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These Are The Days?

I’ve been racking my mind trying to think about what I could possibly say about Days this week.  There are things brewing that could be good but I don’t have any faith that they will be.  The current stories are good in concept but poor in execution.  So I guess that’s what I’ll talk about, what is and what could be.

What could be good?  The DiMera battle for DiEmpire.  Why?  Because it involves Stefano, Tony and EJ.  I guess we can include John but I don’t really have interest in him.  On the periphery it will also include Anna, Sami and Marlena.  There’s really nothing like a battle for power within a family.  On soaps, it can be awesome.  How many times have we watched the Quartermain’s back stab one another on GH in an attempt to take over ELQ?  It’s always been good soap!  But here…what are we going to have?  I honestly don’t know.  What should be happening is EJ and Tony should appear to be going along with Stefano’s plan to oust John from power.  This should not be difficult since John only got power due to Steffy being in a coma, but for some reason Days is pretending this is an issue, so I will pretend as well.  Anyway, act like the good sons in front of Steffy and plot behind his back.  Get control back with the DiMera family and then wrest control from Dad.

Simple right?  What we’ve gotten so far, and I’ll admit it is early, is Tony acting completely out of character.  He’s the driving force for trying to take over DiEmpire and that doesn’t go with the Tony we’ve seen renouncing the DiMera name and having no interest in DiMoney.  Fine, I can buy he’s changed his tune because he doesn’t want John in control, but it’s rather random.  I wouldn’t be remotely surprised to find out we’re seeing Andre instead of Tony though.  I hope not, but he’s acting more Andre-like than Tony-like these days.

Meanwhile, my beloved EJ is also renouncing his father and claiming he’ll fight for his birthright.  I understand, he wants it for himself and for Johnny but he’s being very passive about the whole thing.  He’s letting Tony guide him and playing it all very blase’.  I don’t get it, it’s not fitting with the EJ we’ve known for a couple of years now.  I am hopeful that he’s putting on appearances for both his father and Tony but I’m not sure. This could and should be my favorite story but right now there’s a lot of talking and no action.  I hope they’re going to DO something soon.

What else could have been good?  The destruction of Chelsea and Dan.  You saw Tripp’s and my blogs gleefully waiting for the end of Chan and our deflation over how it was handled on screen.  Again, the story was there, it just lacked in execution.  Chelsea finding out about Kate and Dan should have been an explosive storyline.  She should have walked in on them having hot sex or at least kissing and lost her damn mind!  But what did we get?  A small confrontation followed by a meeting in the pub to discuss things and a quiet dismissal by Chelsea.  Look, I’m glad she’s not acting as if her heart is broken, she shouldn’t be.  Her relationship with Dan was a sham and I’d like her to realize it, but there should have been at least some anger and tears and accusations.  This is a soap, not a board meeting!

We also have the autism storyline sloooooowly plodding along.  And when I say slow, I mean sloooooooooowwww.  It’s a snooze and a half really.  I’m not sure how you’d jazz it up, it’s a good idea but it doesn’t making for riveting watching.  First, you have Abe & Lexie, who I’m sorry, are one of the most boring couples in daytime.  I’m not invested in them or their relationship, I’ve seen her cheat one too many times and maybe because Abe is your stereotypical “good” guy, he’s just not interesting.  I don’t feel this story should have gone to Bo & Hope, they have far too many issues they’ve come through recently to have to deal with this, but I imagine I would have been more invested had it been them.  Lexie only interests me when she’s being DiMera-like, so watching her cry and be stressed turns me off.  I want to like it, but I’m not.  It doesn’t help that Night Shift is doing an autism storyline at the same time and doing it better.  They have a single young father struggling to accept his sons diagnosis, a pretty doctor who’s becoming involved with both father and son and a support group where you actually learn about autism.  The acting isn’t on par with what we have on Days but the story is better.  Sad since Higley experienced autism first hand.

What else?  The custody battle for Allie between Lucas and Sami could have been interesting if we could have seen it.  But no, today a judge sends word through EJ that they have to share custody.  How cool could a trial have been?  Half the town could have been called to testify against both mother and father.  Murders, attempted murders, rapes, blackmail, all of it could have been rehashed!  But no, we just get word of joint custody and a halfhearted confrontation between Lucas and Sami.  Honestly it feels like the air has been let out of everyone in the cast, save perhaps Nicole.

John/Marlena are reversing roles; he wants her now while she doesn’t want him.  Sorry, don’t care.  We all know “twu wuv” will prevail so no reason to get remotely interested in that storyline.  Trent/Nicole/Melanie/Max could be interesting but we already know Roscoe Borne will be gone soon, so nothing to invest in there either.  I liked the idea of Philip and Morgan but Kristen Renton has been let go, so no point in caring there either.  I am looking forward to Melanie/Nick but with cast cutting occurring, I worry that Melanie will get dumped and it’ll go nowhere.

I just wish that the writers would get something right for once.  The ideas are there but they’re not playing them out to their potential.  I hope that things straighten out soon.  There’s too much talent in the cast to continue wasting them on unfulfilled story lines.  Let’s hope there are better Days ahead.

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