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NFL Notes For Week 1

  • Upon further review, I might have written off the Giants as one hit wonders a bit too early.  They dominated the Skins and Justin Tuck looked like he could take up the Osi and Strahan holes pretty well.
  • The Skins?  I thought they might be a playoff team before this week.  Now I think they’ll bring up the rear in the East.  Their coach was completely outclassed and he needs to get his stuff together or they’ll be lucky to pull 7-9.
  • Man, when I heard Brady went down today my Super Bowl pick of the Cowboys vs. the Pats seemed doomed.  I’ll wait and see what the MRI shows tomorrow, but the Pats are in big trouble if he’s gone.
  • I think the Patriots are the NFL’s version of the Yankees of the 90’s.  You either love them or you hate them.  Either way, their being competitive is good for the league in my book.
  • The other half of my Super Bowl pick, the Cowboys, are looking like a good bet at any rate.  They dominated the Browns and made it look effortless.  Part of this was due to the Brown’s terrible defense, but they were like this last year as well. Very smooth, well oiled machine on offense.
  • Speaking of the Browns, while they have the offensive talent, they aren’t performing up to their capabilities.  Braylon Edwards had a lot of drops today, he needs to get it together because with that defense they have to rely on the offense in shoot outs.
  • My bet for the first coach to get fired or quit?  Marvin Lewis in Cincy.  His authority has been undermined on players this season (Chris Henry anyone?) and his team just plain stinks.
  • Alright, I’ll admit it.  I like Ocho Cinco.  I think he’s funny.  I don’t know if I should be ashamed of this or not, but there you have it.
  • Were you aware that Brett Favre was the QB of the Jets?  They won against Miami, so I’m not quite ready to anoint them the team of the year, but Favre was Favre, throwing the ball like a madman.  Cotchery seems to be his Donald Driver/Antonio Freeman.  They’re fun to watch.
  • Back to the Pats, Mort (my go to guy in NFL news) thinks that Brady is done for the year.  This is a disaster, for the Patriots and I think it hurts the league too.  I like to see the best playing and we certainly won’t be seeing that now.
  • So, the league has a new ref that got his first start in the Bucs/Saints game.  His crew blew several holding calls that would have turned the tide of the game.  Next time, give the new refs to whomever Oakland or SF are playing, ok?  Nobody will notice if they dick up.
  • Jeff Garcia and Joey Galloway looked terribly rusty for Tampa.  So much for not playing in the preseason.  Thanks boys.
  • Today we saw the Reggie Bush we were supposed to see for the past couple of years.  He was helped by some non-called holding plays, but he was running impressively just the same.
  • The Bucs defense continues to confound.  Play great for 3 quarters and then get gashed in the 4th.  Part of that is the offense’s fault, part of it is terrible tackling.
  • Atlanta?  What the hell?  Are the Lions that bad or are Turner and Ryan that good?  Next week they play Tampa so I’ll see first hand, but color me shocked at that score.
  • You know, I said Buffalo was the #2 team in their division and I felt they might contend for a playoff berth, but then I pick against them in week one.  Teaches me to go against my initial gut.  Nice showing against Seattle.  No turnovers and only one penalty for the game.
  • The state of Pennsylvania had a good day.  Both the Steelers and the Eagles put up 38 and kicked the crap out of their opponents.  I predicted both of them for the playoffs and that’s one prediction I feel good about.
  • Not a good week for quarterbacks. Brady out. Young out. Croyle out.
  • Other possible contender for first coach fired is Mike Nolan in SF.  They have 3 quarterbacks that don’t equal one.  Nice.  I’d bet the house on Linehan being the first one fired.  The Rams didn’t even bother to show up against Philly.
  • San Diego?  You’ll be the AFC team that again looks good on paper but again falls short.  Nice last second loss to Carolina.  Maybe you should have held on to Michael Turner, he was busy getting over 200 yards today.
  • Every team in the NFC South is 1-0 while Tampa is 0-1.  Uncool.
  • I’ve yet to see highlights, or lowlights, of the Jags/Tenn game but that has to be a letdown for Jacksonville.  Young leaves the game and they still end up losing.  0-3 for the state of Florida today.  We’re the anti-Pennsylvania.
  • Titans had 7 sacks vs. the Gerrard and got 2 picks and a fumble recovery.  Yeah, that’ll do it to you every time.  That Titans D might be for real.  The AFC South is going to be a battle I think.
  • I think Manning looked off last night.  His throws were somewhat wobbly and his movements were stiff.  Hopefully this is due to lack of preseason rather than his injury.  The league without Brady and Manning at their best just isn’t fun to me.
  • The Bears may have found a running back.  Forte was impressive last night.  If they had an actual QB instead of just a guy to fill the space, I might find them a threat.

That’s it for the early games, if there’s anything earth shattering on Sunday or Monday night I’ll be back with some commentary, if not, I’ll hit you later in the week with more thoughts.  Week 1 in the NFL.  Wild as always.  It’s gonna be an interesting year!

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