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So we finally got to the reveal of Grandma!sex on Days.  Words cannot alone express the joy I felt when this day hit and the utter happiness I felt watching the show live.  Now that we’ve seen the flashback, we know that Daniel & Kate sexed it up recently, after he met and supposedly had feelings for Chelsea.  What’s that supposed to say about the good doctor?   Kinda makes him look like a scum in my book, but then I’m a sane person so I can’t speak to the legions of Dansea fans that seem to think Daniel’s sleeping with Kate is all Kate’s fault.  I will try though!

Let’s go through the Date conversation shan’t we?  I didn’t tape so we’re going off my memory, which admittedly is flawed the older I get, but here’s what I saw.  Kate approached Daniel to talk about how they could never let Chelsea know about their fling.  Daniel agreed that it was for the best.  We got a flashback which was recent of Daniel in the pub doing tequila shots.  Kate comes up and starts talking to him.  He’s flirty right away and inebriated, I do admit.  He starts yammering about being unable to get past something what was so huge and how he’ll never get beyond it or some such nonsense.  He’s probably talking about the dead wife, aka the plot device, but we can’t be 100% sure of that either since it’s never identified.   He mentioned by the way how very beautiful and perceptive Kate is, not the first time he’s called her beautiful or hot or even talked about her great body.  Man of class, that is Daniel Jonas.  Anyway, Kate tells him she thinks she can help him but he has to stop drinking.  Then she gets him to stand up, he buries his head in her neck and then they stroll out with his arm around her.

Flash back to present time and they talk about what an incredible time they had together and how they both have no regrets.  Daniel calls Kate a classy lady, I guess for not telling her granddaughter that the would be love of her life had been sticking his magical surfing penis in her all encompassing hoo ha.  He also says that they had a great time in the past but Chelsea might just be his future so they have to let it go.  Then he wanders off leaving Kate looking rather sad and wistful.

So, tell me again why I should root for Daniel and Chelsea to be together?  Is it because he’s so completely good and wonderful that he doesn’t want his would be girlfriend to know that he schtupped her grandma?  Is it because he actually hooked up with her grandmother after he already had and admitted to having feelings for Chelsea?  Is it because he asked Chelsea out knowing that he’d fucked her grandmother?  All of those things somehow combine to make me do the opposite and find Chan even more vomitous than I did before all of this came out.  And, if you’ve read some of my other blogs, you know that was hard to do, for I already was filled with hate and dislike for this pairing to a level I’ve never hated a fictional couple before.

Some people are already worrying that this is the big obstacle to “twu wuv” and it means that Chan is endgame, but I don’t see how that is so.  Chelsea already had to work hard to get over Nick sleeping with her mother and he did that before Chelsea ever admitted to having feelings for him.  Daniel hooked up with Kate knowing that Chelsea was in to him.  That’s far worse than anything Nick ever did.  I also don’t see how Chelsea is supposed to get past yet another of her would-be boyfriends sleeping with one of her family members.  I know it’s a soap, but damn.  Plus we know Kate is fabulous in bed, she was a DiMera sex worker and men look her up decades later hoping for another go at her.  How is a girl supposed to compete with that?  It would be intimidating as hell.

Chan had plenty of other obstacles against them, the age difference being a big one, without throwing Grandma!sex into the works.   I really believe that this will end Chan when it’s revealed, because it’s one thing to sleep with grandma, it’s another to not tell her about it before pursuing her and to actively hide it from her.  Nick came clean with Chelsea very quickly, it does not appear that Dan or Kate feel the need to do that here.  Daniel looks like even worse of a player than he did before, when he was flirting with every woman in Salem.

I failed to mention that it appears that Daniel and Kate had more than just his drunken hookup, so they were probably sleeping together when Daniel was busy running into and kissing Chelsea.  I don’t know how he can possibly justify any of that.  I hope we get some hot sex scenes for Date too, we deserve them after having had to watch Chan suck face inappropriately all over town.

I finish this, echoing the words of the great Dr. Jonas, by saying, Stay classy Kate!  Way to help with the ruination of Chan.  You could very well become one of my favorite characters now.  And to Daniel I will say, Stay assy Dr. Jonas, it’ll bring the downfall of Chan all the sooner, which could never be soon enough for me!

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