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Today might just have been one of the most infuriating episodes of Days I’ve seen recently.  Nearly the whole hour was spent propping Chan.  Doug & Julie were comparing them to Bope and everyone was talking about young love and shit like that.  It made me want to scream.  I mean, if you have EJ on, I’m usually going to find at least one bright spot in the show.  He was brutally hot today, I love him in that white striped shirt.  But the Chan stuff drove me so insane that I couldn’t enjoy the pretty.  That is nearly a crime.  I could have written paragraph after paragraph about my rage today, and in fact, on TWoP today, I pretty much did.  But, then something came along that brought out the sun.  Something that made today’s propping absolutely hilarious.  Something great.

What, you may wonder, could get me past the hideousness of Doug & Julie, dressed like Uncle Sam and Auntie America, comparing the love of Chan to the great love that is Bope?  A little spoiler.  A wonderful spoiler.  A spoiler for July 14th.  What will happen on this momentous day?  It seems that Kate & Daniel will have a little conversation about their fling and the need to keep it a secret from Chelsea.  Yes, you read that right boys and girls, Daniel is a Grandma Fucker.  And not just any grandma, CHELSEA’S grandma.  His “twu wuv”.  Could there be anything funnier in the world than that?

Of course I don’t know the timing of said fling, but Kate didn’t know Daniel when he came to town.  In fact, the first time she met him she tried to encourage Chelsea to go after him.  She told her that there was nothing wrong with going after a rich, handsome doctor and pooh poohed Chelsea’s reminder that she already had a boyfriend.  So, Grandma knew about Chelsea’s crush right away and fucked the guy anyway.  Doesn’t put her in the best of light, but she’s Kate so that’s nothing new.  There was a time when Daniel was talking on the phone mysteriously and told Chelsea he couldn’t see her because he was seeing someone and she was married.  I presume that is Kate he was talking about and he just didn’t want to say I’m screwing your Grams.

Now of course there is the fear that Higley will do a retcon and say their fling took place years in the past, but that would contradict everything we’d seen up to this point on screen.  Kate didn’t recognize him and she pushed her granddaughter at him.  I’m not saying she couldn’t dick with her own story, but I’m betting she won’t, it’s one thing to retcon the writer’s work before you, it’s another to mess with your own.  Plus, we fans just won’t let her forget it. hehe

What also makes this terribly appauling is that Kate knew her granddaughter had feelings from Daniel, yet apparently she slept with him anyway.  And Daniel knew that Chelsea had feelings for him and he knows that he fucked her grandmother but he asked her out on a date anyway.  What kind of man does that?  It’s gross.  Some Chan fans are going to trot out Nillie sex no doubt, but in my opinion the two scenarios don’t compare.  Nick slept with Chelsea’s mother, yes, but Chelsea had rejected him and made it quite clear she had no intention of ever being with him.  There is no such thing here, Chelsea has chased Dan from day 1.  And you’d think that even if he hooked up with Kate without knowing that Chelsea liked him (which would make him obtuse as well as a douche), that he would at least pause before asking her out.  That he’d maybe mention that he’d been with her grandma.  It’s gross but at least she could respect his honesty and choose whether she wanted to go out with him.  Now she’s got all this “love” (no I don’t believe she knows him well enough to love him, sorry) for the guy and he’s hooked up with her grandmother.  Also, he shared several makeout sessions with her, possibly DURING the time that he was screwing her grandmother.  That’s just nasty.

And let’s not forget, Kate is a card carrying DiMera Sex Workers Union member.  She’s probably the president of the club actually.  This is the woman that apparently is so good in bed that rich men that used to do her in her hooker days decades ago still look her up and want to get with her.  How can a nearly virginal Chelsea possibly compete with that?  If Dan were to sleep with her, how could he not help but be disappointed after what was no doubt stellar sex with Kate?

I feel very justified now in my firm belief that Daniel had far more sparks with grandmother than granddaughter.  The Chan fans in the message boards who were acting all superior and smug about the coupling, one of whom went so far as to refer to people who didn’t support the pairing as bigots, must be crying about it now.  And I find it hilarious.  I’m not going to lie.  I want them to suck it and see how it feels to read crappy spoiler after crappy spoiler about the couple that you love.  I think this is the greatest spoiler I’ve ever read.  I know I could get disappointed, but for now I’m just filled with delight.  I don’t see how Chan/Dansea could overcome this storyline, it’s just too disgusting that he slept with her grandmother.  Nobody comes out looking good and Chelsea’s going to be crushed when she ever finds out (we’ll see how long that takes).  After she broke Nick’s heart and acted like a bitch when he didn’t want to be friends, turnabout is fair play.  I for one am going to kick back and enjoy the hell out of being right.

Thanks, Dr. Douchiel, for living up to your name.  I’ll end this in my favorite way to refer to this non-couple, Chan sucks!

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