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Double Peter Equals Double The Fun

Alright, I’m checking in with my first ever Heroes blog.  I’m not gonna bog you down in comic mythology and super hero origins and whatnot.  I don’t know about those things and I am not going to pretend that I do.  All I’m gonna do is talk about the awesome that is Heroes.  A little background:  I started watching Heroes last summer, bought Season 1 on DVD and devoured it in about 4 days.  I had to watch it to prepare for Kristen Bell’s appearance in Season 2.  I’m a huge Veronica Mars fan and I am devoted to Kristen and Jason and several of the others on that show and I vowed to support them.  I fell for Heroes on it’s own merits, though it certainly didn’t hurt that the Petrelli boys are so so pretty.

I didn’t review the premiere but I thought it was pretty awesome.  Sylar is Angela Petrelli’s son, father unknown as of yet.  Is he Peter’s twin?  Is he older?  Younger?  The actors are the same age IRL and it’d be cool if they were twins, what with their similar powers.  Still, awesome.  Also awesome was Mama Petrelli bringing Sylar a chick to murder.  One would not think that I would ever type that sentence, but there it is. hehe And pairing up Sylar and HRG to hunt down the villains?  Genius.  Sheer genius!  How great was it when Sylar whipped out that cop accent?  HRG’s amusement and admiration was great, as was his manipulation to get Sylar to actually come in and help him.  Watching these two together is going to be a delight!

Adding the fun, current Peter was trapped inside Jesse thanks to future Peter zapping him there when Peter tried to confront him for shooting Nathan.  Yes, Future Peter shot his own brother to keep him from spilling their secret.  Seems the Heroes are hunted in the future, which makes sense.  People are afraid of things they can’t understand and people with powers would be among those things one just doesn’t get.  Anyway, Future Peter shows up and pretty much punches Current Peter out of Jesse, which was awesome.  Also Jesse’s power appears to be Super Sonic Sound Waves, which is different.  Do Future & Current Peter have those powers now?  What about Knox’s power of fear?  I think that one is really cool and has great potential.  I’m glad he got away cause I want to see him work his mojo.  Future Peter zapped himself and Current Peter away and time unfroze, forgot to mention that, and Sylar and HRG were able to take on the rest of the villains.  HRG corralled one while Sylar mentally held the other two.  He let his guard down in order to kill Jesse and take the Super Sonic Sound power and Knox scurried away.  I’d love to see Sylar hunt down all the villains solely to get their powers, though he’ll be tough to destroy in the end.  We all know it’s coming down to brother vs. brother, Peter vs. Sylar, at the end right?

On the not as interesting end of the spectrum, we have Claire, having no feelings, admitting to her birth mother that she wants revenge on Sylar for ripping her head open.  That’s a common enough reaction I would think.  Claire wants to learn to fight, which with her power, I guess she’s going to need a gun or a weapon of some kind.  Being invincible and immortal is kind of cool but rather ineffective for ass kicking purposes. She’s run off to god knows where, the paper company I’m guessing.  We’ll see, I like darker Claire, I just don’t necessarily want to see her take on her uncle’s brooding skills.

Parkman is on some kind of spirit quest in Africa.  I saw this on Buffy and was bored with it, and I’m truly bored with it here.  I like Parkman and I want him reunited with Peter and Nathan pronto.  One of the paintings hand him rescuing some girl that looked like Daphne, the speedster, so hopefully he’ll be interacting with society soon.

I’m liking Daphne ok, but the whole her and Hiro as nemesis story was cute at first and now it’s getting grating.  She’s got the formula to take back to her as yet unseen boss (Linderman?  Just a guess, he’s back to life or at least a vision right now).  It sounds like the formula is something Mohinder needs his hands on, or maybe that’s what he has now that he used to turn himself into The Fly.  Mohinder is pretty but very very dim.  Pairing him with Maya, who I want to die, is not the best way to get me to pay attention to him either.  They were not missed this last episode.

Tracy/Nikki/Jessica/Baba/whomever…sigh.  I was happy that Nikki died last year, she was rather useless.  I’m trying to keep an open mind about Tracy but it’s hard.  Her freezing power is pretty cool and she did kill off The Greatest American Hero, so at least she’s not acting all crazy like.  Now it’s sounding like she’s either an identical twin of the schizo Nikki or she’s a clone.  I’m leaning towards clone since the Doc said he created her.  I was glad to see Micah and I hope he gets to appear again, it’s sounding though like he might be out in the cold with Nikki dead.

Going back to Jesse, I was disappointed that Francis Capra didn’t get more screen time, and really disappointed that he didn’t get any interaction with Kristen Bell.  I was looking forward to a Veronica Mars reunion but no dice.  All we got was her sorta seeing him run away after her electrocution causing the cells to open.  It’s a shame, really, KB and FC had great friend chem.  I wouldn’t have minded her having to kill him, it would have been fun.  I also think it would have been interesting to have Peter trapped inside a villain for longer and having to maintain his cover.  That could have been a deep storyline to mine, not sure why they rushed it.

Thus far I’m really liking the season, the Sylar twist is my favorite as is having two Peter’s running around.  It’ll be interesting to see if Nathan goes the power corruption route after all now that he’s back in politics.  Pairing Sylar and HRG was perfect and I can’t wait to see what they do next.  Here’s hoping Parkman and Hiro get reunited with the others soon and we get to see who’s a hero and who’s a villain, more twists ahead I’m sure!

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