get back to even enjoying the show at all these days.  Oh I get a few brief shining moments to appreciate, some Nicole snark, Date sex, Chelsea getting shat upon…but for the most part, I just don’t feel at all remotely excited.  Then the November sweeps spoilers came and I reached a whole new level of disgust and disappointment.  This blog will be chock full of spoilers, so if you’re not into them, please stop reading now.  If you are, brace yourselves for a load of crap.

Trent’s Murderer Is Revealed

Yep, the murderer is now known and it’s pretty much the least likely person on the list of suspects.  It’s the person that I instantly threw out because I know the character and it’s just not his style.  Ladies and gentleman, Nick Fallon murdered Trent Robbins.  Why?  I couldn’t say yet.  Apparently Nick is now addicted to pain killers from having been shot, not that we’ve seen that on screen at this point.  I thought, based upon the DUI and him drinking breakfast the other day, that they were making him the latest Horton alcoholic, but no, he’s addicted to pain pills.  I don’t know if that’s what drove him to kill Trent, but we’ll see.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that killer is not some random person we’ve never seen before and it COULD be a good story.  As Tripp pointed out to me, Nick’s family history of mental illness and addiction could be a gold mine and Blake Berris could knock it out of the park.  If I didn’t fear him getting booted from the show, I might actually like this aspect of the spoiler.

The part I 100% do not like is that Nick apparently tells Melanie that he saw her kill Trent and convinces her of her guilt.  He also apparently sends her notes telling her she killed her father and calls her as well.  That, my dears, is not the character of Nick Fallon at all.  When he killed Willow, by accident, he immediately called the police.  When he found out about Ford Decker’s death, he pressured Chelsea and her friends to admit the truth.  The Nick Fallon I know and love would not remotely make an innocent girl take the blame for killing her father.  Drug addiction aside, I just don’t see it and I don’t condone it.  Much hate for this part of the story.


I like this pairing, I really do, even though recently Nicole has turned into a wimpy barnacle attached to EJ’s leg and hanging on desperately.  I understand she feels vulnerable about the baby and Sami, but I like my Nicole devious and snarky, not crying and weak.  Maybe all spunky women EJ gets involved with are ruined?  I don’t know.  Anyway, she apparently gets arrested for Trent’s murder and for some reason thinks EJ might have set her up?  WHAT?  Why would she think that?  Why would EJ do that?  These two don’t have enough drama between them without one thinking the other set them up to be framed for murder?  Also Corday calls them a love/hate relationship which is another WTF to me.  They had real potential but I fear it is being rapidly ruined.

Sami bonds with Rafael

As you already know, Sami witnessed the mayor’s murder and was shot at today.  She’s going to go into protective custody and for some reason outwits her first two guards, knocking one out.  Maybe to go to the doctor the first time, not sure about the second guard.  Anyway, FBI guy Rafael has to guard her stupid ass and they apparently are going to bond, despite her being 6 months pregnant with another man’s baby.  Why does every man in town have to be in love with Sami?  I’m ok with her getting a new guy, Lucas is more than played out and she and EJ are clearly not bringing out the best in each other, I just think the timing of this is ludicrous.  They should have had her NOT be pregnant if they wanted to do this.  Throw in the fact that nobody has noticed that she’s preggers when she’s giant already and it’s just irritating.

Brady Returns

Did anybody miss Brady?  Is there any real purpose for him on the show?  Apparently he’s going to be in a triangle with Lucas and Chloe (what happened to Philip?).  I guess he’ll also be thrust into the John storyline, and Daddy will be mean to him like he was with Belle.  I can’t bring myself to remotely care about that.  New Brady is better looking than old Brady, but there’s no use for him.  We have too many guys as it is.


Yeah, you read that last part right, no, it’s not supposed to be Chelsea.  Apparently Chloe and Daniel will cross paths and they have some kind of secret with each other.  Now I don’t think Daniel’s excited in his pants for Chloe or anything, but it’s yet another random, WTF thing thrown out there by the writers.  Chloe apparently is going to bond with Kate some too, which I find odd.  They say that Daniel is giving Kate the will to live, which I like, but I don’t want him to be with her out of some sense of obligation.  Maybe Daniel senses that Chloe has some secret illness and he’s just prepping for his next sick chick.  I like Date and I look forward to seeing them play out, I don’t think Chloe needs to be remotely involved with it.

Abe is the New Mayor!!!

Apparently Lexie has a hard time dealing with life in the spotlight and worries about Theo.  She’s also kinda jealous of his bond with Chelsea…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  I’m sorry, I find anything to do with the Carver clan to be boring as hell.


We might be Stax free for a little while.  Supposedly Max and Chelsea kind of bond with one another over the Stax breakup and Nick/Melanie or some such thing, while Stephanie gets offered a job at Titan by Philip.  We saw the first step toward this today when she dumped on Philip about Max and Mel.  This one I’m ok with, I prefer Stax to be far apart and Philip/Stephanie could be a gold mine of history if the writers care to revisit the old Victor/Steve runins of the past.  Who am I kidding?

Do you see anything there to be that excited about?  More triangles, more guys thrown in to the mix when we have too few girls, Nick a killer, pregnancy hijinks…I just don’t get it.  Well at least I can come here and bitch about it to my fellow dissatisified friends.  While the spoilers may suck, at least I’m prepared for them.  I couldn’t imagine not knowing what was coming; I really need to be prepared for the suck.  Sigh.

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NFL Picks Week 8

Well on weeks that I don’t watch much football, I apparently pull a 7-7 record.  That is not acceptable.  I’d like to thank Baltimore and Indy for continuing to confound me weekly.  You have earned my wrath, boys, so watch it.  Baltimore is getting my reverse voodoo and Indy may not be far behind.  On to the picks:

Tampa Bay over Dallas: I am so scared making this pick.  On paper, the Bucs should win this game handily.  Dallas is ravaged by injuries and Brad Johnson will be starting at QB.  Dallas just got bitchslapped by the Rams, so the Bucs should be able to replicate that and then some.  I just fear Dallas will get it’s crap together this week and go back to their winning ways.  Sigh.  I’ll go with my heart on this one, but I am not happy with it.

Washington over Detroit: Washington failed to impress me against the Browns last week.  They were not too good on offense but their defense played a decent game.  Still, they’re playing Detroit, captained by the infamous Dan Orlovsky (who really should have been my Douchetard a couple weeks ago when he ran out of the back of his own endzone, but I took pity on him).  Washington should win this one easily, though I said the same thing when they faced the Rams and look where that got me?

Buffalo over Miami: Miami came back to earth last week against Baltimore (thanks guys) and defensive coordinators have had a few weeks to figure out how to stop their high school playbook.  Buffalo continues to look strong, I thought they’d have a come down against San Diego but as usual, the Chargers continue to confound me and they handled them easily.  Buff is the pick here.

New England over St. Louis: Rams, are you finally going to stop overachieving and move back to your destiny of 3-13?  NE finally looked good on Monday night, thanks to a whole lot of turnovers.  More injuries have hit them but they should handle the Rams.

New Orleans over San Diego: Honestly, I have no idea how this game will go.  It’s in London and I don’t get to see it (thanks league rules saying I can’t see a game opposite my Bucs!).  I guess I trust Brees more than I do Rivers right now.  Bush is out, so that might factor in.  The fact is, neither of these teams is doing what they should be doing, they are wasting talented offensive players and underachieving big time.  Pick em, I’ll take the Aint’s.

NY Jets over KC: This is going to be a very boring game I think.  Larry Johnson is on the bench for being a jerk.  Favre hasn’t lit up the AFC East like we were led to believe.  The Chiefs are terrible and yet they continue to employ Herm and Carl.  It might be the best job in the world to work for KC or Detroit, look at how long these guys got to suck?  Lucky they aren’t owned by Al Davis I guess!  Anyway, Favre should be able to take KC at least.

Philly over Atlanta: Matt Ryan has been a revelation thus far, but he has yet to beat a team with a decent defense on the road.  Philly has not lived up to expectations this season either, but I have to believe they know they need to make a move here.  With Dallas stinking, the Skins back to earth and the Giants looking less awesome, they still have a chance to make some moves within the division.

Baltimore over Oakland: I will be picking Baltimore every week, since they insist on doing the opposite of what I say they’re going to do, so their choice will be either to do what I say or drop every game.  Suck on it Ravens.  In reality, they should take this one anyway, Oakland may have gotten their OT win against the Jets last week but the Jets don’t have Balt’s (slightly overrated but still good) defense.

Carolina over Arizona: I nearly picked AZ in this game, but I just don’t trust them on the road, not after that Jets performance a couple weeks ago.  Carolina looked dominant last week against the Saints, so we’ll see if they can ride the momentum this week.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Zona took it though.

Jacksonville over Cleveland: Oh Browns, you are such a sad little team on offense.  Throw in the Winslow drama and that doesn’t make me feel they could pull off the upset in Jax this weekend.  Weighing in on that, by the way, Winslow whining over not getting coddled enough by the team while he was in the hospital is to be expected.  He’s always been a bitchy diva, nothing new there.  I agree that the Browns need to do something about the staph infection stuff, but the GM does not have to call him when the coach and the rest of the team have.  And you don’t take that shit public.  Kellen, you’re an idiot.

Houston over Cincy: Cincy could get their first win this week, but I’m not betting on it.  Palmer’s still out, Ocho Cinco is still MIA, their defense sucks…nope, not this week.

Giants over Pittsburgh: Great game!  Could go either way, yet again.  Pitt is still pretty beat up, so I’m going with the Giants, though if they play the way they did the last couple of weeks they’ll be in trouble.  I get to watch this one, which is fun, I like seeing good matchups.

San Fran over Seattle: Oooh another Suck Bowl!  This is a toss up game as well, not sure which way to go, but it’s at SF so why not pick them?  They’ve actually been somewhat competitive in recent weeks while Seattle has not.  Maybe they could ask Jerry Rice to return and suit up for them for a week?  Very sad ending for Holmgren this year.

Tennessee over Indy: In Manning I no longer trust.  What was that last weekend?  What is going on with Indy?  Injured yes, old possibly?  I don’t get it.  You watch, Peyton will throw for 400 yards now.  Sigh.  I’m going with the team that can play D right now.

I didn’t do a wrap up this week due to my trip, but I do still have a Douchetard of the Week to share with you.  That illustrious award goes to the Vikings punt team, that gave up 2 TD to the Bears in a 1 TD loss.  For snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, the Vikings punt team is our Douchetard of the Week.

Last Week:  7-7

Season Record:  57-44

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