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NFL Notes, Week 2

Another week and more chaos!  Firstly, there was a WHOLE LOTTA scoring today.  There were also some weird plays and some ballsy plays and everything that just makes the NFL awesome.  On to the thoughts:

  • Okay, maybe I was a little hard on the Skins last weekend.  I admit it.  They angered me.  My first upset pick of the year and they look terrible against the Giants.  Today somewhat redeemed them in my eyes.  The U players looked good today and they knocked off the Saints, who should be 0-2 were Tampa not terrible in the 3rd quarter and the refs not blind, but that’s another complaint altogether.
  • The Colts, man they want to torment me this year don’t they?  They were getting dominated by Minny today but all of a sudden they came alive and snatch victory at the end.  Manning was still not Manning-like yet, but he’s shaking off the rust, which is good.
  • Minnesota, you’re 0-2.  A quarterback might have been a good thing to go after in the offseason.  And you knew you weren’t getting Favre, so you shoulda done something else.  5 field goals is all you can manage?  When AD goes over 100 again?  Not cool.
  • Does anybody have a defense anymore?  48-25, 41-13, 29-24, 33-30, 31-10, 39-38.  I guess it’s more fun than 3-2 (Hi Auburn and Miss State!) but wow!  That’s a heck of a lot of scoring.
  • Let’s focus on that 39-38 by the way.  Denver over San Diego.  Bad call on the non-fumble, due to the whistle, but how cool.  Denver is down by 1 and goes for 2 and the win.  That’s pretty awesome.  Tampa did that once against the Skins and it was equally awesome.
  • Another week, another come from behind win for the Panthers.  I really dislike them, but give them credit, they don’t quit.
  • Week 1 without Brady worked out for the Patriots alright.  They were helped along by another terrible Favre pick, but that’s all you can ask for.  The defense is stepping up and the offense is doing what it needs to.  I think the Pats are still a playoff team, I won’t doom and gloom the season away because there’s no need.  They’ll be alright.
  • Despite my having to eat my words on the Skins and Indy from week 1, I am ready to declare a few teams done.  St. Louis, Miami, Detroit and Kansas City, thanks for playing and goodbye.  Cincy and Oakland are eying this illustrious position as well but I’ll give them a couple more weeks yet.  Oakland did manage to win after all today, but since they were playing the declared dead Chiefs, that doesn’t much count.
  • I officially rescind my pick of Minnesota to win the NFC North.  Welcome to the league, Aaron Rodgers, you’re putting on quite a show so far.  GB is looking good.
  • Also, welcome to the league Matt Ryan.  They can’t all be Detroit!  Ryan looked like a rookie QB today.  He got sacked 4 times, threw 2 interceptions and abandoned the pocket too quickly in my estimation. And really the Bucs were not getting that much pressure.  I’ll take it though.
  • The Atlanta/TB game produced the most boneheaded play, followed by the most confusing call I’ve ever seen in my life.  Sabby Piscatelli recovered a fumble at midfield or so for the Bucs and for some odd reason, decided to pass the ball to one of his teammates, who of course was not ready for the ball and missed it and Atlanta recovered.  Review of the play showed that Piscatelli threw the ball forward, which should be an illegal forward pass.   So, I would assume it would be Bucs ball and a penalty for the forward pass.  Meanwhile, Albert Mack took the opportunity to level the QB  and was called for a 15 yard roughing penalty.  This was after the turnover.  But, for some reason that I still don’t get, the refs first called offsetting penalties, replay 3rd down.  Then Atlanta’s coach argued with them, because yes, both penalties were on Tampa.  So then they said it was Atlanta’s ball, first down.  Gruden did not argue this, so maybe there’s some obscure rule out there that the illegal forward pass nullifies the turnover or something, but damned if I get it.  Hopefully somebody will explain.  And I hope somebody smacks Sabby for being an idiot.  That was just stupid and nearly turned around the game.
  • Seattle 30, SF 33.  Wow…the harder they fall.  Seattle is not looking good at all.  I know they have no receivers, but they’re supposed to have a defense aren’t they?  Fortunately they’re in a crap division, although Arizona is 2-0 and scoring quite a bit (I still want Boldin in Tampa).
  • Buffalo managed to squeak by the Jags, who played better this week than last but still came up short.  Gerrard has already tied his interception total from last year in 2 games.  Heavy is the head that wears the crown, no?  The Jags need to play better if they want to make any noise in the playoffs.
  • That blown dead by the whistle stuff needs to go away.  That rule is just stupid.  Every team has gotten bit by it and SD did this time, and it stinks.
  • The Giants looked like Champs again today.  Of course they were playing the Rams, so this is not necessarily a good measuring stick, but still, you put away the teams you should and they did.  The NFC East is going to be a fascinating division again this year.  Anyone could win it.
  • I am thinking about making the Steelers my team to beat in the AFC but they’ll have to do more than they did last night to fully earn that lofty position.  The weather was bad, so I can’t hold that against them, but that was a boring game.  Big Ben’s sore shoulder needs to maintain all season, so we’ll see.
  • The Browns…what to say?  I know they have a tough schedule but their QB is off, their receivers are dropping passes left and right and their defense isn’t much to talk about.  I think they’re taking a step back this year.  We’ll see.

Well that wraps up the early games.  I’m 8-6, so skimming above .500 so we’ll see what happens.  Thanks to the Texans/Ravens game being postponed, I can’t pull .500 this week.  It was another great day in the NFL, can’t wait to see what next week holds!

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Ok, I requested this in another blog but none of you people stood up, so I’m putting it here, the one you hit when you search out Pete Carroll’s girlfriend or affair or co-ed or whatever.  WHO are you people that are searching this out and why is this topic so fascinating that I get up to 10 hits a day on this subject?  Please, enlighten me as to what is so interesting about this?  I have a new blog on the subject, see here:  Pete blog Since I’ve gotten over 700 hits on the subject today I decided to address it.  Stop in, read and converse.

I dedicate this post to Brandi, who I have no doubt will be thrilled to see Pete Carroll’s name in print.  The man really does not get enough coverage to satisfy either one of us.  Yes, I’m finally doing a college football post.  I had to wait til we were a few games in to the season before I started commenting.  So, some thoughts on this weeks games:

  • 35-3.  Teams of Ohio State’s caliber are allowed to lose.  It happens to most teams after all.  But to lose by that score?  After being embarrassed in the last two championship games?  Unacceptable.  They got beat down on national TV again.  There’s no recovery for the Buckeyes this year, no way are pollsters going to let them get back in the championship game after a loss like that.
  • I understand Tressel’s thinking about not using Pryor a lot in that game.  He’s a freshman, why crush his spirit?  But I think once it was clear they weren’t going to win, you know, after the first quarter, why not let the kid run the team and see what he can do?  He couldn’t have been worse than Boeckman.
  • And yes, I know the Buckeyes were Beanieless last night.  He might have made a difference, like say, one more touchdown or one less for USC, but not that much of a difference.  What was amazing is yeah, I get the offense sucking, but the defense?  Really?  That’s supposed to be the strength of the team.
  • 3-2.  Nope, I’m not talking about the baseball season winding down, I’m giving you the Auburn/Miss State score.  I wasn’t watching the whole game so I can’t tell you if the defenses were just that good or the offenses just that bad, but during the time I was watching Auburn fumbled twice and Miss State threw an interception.  This happened in about 2 minutes time.  Hilarious.  3-2.  Ha!  Auburn might wanna work on that offense a bit if they’re hoping to make any noise in the SEC this year.
  • Speaking of the SEC, what a classic battle in the UGA vs. SC game.  Er…ok, not so much.  GA certainly did not look like the #2 team in the country.  They only won due to two late turnovers by SC as they were about to score.  Are you having fun yet Spurrier?
  • Despite the Spurrier factor, I am kind of in love with the Gamecocks.  First, their nickname is the Cocks.  It really can’t get any better than that.  Second, their QB has the last name Smelley.  I mean, does it get any better than that?   Yes, it does, because their kicker is named Succup.  Like Suck Up.  They have a team with Smelley and Succup.  I really love that, it brings no end to my joy.
  • Purdue/Oregon was a wild one wasn’t it?  Purdue was up big and then let Oregon come back thanks to a kick return.  Oregon wins in double overtime.  Poor Purdue, they really don’t know how to end games.
  • Maryland managed to obliterate Cal yesterday.  The final score was only 8 points different but Cal got some garbage time touchdowns.
  • What does this stuff say about the conferences?  That maybe it’s too early to judge them after week 1?  I laughed when the ACC was written off after Clemson’s loss in week 1.  Really?  Week 1?  Like, maybe you guys just got it wrong and picked the wrong team to crown before the season even started.  How could that be?
  • Yesterday the Pac 10 had a blowout win, a dominated loss and a squeaky win to speak for it in big games.  I say that conference is USC and a bunch of also rans.  You can’t judge a conference based on one week.  That’s all I’m saying.
  • Speaking of the ACC, I can finally talk about my Noles cause I got to see them play yesterday.  I came away feeling something I haven’t felt in recent years when it comes to my team.  I felt hope.  Oh yeah, they were playing AA competition and should have dominated the way they did.  I get that and I’m not getting too excited yet.  But you see, in recent years, even against sub-par competition they struggled.  They didn’t blow them out, generally they played even in the first half and then pulled away in the second.  This time, straight up domination two weeks in a row.  It’s too early to declare them back, but I feel like they might be in a year, two at most.
  • The Nole WR’s are just pretty to watch.  Tall!  Fast!  One has flowing dreds!  Carr is 6’6″.  Surrency, I may be spelling that wrong, is 6’5″.  Ponder has some nice targets.  I like him a lot.  Looks confident back there, makes his reads, can throw a pretty long ball.  His clock management could use some work but he’s young and he’ll learn that quickly enough.
  • The Nole defense was pretty good, got decent pressure on the QB.  The secondary worries me a little bit, got burned on a long TD throw and dropped several possible INT’s.  Still, we’ll see.
  • Best game of the weekend was probably that Friday night game of Kansas/USF.  Kansas was up big and then USF just kept getting the ball and scoring.   Grothe is a nice passer, look forward to seeing him in the NFL one day.  Kansas has a great offense but their defense leaves a lot to be desired.

Well those are some thoughts from the gridiron this weekend.  Right now USC looks to be the team to beat in the championship race, but teams like Oklahoma and Missouri have been rather impressive.  We’ll see how it plays out.  I’ll be back with more college talk soon!

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