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Week 1 NFL Picks

And we’re off, the season is about to begin and I am going to make my weekly picks.  I do not portend to be an expert nor do I bet on my picks, so nobody should use these as guides, just a for fun thing.  Some weeks I will be good, some weeks I will suck and we can all laugh at me.  I’ll be doing it too!  So, since things kick off on Thursday, let’s get started.

Redskins over Giants (I’ll go with an upset to start the season, I think the Skins might just be a playoff team and I think the Giants are a one hit wonder, especially with Osi and Strahan gone)

Detroit over Atlanta (my pick for worst game of the week, you’d have to pay me to watch this, unless it was to laugh at Atlanta)

Seattle over Buffalo (this is a toss up for me, I think the Bills might be poised to make the leap this year but I don’t trust them yet, so going with the known playoff team)

Jacksonville over Tennessee (the Jags are looking good, even if half their team is getting arrested and/or shot)

Jets over Miami (ahhh the first Favre game, do you think that people will throw roses on the field and cry in the streets?)

New England over KC (Brady and the boys will return to form, nice they got a cupcake opponent to start the season with Tommy’s aching foot, shouldn’t be a problem here)

Sigh, New Orleans over my Bucs (if I go with my heart, I’ll pick Tampa, but my head has to rule here and the Saints scare me)

Philly over St. Louis (still hate the Rams, always and forever, and Philly is yet another NFC East team that could easily make the playoffs as long as McNabb stays healthy)

Pittsburgh over Houston (Texans are getting better, but not quite good enough)

Cincy over Baltimore (I hear the Ravens are going with Flacco to start the season, rookie qb…hmm, don’t like it.  I like him but already?  Gotta go with the Chad here, errr Ocho Cinco that is)

San Diego over Carolina (The Chargers are still a kick butt team, but I don’t like Merriman insisting on playing with his knee injury, I hope someone there sits him down and stops him)

Arizona over San Fran (San Fran has no quarterback…or 3 of them that don’t equal one, whatever.  Terrible.  Leinart gets the bench, I go for AZ)

Dallas over Cleveland (Dallas will be good again in the regular season, we’ll see what they do in the playoffs.  I like Cleveland as well, could be a great game, except I think Romo will pick apart Cleveland’s corners)

Indy over Chicago (I don’t think Indy is going to be the force they’ve been in years past due to the Oline injuries and Manning’s knee, but Chicago still has the two-headed quarterback system going and neither heads are worth watching)

Minnesota over Green Bay (The Favre-less era begins.  Minny has a better team all around though both have qb questions.  I’ll go with Adrian Peterson here, and isn’t he hot?)

Denver over Oakland (I don’t really need to say anything here, Oakland sucks.  McFadden might be fun to watch but their WR’s are full of questions and the qb situation doesn’t fill me with confidence)

So there you have the week one picks.  Feel free to leave your own or to make fun of mine all you want.  I’m so elated that the season is finally here I could go 0-16 and still be happy.  Damn I missed football.

A few brief college thoughts while I’m here:

Clemson craps the bed against the Cocks (my favorite nickname ever) and suddenly the whole ACC sucks?  Is it at all possible that maybe the press/coaches picked the wrong horse to back in the ACC?  I’m not saying the conference doesn’t suck, it quite possibly does, but declaring that in week 1 seems a bit early to me.

One week and already USC is vaulted to #1?  Really?  Because they beat up on UVA? (go ACC, haha)  I think they should have waited til week 3 against Ohio State before they declare the Trojans to be the ultimate team yet again.  Hope it bites the pollsters in the ass.

Speaking of Ohio State, I hope Beanie Wells is back to full strength for that USC game, otherwise it probably won’t be a contest.  Of course, OSU knows how to play defense so we’ll see.

Alright, I’ll expand on college this weekend, but those are my early thoughts.  Back to NFL, I hope the Jags player Collier who got shot is alright and recovers without incident.  See ya’ll over the weekend for game reactions.

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