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Rather than doing my NFL Notes this week, I thought that since we are a quarter of the way through, we should go back and laugh at my preseason prognostication blog and make revised picks based upon what we’ve seen up to this point.  What better way to start a Monday than by laughing at oneself?  Without further ado, here’s what I said then and what I say now will be in red.

AFC East:

Patriots, Bills, Jets, Dolphins

Hee, obviously picks were based upon Brady’s health, so I’ve got some revising here.  I’m proud to say that I was ON with my Bills love.  I still think the Pats will edge the Jets for second, but it could go either way.

Bills, Patriots, Jets, Dolphins

AFC North:

Browns, Steelers, Bengals, Ravens

Well, I think we can safely say that the Browns have failed to live up to lofty expectations this year and the Ravens appear to be better than I was willing to give them credit for.

Steelers, Ravens, Browns, Bengals

AFC South:

Colts, Jags, Titans, Texans

Just a tad bit off on this selection!  Who’d have thought the Colts would fall so flat?  I worried about Manning’s knee but it’s the rest of the team, especially the defense, that is at issue here.

Titans, Jags, Colts, Texans

AFC West:

Chargers, Broncos, Chiefs, Raiders

I’m not feeling too badly on this one.  The Chargers are not playing that well yet but the Broncos defense is atrocious.  If I’m too make a change, it’ll be at the bottom on this one.  The Chiefs lack of QB disturbs me.

Chargers, Broncos, Raiders, Chiefs

AFC Playoffs:

Patriots, Colts, Chargers, Browns, Steelers & Jaguars

Let’s see, 2 of the 6 feel like good bets to me now.  Chargers and Steelers will likely be there in the end.  As to the rest?  I’ll stick with the Pats, due to easy scheduling, not to QB play and the Jags who are likely to get better.

Bills, Titans, Chargers, Steelers, Jags & Patriots.

NFC East:

Cowboys, Redskins, Giants, Eagles (toughest division to pick right here)

This remains the toughest division and as Sunday showed, these teams know each other well and are very capable of pulling the upset.  I obviously wasn’t high on the Super Bowl Champs which might be the worst of my preseason picks, but we’ll rectify that here.

Cowboys, Giants, Eagles, Redskins (all should have winning records barring injury)

NFC North:

Vikings, Packers, Bears, Lions

Ahhh Minny, I give you my faith in the preseason and you crap the field.  Should have known better than to go with a team without a QB.  Before this last group of games the Pack would be the easy pick to win the division but the Bears seem to be settling down a bit.  For now we’ll go with:

Packers, Bears, Vikings, Lions

NFC South:

Saints, Bucs, Panthers, Falcons

This is another tough division to forecast.  The Saints have the best O but a crappy D, Bucs and Panthers will continue to be enigmas all season long. I think Tampa is better than Carolina, so I’ll put them in the spotlight.  Do me proud boys.

Bucs, Panthers, Saints, Falcons

NFC West:

Seahawks, Cardinals, Rams, 49ers

Ahh the division of suck.  Will the Seahawks get healthy enough to take the division?  Will the Rams win a game?  I do not know.  Would have picked the Cardinals to win before they gave up 56 points to the New York Favres this weekend.

Seahawks, Cardinals, 49ers, Rams (keep that 0-16 alive for me!)

NFC Playoffs:

Cowboys, Saints, Seahawks, Vikings, Redskins and I’ll put my Bucs here, though I wouldn’t be surprised if both wildcard teams came from the NFC East.

Well I don’t feel too badly about these, I’d go with Cowboys, Seahawks, Packers, Bucs, Giants & Eagles.  The NFC East has to produce both wild cards right?


Patriots defeat Cowboys

Clearly I am not sticking with this prediction.  I’m going to assume that the Chargers get their crap together, they have a very talented team.  I’m also going to give the champs their due credit.

Chargers over Giants


Peyton Manning

Not unless he manages to carry that team deep into the postseason and I don’t see it right now.  Maybe I’ll go with little brother.  He doesn’t stand out like Peyton does but he’s just winning baby.

Eli Manning

Offensive Player of the Year:

Adrian Peterson

Eh, I don’t feel too badly about this one at this point.  I can’t think of anyone else lighting it up, maybe Drew Brees, but I’ll stay with AP.

Defensive Player of the Year:

this is tougher….I’ll go with a refreshed Jason Taylor on a new team

Seeing as Jason Taylor has been injured much of the first quarter, I’m thinking no.  I’ll go with Albert Haynesworth in Tennessee, their D is a monster right now.

Offensive Rookie of the Year:

Darren McFadden, Raiders

He’s not getting the playing time I figured on, so right now I’d lean toward Chris Johnson in Tennessee.

Defensive Rookie of the Year:

Sedrick Ellis, Saints

Stumped to think of any rookie on D that’s getting attention right now, so I’ll stick with the initial pick.

So that’s where I am right now.  I may sneak in and make some changes as sanity prevails, but this is what my heart says right now.  Any other football fans out there, feel free to add your picks in my comments section or just make fun of mine.  I’m sure they’ll be laughable by the time the season ends.

See, I got one thing very right.  My picks are downright laughable in retrospect.  I knew preseason prognosticating would bite me in the butt, but looking at these amused me and hopefully will amuse you as well.  I’ll revisit the revisiting halfway in and see if the NFL has righted itself a little or if chaos is still reigning supreme.

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