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This weeks breaking Days news has set the fan bases into a tizzy like I’ve never seen.  That’s not to say that it’s not possible that there have been other things to set fans off, but I haven’t come across anything quite this insane.  I’ve avoided the EJami/Lumi conversations so it’s likely not the worst it’s ever been, but it’s the worst I’ve been exposed to.

First came word that Nicole was going to find out she was pregnant in a couple weeks.  That set the EJami fans into a flurry of tears and histrionics and threats to quit the show once and for all.  Then, yesterday news breaks that Sami is also going to find out that she’s carrying a bundle of joy.  Now EJole fans are pissed, Lumi fans are pissed and in denial and EJami fans are pissed that Nicole gets to be pregnant and rain on the EJami baby situation.

I am definitely on the Days doesn’t need any more babies train.  We have Johnny and Allie, Sami’s twins, and Baby Joe, Steve and Kayla’s bundle of joy.  That doesn’t seem like that many babies but in a town of 20 some people, it’s more than enough.  Plus Ciara and Theo are in that 4/5 range.  The worst thing about soap babies is that they either make parents appear neglectful, because they’re off living lives and have their children nowhere to be seen, or they make the parents boring, because all they’re doing is interacting with their kids, talking about the kids or worrying about their kids.

Sami’s pregnancy was a big part of what ruined her character.  During that time period all she did was cry and carry on and beg Lucas to love her.  She also schemed with EJ to deal with Stefano, but that was the only time she was interesting.  God knows what it’s going to be like the second go round.

The main question, of course, is whether EJ is the father of both babies, as he should be, since neither woman has been seen sleeping with another man, or will paternity of one of the babies be retconned to appease one of the rabid fan bases?  Days provided a hint that they might use this safety net yesterday when they had Nicole and Dan have an intimate little talk at the bar during which he mentioned that they were well beyond talking about the weather.  It was a weird comment considering the only scene they ever shared was when Dan first came on the scene and thought she was “hot” at Victor’s party.

Sami’s babies paternity could also be retconned to being Lucas’, I suppose, but that would piss me off even more than Dan would as Nicole’s because Lucas has been pissed at Sami since he got out of prison.  You can tell me certain things happened off screen and I’ll believe them, albeit reluctantly, but don’t tell me something happened that directly contradicts everything we’ve viewed for months on end.  That just pisses me off.

Here’s what I see happening.  Nicole finds out she’s pregnant first, this is fact, and prepares to tell EJ over their dinner date.  Sami finds out she is pregnant as well, probably the same day of the dinner date.  Just as Nicole gets ready to tell EJ that she’s having his baby, Sami will come screeching into the restaurant and scream at him that he got her pregnant.  I’d like to believe that she won’t be screaming, but let’s face it, that’s what Sami does these days so I imagine that’s how it’ll play out.  Nicole will be upset by this news, seeing that EJ will be forever tied to Sami, now even doubly so, and she won’t tell him she’s pregnant after all. That’ll come out later down the road I imagine.

What I fear is that Higley will decide to write dueling pregnancy hijinks, having both pregnant Sami and pregnant Nicole living in DiMansion and fighting and driving everyone insane.  The only saving grace for this will be Stefano’s reaction.  I’d actually like to see Sami & Stefano team up in an attempt to get Nicole out of the house, bringing Sami back to her fighting, gray roots.  I want real Sami to come back.

Another question would be, will both pregnancies make it to term?  I imagine Sami’s will be carried to term, since Ali Sweeney is pregnant in real life and the point of writing her pregnancy in is that they don’t have to hide it.  Nicole is supposed to have fertility issues, so her even being pregnant is a bit of stretch, though on soaps fertility issues just mean you’ll have only one baby, not none.  Throw in the fact that Nicole drinks like a fish and that doesn’t bode well for the little fetus.  I believe Days has already done a fetal alcohol syndrome baby story line when Zach/JT were born, so I hope we’re not going to repeat that.  After this “groundbreaking” autism story, I don’t think we could handle another PSA.

I initially wrote this in an attempt to figure out how I felt about the situations, but I am still in a weird place with it.  I have my days of liking EJole, I have my days of liking EJami.  Making one pregnant would of course make EJ lean toward the pregnant woman, so having both pregnant will level the playing field I guess.  I don’t want EJ to choose his woman based on her having a baby, so I’m kinda glad they’ll both be knocked up.  But, of course, I don’t want more soap babies.  Such issues!

I also don’t want Nicole to change and I always fear a baby will bring on a major personality change, as we saw with Sami.  Nicole has already softened, which isn’t a bad thing, but she’s not as independent as she was prior to falling for EJ.  I enjoyed her attitude toward men and sex and that’s changed since the elevator situation.  Today EJ and Nicole had a very romantic, cute discussion about going on a date, and I fear that will all go out the window once the baby bellies start hitting the screen.

I honestly don’t have a preference which female EJ ends up with, so long as she’s written well (which is of course the problem with Higley).  The dual pregnancies could be a really good story in the right hands.  Nicole struggling with becoming a mother when she’s never wanted a kid, EJ torn between two women who both actually want him (if Sami is written as wanting him of course) and Sami dealing with not being first in EJ’s eyes anymore and having to fight for her man.  Let’s face it, that’s when Sami was the most rootable, when she was not the Belle of the Ball.  Her two years with Ej and Lucas panting after her have done her no favors, so a return to being the odd one out could do a lot to bring her back.

I just ask that if we’re going to be saddled with a couple more soap babies, that the story be well written and engaging.  I know that is probably too much to ask, but it really is doable.  The actors can all bring it when they want to, so give them something worth bringing to our screens.  I’m going to hold on to hope, although that’s hard to do these days.  It’s going to be an interesting 6-9 months (however far along we are in these pregnancies, Salem time runs in an alternate universe), at least I hope so.

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NFL Picks Week 3

After a much improved mark of 8-7 last week, and my much improved I mean I missed one less game, probably because one less was played, I’m back and determined to be better than ever.  I’d just like to point out that if the games only went 3 quarters last week, I would have been golden!  But no, Minnesota couldn’t hang on for another quarter.  Nor could the Eagles.  Nor could Seattle.  It’ll be remembered, let me tell you!  On to the picks:

Atlanta over Kansas City: I think the Chiefs might be the worst team in the league.  Do they play the Rams?  That would be the true measurement of which is the worst.  Keeping the hopes for 0-16 alive.  Matt Ryan will be thrilled to play against another crappy defense, he had to face a real one last week and had some issues.  Fortunately for him, few teams are actually playing decent defense this year, so Atlanta should be much improved.

Buffalo over Oakland: Yes my AFC dark horse is moving right along.  I knew I should have picked them over Jacksonville last week but I didn’t think the Jags could actually pull 0-2 to start the season.  Trent Edwards is looking pretty good this year and I think Buff could take 1st or 2nd in the AFC East.

Tampa Bay over Chicago: I am still a nonbeliever when it comes to Kyle Orton.  I look to the Bucs to shut down Forte and the running game and make Orton attempt to beat them.  Griese gets to go against his old team and last week Dunn did and we won, so we’ll go with that formula again.  I expect Graham to have a big day.

Tennessee over Houston: I still don’t know much about Houston, who got blown out by Pitt in the first week and were off last week due to Ike.  Tenn keeps winning and their defense is playing good ball, so they’re the pick here.

Carolina over Minnesota: Minnesota has crossed me two weeks in a row.  Now they’re changing their QB, but they’re changing to Gus Frerotte and I don’t know just how I feel about that.  Carolina has also pulled a win out of their ass two weeks in a row so I’ll bet on them to do the same again, because I hate them so they like to piss me off.

New England over Miami: The Matt Cassel era got off to a solid if unimpressive start against King Brett and the boys, so I look for him to maintain the production against a much lesser team.  It’s amazing how much better NE defense is playing right now, it’s like they took last year off cause the team could outscore everybody but this year the defense will be what will carry them to the playoffs.  Miami, as always, continues to suck.

NY Giants over Cincy: I’ve learned my lesson, I’m not doubting the Giants and I’m not ever picking Cincy (unless they’re playing the Rams or KC, then I’ll consider it).  The Marvin Lewis firing watch is underway.

Arizona over Washington: Wash righted the ship last weekend against the Saints (and thanks for that by the way, that was another I lost in the last quarter but I hate the Saints so it’s all good) but Arizona is looking really good on offense.  Obviously going with Warner was the thing to do, Boldin’s been a beast so far this year and Edgerrin James has actually been sighted on the field.  Arizona is the pick here, though it could easily go the other way.

San Francisco over Detroit: I don’t know what to say about this except that it should be a high scoring game judging by the two defenses we’ve seen and the Marinelli and Nolan firing watches are also officially underway.  SF gets picked since they managed to beat Seattle last week, even though I apparently could have played receiver for Seattle they’re so thin.

Denver over New Orleans: Speaking of high scoring games, what would the over/under on this one be?  70?  80?  Defense will not be the name of the game here.  I’m giving Denver the nod since they’re at home but I could easily see the Saints take it as well.  Rooting interest is with Denver, so that’s what I’m going with.

Philly over Pittsburgh: Philly was impressive on Monday night, a fumbled hand-off away from beating Dallas in Dallas.  Pittsburgh was ok in Cleveland, weather conditions were terrible and Ben’s got a sore shoulder, so I wasn’t blown away by them.  Philly takes it in the battle of PA.

Indy over Jacksonville: Why?  Because Manning bit me in the ass last week.  I think he may be officially back.  Jax has not been impressive at all this year.  Usually they play Indy tough but I think Manning and the receivers are through the kinks from not having him around all summer, so they’re my pick.

Cleveland over Baltimore: If Cleveland is ever going to live up to their expectation, they have to take a win here.  Rookie QB going against a pretty bad defense, so we’ll see what happens.  Anderson and Edwards have to get their shit together and hopefully this is the week that they do it.  I still hate Balt for giving Miami it’s lone win last year, so they shall be rewarded with losing this game.  I declare it!

Dallas over Green Bay: This should be a fun game.  More high scoring!  This weekend should be a lot of fun.  Anyway, Dallas looks like the best team in the league right now, at least on offense.  So I’m picking them even though Aaron Rodgers has been more than capable in taking over the Packers.  Should be a good one.

San Diego over NY Jets: Alright, SD got jobbed last week with that early whistle.  We all know it.  Of course, I’m sure most every team has been hurt by that whistle since the rule came down.  That being said, they have to be really angry going into this week.  They should be 2-0 but they’re 0-2 instead.  If they’re going to get in the playoffs, it starts here.

Hopefully this week is better than last, I’m gonna try to improve a game at a time.  Let me know what you think about my picks and share some of your own.

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