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Before I fully begin this blog, let me give you a little background to what drove me to write it and warn you of the great potential that it will turn into a full blown rant.  I was on the NBC boards for Days this morning and see a topic that is a letter to to the writers.  It started off well written and outlined a few of the problems that this person had with the show in general, then turned into yet another attempt at pushing the couple this person supports.  It didn’t help that said couple was my much loathed Chan pairing, but it also enraged me on a different level as well.

I’ve commented on this a little before, mainly in a back and forth commentary with the ever awesome Paxton in the Oh Baby! blog, but it was time to expand upon it here.  The writers and producers are not going to get a pass from me, they’re the ones putting the show on air and taking it in the direction we currently see, but they’re not alone in the blame for what we’re seeing.  The fans are a big part of the problem as well.

When did we become so involved in our shows that we felt entitled to have the story go the way we expect it to, particularly when it comes to couples?  I mean, what makes my opinion more valid than the next guys?  I think I’m awesome, but I’m sure there are plenty of people who don’t agree and that’s just fine.   You go to the message boards and you can find support for just about any damn thing, some of it’s real, some of it’s joking or retaliation to something another fanbase wants.  The thing I keep seeing, over and over again, is the threat that if I don’t get MY couple, then I’m not watching!  I’ve put in X amount of time on this couple and I deserve to see them play out!  How dare they derail the perfect love story that is this couple and go with the chemistry free pairing that is that couple???  It goes on and on, but you get my point.

I’m partially guilty of this, not giving myself a free pass here by any means.  I like who I like and if you dick around with them, I’m going to get mad.  However, I have never posted that I am going to quit the show if they don’t go with whatever couple I happen to like.  As long as the story makes sense though, I can generally go along with it.  I’ve loved Bo & Hope since they became a couple, but when Hope was “dead” and Bo moved on with both Carly and Billie, I was able to enjoy those pairings.  When Hope returned, I understood that Bo wasn’t ready to just go back, he’d moved on and I could understand it.  Did I root for them to get back together?  Damn straight I did.  But I didn’t write letters or threaten to quit the show if I didn’t get my way either.  The story as it was written made sense, the conflict felt real and you could understand why Bo wasn’t ready to dump Billie just because Hope was back.  It made for good soap.

Unlike what we have now, where fanbases are dictating storylines.   I focus specifically on the EJami, EJole, Lumi, Phloe, etc grouping.  The spoilers we have, which I’ve already discussed, feel like further catering to angry fans.  And when you cater to all of them you end up telling a crappy story that satisfies nobody.   You can actually picture the writers saying to themselves, “Alright, we gave EJami a happy little family moment last week, so this week we need let EJole have a romantic moment to offset that.”  “Sami got to have sex with EJ, so Lucas should get to have sex with someone….let’s throw him with Chloe!”  And on and on.  Is there one person who is a fan of any of the pairings that is happy with the way they’ve been written?  I can see EJole fans possibly being appeased for now, but that’s only for the moment because there’s more stuff coming that will swing the pendulum yet again.  It’s just tiresome, you know what I mean?

And now I’ll address Chan.  I did not post in the post on NBC, I knew I was not going to be able to do it without getting myself banned from the site altogether.  Which, actually, might be a good thing because I truly am sick of the attitudes of the people who post there.  But one must keep their options open, never know when I’ll have to go there to fight the good fight again (just in case that Chan fanbase does get their way).  I find it extraordinarily insulting that Chelsea/Daniel fans feel that they are entitled to get their pairing because they have invested all of 6 months or so into the couple.  6 months people!  We’re not talking 25 years like Bo & Hope or S&K or even 15-20 years of Jarlena, who I also hate but I can at least understand the emotional investment some have to them.   The way those whiners carry on you’d think that Chelsea and Daniel had been the second coming of Romeo and Juliet (who had a much shorter yet more believable romance as well, by the way).

I outlined all the problems I had with Chan eons ago, so I won’t rehash it all, but it seems to me that Chan fans had to fanwank an entire relationship into happening.  What they see doesn’t at all match with what I saw on the screen.  They yammer about finding one another through their mutual pain.  WTF?  What pain does Chelsea have?  She killed her brother and got forgiven by everyone under the sun.  She lost her parents but found a bigger, happier family that she was wholeheartedly accepted into, even after she killed her brother.  Daniel apparently had a wife die, a wife he barely knew by all accounts, as he met and married her from her damn death bed.  Since then he’s been surfing the world and playing the field.  I don’t see a lot of pain there.  When you have to make up your reasons for liking a couple, how valid are they really?  Throw in the fact that they were in love before their first date (supposedly, he never showed love in my eyes) and the age difference and you lost me and a majority of the audience.  Sorry, but it’s true.  And there’s no changing that, they were fucked up from the start.

When I read these people carrying on about a couple that was barely a blip on the radar that is Days, it just irritates me to no end.  And when these people take valid criticisms of the show and use those to further the agenda of their coupling, it really diminishes what they were saying in the first place.  It’s time for the writers and producers of Days to stop listening to the fans and just tell their damn story.  If it sucks, we’ll stop watching, they’ll lose their jobs and the show will end and that’s fine, what will be will be.  Writing haphazardly and trying to please this fanbase and that fanbase is not helping the show at all.  It will probably drive it into the ground before just telling the stories the right way would.

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