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So Days has been running a new promo, all about how it’s “hot” at summertime and in Salem, because the couples are going to be burning up the screen.  Some of the couples are making something burn alright, my eyes.  I don’t really need to discuss that one couple you know I’m referring to (Chan sucks!), but instead will focus on the new and old couples gracing the screen this summer.

I’ll start with Stax, who’ve been together for awhile now.  At the start, I was really quite ok with the two of them getting together.  I had hated her first boyfriend, Jeremy, up until about the time he left, when I liked him but it was too late.  Max was initially a likeable guy, and while I liked him with Morgan, I wasn’t that upset about him and Stephanie.  I would have preferred that they stayed with a non uncle fucking pairing, but again, they don’t bother me to the level that most of the rest of the younguns pairings do.

That being said, a summer of Stax chasing down the Maxematician’s other identity does not really interest me.  The only thing in this storyline keeping me interested is the Nicole/Trent dynamic.  AZ & RB are riveting together and I’m wanting to know more about their past relationship.  If the storyline goes where I expect it to go, it could be a bit of a let down, but still, the two actors will keep me into it.

Another young couple in the making appear to be Philip and Morgan, known as Phorgan on the message boards.  This couple has been the anti-Chan, brought along somewhat slowly (for daytime tv these days anyway).  They started off adversarial right away, with Morgan displaying a sassy attitude that you could see Philip was a bit intrigued by.  There was some verbal jousting over her father and the dock wars with John, a game of darts in which Morgan pinned Philip’s shirt to the board and then more of a move toward friendship.  Morgan planted a kiss on Philip at the docks after her father said goodbye to her, when she was feeling very alone.  Now, the writers have made a misstep with having her trust Philip rather quickly after the initial anger and distrust, but on Friday she was back to challenging Philip with his reason for hanging out with her, wanting to know where her father was and what he was up to.  I don’t want her made naive in this relationship, I want her to be somewhat suspicious of his motives.

That being said, it’d be great to have one of those types of relationships, where the couple is drawn to one another but perhaps shouldn’t be.  You know, kind of like EJami would have been in the hands of competent writers.  I know a lot of people don’t like Phorgan and are wanting Phloe, but I didn’t watch Days as much back during the teen years and I don’t care for NB as an actress, so I far prefer Phorgan.  We’ll see…I’m cautiously optimistic about this pairing.  They’re definitely the one I’m most interested in, with the options we currently have. (I know you hate them, sorry Paxton!)

Next, we have EJole.  This one pains me, it really does.  Not because I hate EJ or Nicole, quite the contrary, but still, even though I know better, even though the execution has sucked, I still long for EJami.  Or what could have been.  But that seems to not be happening, at least for now, so I’m stuck with EJole.  I like the two of them as a concept, I like the two of them as friends.  I like anything that is going to get James Scott naked on my screen, so I’m on board, even though I don’t see these two as a solid relationship.  They could have the friends with benefits that Phloe have been doing and I’d be totally fine with that.  I don’t care for them seemingly making Nicole fall for EJ, I really think she’s going to get hurt in the long run and I don’t support that. 

EJole has come about from a working relationship, he’s her lawyer and is securing her divorce from Victor and getting her a hefty settlement.  They’ve bonded and become friends, spilled a few secrets, blackmailed one another, all good stuff.  There is definitely some decent sexual tension there, but how could there not be?  Have you seen EJ?  (Honestly, every time Lucas shouts at Sami about how she could be with EJ, I just wish she’d bust out with that, HAVE YOU SEEN HIM??? EJ=HOT  Alas…the writers do not do what I wish ever, so there you go.)

With all this decent base, I couldn’t really tell you why I don’t want them to become an actual couple.  Part of it is my desire for EJami and another part of it is that I don’t see them really going anywhere.  With EJami you have the whole DiMera/Brady history goldmine to pull from, with EJole there’s none of that built in conflict there.  Plus I just tend to like Nicole best when she’s going after something, when she gets it, she tends to get boring.  I was watching during her pairing with Brady and it was fun when she was dicking with Chloe, but once she actually had him she bored me and I hated her.  I don’t want that again, because I actually adore Nicole these days.  Of course, the same could be said about Sami I guess, so what do I know?  I can’t work out why I feel the way I do.  I’m on board with them temporarily, but I don’t want them to be endgame.  I think JS did too good of a job selling me on EJ’s longing for his Samanthar and I can’t let it go.  I want what EJ wants.  It’s a sickness, I’m well aware.

Finally, we have Luloe, which is my nickname for Lucas/Chloe.  They are the most random of random pairings.  Stax of course, we have their family in common.  Phorgan we have her father and the dock wars.  EJole we have her divorce.  Luloe…we have…nothing.  Basically, Chloe has been screwing Lucas’ half brother, Philip, in a friends with benefits situation.  Lucas of course was in jail for shooting EJ, came home to find EJ in bed with his ex-wife, EJ’s current wife, Sami, who was supposed to be waiting for him even though he told her to move on.  There’s of course tons of stuff to write about Lumi/EJami and I’m just not going to do it.  Suffice it to say, Lucas was not happy to find EJami in bed and he obviously has not partaken in any sexual fun with Sami since he’s too busy being angry about her sleeping with EJ. 

So, one day Chloe comes to DiMansion, where Lucas is on house arrest, and approaches him about being friends and backing up one another.  She doesn’t like Philip’s interest in Morgan and his war with John and of course Lucas doesn’t like EJ living in his own families mansion and Sami having feelings for EJ.  Lucas sneered at the friendship idea but later he saw Chloe crying on the docks, presumably because she has no friends and everyone blames her for Brady getting hooked on drugs (which is just stupid, but whatever).  Lucas should not have seen her crying on the docks, but he bought some tool off the internet (isn’t it a wonderful place?) and is able to take the thing off so he sneaks out now and then.  Seeing her cry, Lucas called and told her not to be sad and they could be friends.  Chloe is not one of Salem’s resident geniuses so it took her a bit to put together the fact that Lucas knew she was crying when he shouldn’t have.  She went over to talk to him again and he admitted he can get out and now that they’re buddies, she needs to keep it a secret.  She was fine with that.  Lucas went to her place to get her to go to the cops to inform them that Paul Hollingsworth (father of Morgan) was down on the docks and set the warehouse fire.  Lucas can’t tell them, because he’s on house arrest.  So she’s told the cops what Lucas saw and that’s where we stand at the moment.

This would be fine, albeit very random the way they became allies.  But this week, spoiler ahead, they’re going to get trapped during a blackout and end up having sex in an elevator, as are EJole.  It seems like the writers just threw names in a hat and said, ok, they’re going to be a couple, how do we work this out, and then they proceed to write a lame story.  Chloe, I believe, has had sex with exactly 2 men, so she’s not the type to just randomly screw a guy.  I’m sure I’ll have more to write later this week about the dual elevator sex scenes, but right now I find it to be very strange and out of character on her part.  As for Lucas, I dunno, he’s had no sex for ages since he’s been in prison (unless he bonded with Carmine of course) so I guess when trapped alone with a living barbie doll, you’d be tempted.  I’m not bothered by the idea of it, but it’s just not well developed, I guess that’s what I’m saying.

So it appears that Sami will be manless, which is kind of a good thing after the way she’s been acting.  It looks like she’ll be pissed about both guys getting it on with other women, which is just annoying and very much something like her mother or sister would do.  I still hold out hope that they will repair her character and make her more interesting and likeable again.

Also out in the cold is Nick, who has nobody.  I’m holding out hope that they’ll bring someone on for him soon.  We’ll see.

You may have noticed that I did not include Chan, except for a couple of sarcastic references.  Well, that’s because this blog is about YOUNG Salem, Dr. Moondoggie Howser (TM someone cool on TWoP) does not qualify.  Hee!

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