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I’m going to try to write coherently even though 10 hours later I have a lot of residual rage over the most bumbling offensive game I’ve seen in a long time.  I mean, I don’t understand what happened there.  And I’ll be honest, after half time I only flipped back to see if the offense could get its heads out of its ass because they weren’t worth my time otherwise.  I know Wake beat FSU 31-0 a couple of years ago, who could forget really?, but I honestly don’t remember that offense being as terrible as the one we put on the field last night.  7 turnovers, really?  And a bunch of them were just awful, like Ponder & Richardson thought we were in the white jerseys.

The truly galling thing is that defense played awesome football.  They held Wake to 12 points, all field goals, despite 7 turnovers.  They deserved a win and I honestly thought for the longest time they’d get one.  I figured they’d have to do the scoring, but the Noles D can and does score so why not?  Alas, it was not to be.  On their best turnover, Carter picked up a fumble and advanced it to the Wake 30, but we got consecutive penalties that moved us back to the FSU 20.  The hell?  how do you lose 50 yards in a play or two?

I realize that the Nole’s first two opponents were cupcakes, but the fact is we hadn’t handled the cupcakes like cupcakes in about 8 years.  We struggled with them, gave up a lot of points and usually at the half I was worried that we were going to lose to a division 2 or subschool or whatever they call that division these days.  But those two games did something the past 5 years had not done, they gave me hope that FSU was on the right path.  Last night I got sucker punched in the gut by that hope, like being taunted by the football gods for daring to believe.  I still have a sliver of hope left, I think the talent is there but it needs to be coached up.  I didn’t like them benching Ponder for Richardson, musical QB’s has never worked for FSU.  If Ponder earned the starting job, let him stick it out and see if he can bring us back.  It was only 3-0 at that time for crying out loud.  Yes, he was sucking, but Richardson quite obviously didn’t do much better.  I don’t mind bringing him in for option plays but if it’s Ponder’s team, let him run it.

Alright, the Noles stuff is out of my system and I can talk about the other, much more awesome games that I spent my time on.  LSU/Auburn…so awesome!  The big hits and great defense, for awhile, followed by big plays and comebacks and excitement.  Both teams were great, I was very impressed.  LSU came away with the win and they have to be thrilled.  I know they’ve got a new QB this year but they haven’t missed a step.  Auburn was also impressive, they’re opening up their offense (after last weeks 3-2 win, haha) and they have some good pieces in place.

My college boyfriend this year is one Knowshon Moreno of GA.  Did you guys see his first touchdown?  He flew into the air like Superman with the arm extended.  It was incredible looking.  GA looked much better this week than they have the first two, hope they’re finding their stride because their schedule is brutal starting next week.

That opponent that UGA pounded?  Arizona State.  Of the Pac of Nobodies Except USC conference.  Oregon lost to Boise State yesterday as well.  Boise State is awesome, see the BCS game against OK a couple years ago, but COME ON.  UCLA lost again after getting pasted by BYU last week.

Remember when everyone wrote the ACC off week one because Clemson got their butts kicked by Alabama?  Well I said then that it was a little early to do so and this week helped my point.  Miami waxed Texas A&M at home yesterday.  North Carolina State knocked off #15 East Carolina.  GA Tech beat the heck out of Miss State and Boston College beat up on UCF, who had an awesome game just a week ago against ranked USF.  Clemson choking in a big game to start the year was almost a guarantee.  They always choke in big games.  I think the media picked the wrong team to take the conference.  Miami is looking like they’re back.

In the discussion about worst conference, you have to throw the Big Least in with the Pac of Nothing But USC conference.  West Virginia, who for some inexplicable reason was still ranked after East Carolina kicked them up and down the field, lost again.  They were supposed to be the cream of the conference.  The only team there that looks like they’ll take the crown, USF, struggled with Florida International.  WTH?  They’ve not been nearly as impressive as they were last year, Grothe is a senior and I can’t see them reloading and contending after he’s gone.

Don’t worry, Notre Dame, I haven’t forgotten you.  Remember last week when you beat Michigan and people took that as a sign that you were coming back to prominence?  Um no…Michigan just sucks that badly.  Michigan State dominated the game and the only thing that kept ND close for awhile was that they held them to field goals.  Javon Ringer is a beast and he’ll be a heck of an NFL back.  Sorry ND, back to mediocrity for you.

Ohio State, back from, it’s pasting by USC, won unimpressively (new word) over Troy, but props to them for turning the team over to Pryor.  He’s a real talent and it’s worth a loss here or there to get the future of your team experience.  Next year will be a whole new ball game (see Noles, this is how we do it).

The only conference that could give SEC a run for the best conference this year is the Big 12 but most of them have yet to play anybody of substance, so I’m withholding judgment.  OK looks impressive, but we’ll see when the play someone decent.  Ditto Texas.  I really like Missouri, they have the best QB in their conference, but they played a sloppy game yesterday, won by 21 but it didn’t seem like it.  We’ll see…I will wait til they play one another to judge what they have.

So another week goes by and these are the things I learned this week; the SEC is looking good, the Noles are NOT back, the Pac-10 is a bunch of posers and few teams have been tested yet.  Next week we’ll see what’s what.  Until then, if you see FSU’s offense wandering the streets, please point them back to Tallahassee.

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