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Week 6 NFL Picks

I’m coming off an 8-6 week, that started well enough but ended on a sour note with the Sunday and Monday night results.  I’m not overly sorry that the Saints lost, because they’re in the Bucs division.  They should have won but shoulda doesn’t count, now does it?  This week we’re going to try to break out of the 8 and whatever funk we’ve settled in.  On to the picks:

Chicago over Atlanta: Atlanta is either way better than I think they are or they’re overachieving.  The one thing I know is that when Matt Ryan has had to play a real defense, he’s lost.  The Bears have a defense, so we’re playing the percentages.  I can’t believe Kyle Orton is still playing well, but at least the Grossman era can finally be put to rest.

Baltimore over Indy: Alright Ravens, I’m giving you this one chance.  Reader Doug convinced me that I am shortchanging the Ravens, so here we go.  Indy is not impressive and by all rights should be 0-4, were it not for a couple of miracle comebacks and Sage Rosenfels, inaugural Douchetard of the Week.  Baltimore’s D has been impressive, if they can keep Manning from pulling off another big win, I’ll be a believer.

Minnesota over Detroit: Is Detroit my best chance to see 0-16 or is it the Rams?  I do not know, but I know I’m gonna ride the wave of crappy play every week!  Minny pulled out a win in New Orleans that they really shouldn’t have gotten, so hopefully they’ll continue the streak and put away Detroit.  Not that that’s hard, they could beat them with their 3rd string probably, but still, they have to start playing better.  Their division looked like a lock for GB but the last two weeks have shown that maybe it’s not a done deal, heck the Bears might take it.  We’ll see.

New Orleans over Oakland: Same issue as the last pick, NO should have won but didn’t, so this week they’ll take their rage out on Oakland.  Oakland’s new coach will come in to the same results as the one departing.  I like that some things are at least consistent!

Jets over Cincy: Cincy has to get a win somewhere and I thought about giving it to them here, but you know, we have the Favre Factor going in NY.  He won’t lose a game like this one.  Did you hear that yet another Bengal got suspended for 4 games, this time for illegal substances?  The Bengals are another consistent team!  Who said the NFL was wild this year?  Oh, I did.  Never mind.

Tampa Bay over Carolina: This game could go either way.  I loathe the Panthers.  I mean, really and truly hate them more than any other team.  I live for the day that one of Steve Smith’s teammates punch his ass out instead of letting him hit them.  Anyhoo, this one will be a real slugfest.  Garcia is back at QB for the Bucs and he’ll be wanting to prove himself.  I’m going with the home team but I’m scared.

Washington over St. Louis: Washington has had a good time stomping all over my picks week after week, but this week they better not let me down.  Keep the Ofer dream alive, Redskins.  I’ll be in your town next week and I’ll kick some ass if you fail me.  Could a good college team, say Oklahoma, beat the Rams?  I say yes.

Houston over Miami: Miami is on a streak, Houston just had a heartbreaking loss at home.  So why am I going the other way?  Cause I’m thinking maybe the Houston coaches watched some tape of Miami and realized that they’ll be direct snapping to Brown several times and they might actually find a way to stop it.  I’ll probably get this wrong but I have to let one of the winless teams step up and they’re my choice.

Denver over Jacksonville: Another tossup game but this seems to be the kind of game Jax loses.  That or they’ll run for 400 yards and make me look like an ass.  Yes, they will probably do that.  I’ll stick with the pick even though I think I’m wrong.

Dallas over Arizona: This game could be very high scoring.  I would like to pick AZ but Dallas is full of turmoil and TO’s tears so why would they lose this week?  They seem to play best with choas all around them, right?  They’re pissy this week, so they’ll take it out on Zona.  Plus Warner will probably have a couple turnovers to seal the deal.

Philly over San Fran: Donovan is apologizing for their last two losses.  Well Donnie, I don’t accept.  You dicked me over for 2 weeks in a row!  Win now or lose me forever!  Well San Fran isn’t much of a challenge, a good way to get healthy.  Sad that Philly is bringing up the rear in the east, they’re better than that.

Green Bay over Seattle: Seattle is bad.  I mean, terrible bad.  They have more injuries than I have fingers and toes to count them.  Green Bay has suffered a couple of last minute losses in a row, so I look to them to have a big game here.

San Diego over New England: Only because they’re at SD.  San Diego is a huge disappointment this year, but they still have residual Patriot hatred so maybe that will carry them to victory here.  Maybe not, but I’m giving them this chance.  Cassel in that environment might be a recipe for disaster.  We’ll see.

New York Giants over Cleveland: The Giants are looking like they’re headed back to the Super Bowl.  Cleveland is looking like yet another pick in the top 5 of the draft.  I’ll go with what makes sense.  Is it just me or did Eli get hotter since the Super Bowl?  Probably just me, I have a thing for winners.

So, that’s it for this week, goal is to do better than 8 right.  With so many tossups, I’m afraid I won’t achieve it, but we’ll know Sunday night or thereabouts.  See ya for my recap Sunday!

Last Week:  8-6

Season Record:  42-31

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