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I never really thought about shapes before and whether I liked a shape or not.  I mean, they’re just there.  My mom got me into jewelry though so I do have favorites now thanks to my gem obsession.  And I was plenty fond of trillion, or triangle, shape.  But then Days buried me with never-ending love triangles and I’ve decided that now it’s my least favorite shape.  I reserve the right to change that if they throw a pentagon or octagon at me, which they are more than capable of doing.  Let’s look at current and possibly future triangles based upon what we know, what we think we know and what we think we might know, okay?

Triangle #1: You can’t start the triangle list with anyone other than EJamicus.  EJ, Sami and Lucas have been in some form of triangle for over two years now.  First Lumi was together, then EJ came along and Sami was attracted to him (there were outside things happening, like Carrie and Austin, but they are better left forgotten for my sanity and yours), then she was back with Lucas, then we had The Event/Devil’s Bargain, then the vendetta, divorce from Lucas and marriage to EJ, EJ shot, twins born to different fathers, Lucas in prison, Sami and EJ playing house, EJ & Sami finally have sex, Lucas released from prison, lots of yelling, Lucas with Chloe and EJ with Nicole.  That’s a pretty damn long list for 2 years and I skipped some stuff too.  Recently Sami fainted, Lucas took her to the hospital and they found out together that she’s pregnant, presumably with EJ’s baby as she’s not been with Lucas and there better not be a retcon.  Some people think that Lucas being there when Sami finds out she’s pregnant means a Lumi revisit, I personally don’t but to each their own.  They seem to be moving him back into that sphere though and I’m just waiting for Sami to try to claim the kid is his to fool EJ.  The only thing this triangle has served to do is really to destroy all 3 characters, all of whom were dynamic at various times prior to the nonstop back and forth.

Triangle #2 looks like it may be a brief one, but for now I’ll include it.  This would be Phlocas, which sounds like some strange insect but is instead a combination of Philip, Chloe and Lucas.  The writers have done a 180 from their Philip/Morgan pairing and are throwing him back in Chloe’s orbit.  He was always somewhat bothered by Chloe and Lucas getting together but he’s rather abruptly back in love with Chloe.  The whole thing screams of rewrites since they fired the girl that played Morgan.  I’d be okay with it if it didn’t feel so about face to what we’ve been seeing on screen.  Tomorrow Morgan sees Phloe kissing and leaves and Philip just shrugs it off from what I’m led to believe.  Say what you want about the Phorgan pairing but he did have feelings for the girl and it’s sloppy writing.  Just like the Chloe/Lucas pairing was rather sloppily done, so it shouldn’t surprise me.  They’re more or less playing house but Chloe’s not liking it.  I’m glad that they’re showing her dissatisfaction, so it won’t be so abrupt when they break off her and Lucas.  This one could be a compelling triangle if they played out, half brothers in love with the same girl, but I really think it’s going to get an abrupt end and Lucas gets sucked back in Sami’s world so I can’t get too interested in it.

Plus we have Triangle #3 coming, and this is based on my speculation from spoilers.  They’ve recast Brady Black, Chloe’s recent ex husband.  Since I think Lucas will be out, this is likely going to be Broelip triangle, with Chloe torn between her ex Brady and her current Philip.  Complicating matters is the fact that Philip is Brady’s uncle.  This one could actually be interesting but it’s dependent on how good the actor they get to play Brady is.  I didn’t like the original Brady, the only time I found him interesting was when he was hating Marlena (what a surprise!) so hopefully this one will be better.  But he’s a Passions actor so I don’t have a lot of faith.  I’m keeping an open mind.

Triangle #4 comes mostly from ONE SCENE shared yesterday, but the idea is floating out there and I feel I must address it.  Philip, Melanie and Nick.  I don’t understand this one and I’m not going to pretend to support it either.  For some random reason, Melanie wants Victor’s help to show she didn’t kill her father, even though she doesn’t know him.  She mistook Philip for Victor and talked to him about needing help.  Supposedly that was enough to start the shippers out there into wondering if they were going to go there.  Philip is around 30 and Melanie is 17.  I say no, I would not support it.  Plus Melanie and Nick are really cute together.  He’s a bit older too, in the 22-25 range, but they can SORAS her a couple years and we’ll be good there.  I hope this triangle is nothing but a figment of fanbase imagination.

Triangle #5 relates to #4, but this one has Nick at the center between Melanie and his ex-Chelsea.  I’m okay with this triangle, if only for the sake of Nick actually getting some much deserved female attention.  I’m of the opinion though that Chelsea has been such a bitch to Nick over their couple of years on the show that she is undeserving of him and I hope he doesn’t take her back.  There have been tons of hints that Chelsea is very unhappy about Melanie and Nick hooking up and everyone and their brother keeps asking if she has the infamous “feelings” for him.  So it looks like this one has a good chance of taking off and it’s probably the only one I would actively support happening.

Triangle #6 is related to #1 and that’s the Sami/EJ/Nicole triangle.  Both girls are pregnant with his baby, so they’re on pretty even footing when it comes to outside factors determining who should be chosen.  I really don’t want EJ to choose either one because of a baby, I want him to end up with whomever he really wants.  Which is why I’m able to see both sides of the EJami/EJole situation.  And frankly, all the debating and talking about it has done nothing but make me want a resolution.  I don’t care who he ends up with, I just want him with one or the other.  This, like triangle #1, is a triangle that needs to end.  But you know damn well it won’t, we can’t have dual pregnancies without hijinks and baby daddy pulling his hair out in frustration.  Sniping mothers to be under the same roof.  Maybe Stefano will rescue us by kidnapping one or both of them and solving the issue for us.  Whatever works, even writing a paragraph about it tires me.

Triangle #7, see, we have 7 of them people!!!!, is also based upon spoilers of the new FBI Agent coming to town.  Some spoilers have him sharing screen time with Sami but being interested in Nicole.  So I’m not sure what to dub this one, we’ll call it EJ/Fed/Sami and/or Nicole.  This is another Passions actor, so I remain leery.  However, he could come in and end the EJ/Sami/Nicole triangle, so I will then love him for that even if he sucks.  I’ll wait and see who he has chemistry with and go from there as to which gal I want him to go after/end up with.  Both of them are pregnant though and I find it weird to start a new triangle with a pregnant chick, but whatever.  At least it’ll be something different I guess.

That’s all the triangles we have at the moment, or on the horizon.  I’m not including Chelsea/Kate/Daniel because I think that one has been resolved the way I wanted it to go, with Chan dead and Date on the way.  Saying too much on that could make this blog double in length and I don’t think we want that.  The thing I am most concerned about is that there are so few girls to number of guys on the screen.  I don’t know if the cast cutting will include some males from this grouping, but the numbers really don’t add up.  Here’s hoping that most of these triangles resolve before the end of the year.  I would like to be able to see a triangle and not flash to Days of Our Lives.  Stop the madness writers!

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