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Dean & Sam Winchester, lookin mighty fine.  From tvguide.com

Dean & Sam Winchester, lookin mighty fine. From tvguide.com

Well, finally our intrepid Winchester boys are talking to one another!  I was really afraid that Dean would show up at the warehouse too late to see what Sam was actually up to, but no, the show started out showing Sam removing the demon from some poor guy’s body and him actually living through it, unlike the chick in the diner a couple of weeks ago.  The camera showed Ruby (who, I’m sorry, I hate, that new actress sucks!) and then panned over to show Dean in the shadows watching with disbelief on his face.  Then he actually stepped out and confronted Sam instead of running back to the room and pretending he didn’t know what was going on, which I actually feared.  Sam and Dean have been keeping far too many things secret from one another and it was nice to see the biggest come out then and there.

I loved Dean’s realization that the new girl was Ruby and them starting to fight and snark at one another again.  Their hate was good, plus it reflected my hate for the character, so it works for me.  Sam sending her off and her leaving obediently was very interesting indeed.  It shows that Sam has the power in that relationship, at least on the surface anyway.  I still believe Ruby is manipulating him for some malevolent purpose, but she fears him too, which is good.

Dean’s confrontation with Sam was good, albeit too brief, but I understand that, we have a whole season to ramp up the angst no doubt.  I take great pleasure in watching Sam and Dean pound on each other, so I enjoyed the punches Dean gave Sam.  Brotherly love!  Dean is justifiably angry with Sam for lying to him; while Sam understandably didn’t want to reveal to his brother something he knew he would disapprove of.  It’s nice to be able to see both sides of their argument and more or less agree with them both.  Sam genuinely thinks that what he’s doing is good but at the same time is something to be ashamed of because he’s different.  Dean was told by an angel that what Sam was doing was wrong and concerned God enough that he had Dean plucked out of hell to rein his brother in.  We have a perfect situation for conflict.

Dean telling Sam that if he didn’t know him, he’d have to hunt him, really struck a cord with Sam.  As did the revelation that Castiel wanted Sam stopped of course.  Dean truly fears that his brother is going to become addicted to the power, as do I, seeing as I saw season 6 of Buffy.  I hope this is handled better than that was!  It was nice to see the boys have a down moment talking about their mother the hunter and YED.  That led to another little slip from Sam, that he knew demon blood flows through his body.  Dean’s anger came back there, at being shut out of his brother’s life.

The mystery of the week was an interesting parallel to what’s going on with Sam.  Some ordinary joe is living a normal life, happy and in love, but underneath he has some kind of monster in his blood.  His demon starts manifesting itself with unending hunger, he eats and craves all kinds of meat, cooked or raw.  Travis, a fellow hunter, calls the boys in and enlightens them that eventually he’ll have to eat a human, and once he does, he’s no longer just a monster on the inside.  You can see from Sam’s face that he immediately feels a kinship for this man, he’s done nothing wrong, he just has something inside him that is no fault of his own.

Sam does research and finds out that maybe you don’t have to kill the guy, you just have to convince him never to give in to the hunger for “longpig” or humans.  Travis isn’t buying that and wants to fry the guy, fire is the only way to kill him.  Dean seems to lean this way as well, until Sam blows up at him as they’re driving to Montgomery’s (the Rugaru) house.  Dean doesn’t think that Sam will be able to kill the man if push comes to shove and he draws the parallel of having something in his blood and Sam relating to him.  Sam yells at him that the reason he didn’t confide in him is because he looks at him and thinks he’s an idiot and a freak who doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong.  Dean asked him if he did any more since he’s on a dark path and asks him to enlighten him.  Sam tells him he is trying to take his curse of demon blood and make something good out of it.  Dean then relents and said let’s just go talk to him.

I’ll take a quick detour here and compliment both Jared and Jensen on their performance in the scene I just described and the first confrontation.  The tension between the brothers is ramped up, even when they’re interacting with Travis.  Jared did a great job showing Sam’s conflict with who he is and what he has inside him, and even some of the fear he probably won’t acknowledge at this point that he might just go out of control.  Jensen showed the anger he feels at being shut out and the frustration he has at not being able to understand or relate to his brother.  By saying he’ll talk to Jack, he’s showing his brother that he does believe in him, even if he doesn’t understand him.  Great job by both, it was nice to see Jared get some meaty material this time out.

I’m not going to go much into Jack Montgomery, because his struggle was just, to me, a display of Sam’s struggle now and down the road when the power gets stronger and the hunger might not be controlled.  That’s why Sam wants so desperately to talk Jack out of giving in to the monster, if he can be saved, maybe Sam can when it all goes down as well.  The boys did talk to Jack and got through to him somewhat, but fear made him tell them to go away.  He comes home later to find Travis has his wife captured and is preparing to burn them both alive.  The demon inside comes to life and he is able to break free and kills and feeds on Travis in front of his wife.  She runs away, and it turns out the reason Travis was going to kill her is because she’s pregnant with his baby, another little Rugaru in waiting.

Sam and Dean hit the house and find Travis dead and realize that they’re going to have to kill Jack Montgomery after all.  Dean is knocked out and locked in a room with Montgomery; Sam outside the door tries to convince Jack not to feed on his brother.  Sam points out that it doesn’t matter what you are, it only matters what you do, like he’s speaking to himself.  Just as it looks like he might feed on Dean, Sam is able to break in and he burns him alive just as Dean is waking up.  He had no choice, of course, but it did show his brother that he is capable of doing what he has to do.

We finish with Dean and Sam in the car and Dean telling Sam he did the right thing.  Dean tries to apologize for how hard he’s been on him, but Sam really doesn’t want to discuss it.  He can’t make Dean understand because he doesn’t have the blood in him; he has to deal with it.  Dean points out that he doesn’t have to deal with it alone and Sam doesn’t respond to that.  Sam tells Dean that he’s done with the powers because it’s like playing with fire.  Dean is relieved and thanks him, but Sam scoffs at that; he’s not doing it for Dean or the angels, he’s doing it of his own volition.  I doubt it’ll last long but the struggle with the demon inside will be interesting to watch.  Very good episode, yet again.

Next week:  Dracula and the mummy and a werewolf!  The scenes are in black and white, not sure if the episode is, but if it is, holy hotness!  The boys look VERRRRRY yummy.  Should be fun!

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