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Daze Of Our Lives

I try to do a Days of Our Lives post weekly, it’s the show I watch 5 days a week after all and there’s generally plenty to say about it.  This week, though, I’m having issues finding something to talk about.  There’s just nothing going on that has me excited, angry, interested, anticipatory…etc.  There are some spoilers coming up that I have a flare of interest in, but force of habit has me imagining that they won’t be interesting when they appear on screen.

The problem is, I am no longer invested in anything happening on this show anymore.  Or, more accurately, the only things I’m invested in are things I 100% do not want to happen, like Chan to reunite or Phelanie to occur.  Those are the only things that get me fired up these days and it saddens me.  Let’s look at what’s happening on Days now and try to figure out what I’m disinterested:

Trent’s Murder

This should be a good story.  We have a number of suspects:  Max, Melanie, Nicole, Nick, Caroline or the always exciting None Of The Above!  I would like to become invested in this storyline, I really like 3 of the characters involved (Melanie, Nicole and Nick), I like Bo and Hope, who are doing the investigating…so what’s the problem?  The problem is, because this is Days, we have 95% odds that None Of The Above is going to be our killer, portrayed by Random Day Player!  Trent has a gambling problem and owes money to the aptly named Claude and probably some other people.  Even though it makes no sense for a bookie to take out the guy who owes him money instead of taking out one of his loved ones to make him pay, you just know Days will go there.

Maybe they’ll surprise me and make it one of the other characters.  Mel killing her father for attempting to pimp her out to pay off her debts would be a good story.  Max killing his father to protect his sister would be a good story.  Nicole offing a man who killed her self esteem and cost her a fortune would be a good story.  The problem is, Melanie is looking like a good possibility through flashbacks, but I know it’s a red herring.  Max wouldn’t let his mother be charged with a crime he committed, so he’s out.  Nicole’s not even being investigated at this point, so she’s either out or the killer and the SPD is too stupid to figure it out.  I rule out both Nick and Caroline because it’s really not in character for either one to knife a guy.  The point is, I’m still paying attention to this storyline but I’m preparing for a letdown.

Babypalooza (tm GhostofMaxine on TWoP)

I think it’s quite apparent to anybody who has read my Days blogs that EJ Wells/DiMera is my favorite character.  He remains my favorite despite crappy writing, whitewashing of his past and turning him into a wishy washy fool.  So, any storyline involving him should still interest me.  He’s tall and brutally hot and has a British accent….I’m in!  But Nicole and Sami both being pregnant with his baby at the same time?  Doesn’t interest me at all.  In fact, I don’t have a heck of a lot to say about it, but I’ll try.  I am glad that the writers made both women pregnant instead of just one.  The playing field is leveled and they can’t resort to the “mother of my child” nonsense they’ve had EJ spout for months.  But, of course, they’re not going to have him choose are they?  They’re either going to have the women choose for him, or continue the triangle from hell until after babies are born.  At one time I really wanted EJami.  At another time I really wanted EJole.  Now I really just want the writers to pick one and go with it.  I don’t care who ends up with whom, I, and just about every other person that I’ve run across what watches Days, just want it over.  It’s truly sad when you can’t invest in a storyline involving your main character.

Kate’s Illness

Surprisingly, I am somewhat interested in this, only because it will be the death knell of Chan.  As I mentioned above, making sure Chan does not happen is the only thing really driving me, and spoilers indicate that Daniel and Kate are not only going to grow closer during her illness, but also hook back up.  The fact that this should end Chelsea/Daniel forever and ever amen pleases me.  Also, Lauren Koslow is doing a really good job and Shawn Christian actually seems invested in scenes for the first time ever, so that makes it more enjoyable.  Kate’s bonding with Philip and Lucas has been well done as well.  The estrangement between her and Chelsea is also a good obstacle; Chelsea wants to be there for her grandmother but she’s mad at her over Daniel.  It could be very compelling if done right.  This is definitely the best of the story lines for me right now, but it’s pretty much for a wrong reason!

Autism & The Mayor

I combine these two because they are the Abe/Lexie stories and they’re pretty entwined anyway.  I’m sorry but Abe and Lexie make me want to curl up and take a nap.  Abe running for mayor came out of the blue and is as unrealistic as anything else on this show.  Apparently we’re about a month from the election, hey, just like the presidential election!, and Abe’s throwing his hat in the ring.  I think you generally need more time than that, but whatever.  It’s not like Abe won’t win in a landslide anyway as everybody in town knows him the the only ones who won’t vote for him might be Stefano and John.  Riveting!!!

Also riveting is the Theo is autistic storyline.  Today he wandered away from his babysitter who was too busy gabbing on the phone to watch him play in his pile of leaves.  I wanted to like the autism storyline, it’s real life and the writer doing it has an autistic child, so it should be great.  But it’s not.  Abe and Lexie squabble now and then and have issues balancing work and Theo.  It’s not exciting or interesting television.  It doesn’t help that Night Shift is doing an autism storyline at the same time and doing it way better.  You actually learn about autism on that show.  It might have helped if this were Bo and Hope or someone I was more interested in than Abe & Lexie, but without better writing it probably wouldn’t have reached me the way NS did anyway.

That’s the four major story lines that I could think of on Days right now.  There’s little romances and chem tests and whatnot but those aren’t huge stories at this point.  I thought about including John and Stefano’s battle for the DiMera Empire, which should have been awesome, but since the battle includes nothing but the occasional argument between the two men, I don’t consider it a story at all.  It’s just filler.  And that’s sad.  I’m sad that really not much is going on with my favorite soap right now.  I hope next week gives me something more compelling to discuss.

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